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Sophie Zelmani – Once Lyrics 5 years ago
I read it as a woman and a man getting together to make music, him being very focused on making music:

"Here babe
Are the notes you must play
This babe, is the procedure"

Although he's possibly enamored with her too, or at least they have the relation of him calling her babe. 'Once' would be about maybe just one kiss, or making love one single time to just "get it out of their systems".

He's telling her she needs self-control (although it's not always clear where the border goes between the singer and the character, since they sing a-cappella in the chorus which I'd interpret as only her thoughts otherwise):

"If you can't control your mind
Something will happen
It's just a question of time"

But she says she can only control it for so long:

"Oh babe
I can not concentrate
I'm here for the wrong reason

It's you who makes my knees shake
One season, then
The brakes're gonna break"

Somehting like that?

Anathema – Kingdom Lyrics 6 years ago
In the inline text for the 'Falling Deeper' album, Danny discusses reworking the lyrics for that album;

“I also enjoyed very much reworking the lyrics written by a natural poet, Darren White. His vision and spiritual essence informed early tracks like Kingdom, and in reworking his words in this simplified version it occured to me that the heart of what he was writing about then and what I'm writing about now are one and the same. The kingdom really is within you.”

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