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Queens of the Stone Age – Hispanic Impressions Lyrics 5 years ago
I just think of it as an awesome prelude to you can't quit me baby

Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence Lyrics 6 years ago
Mike Shinoda's music video is excellent, brings out this kinda futuristic look.
It really adds another dimension beside obvious explanations that this song is about drugs or relationship

Depeche Mode – Secret To The End Lyrics 6 years ago
best breakup song ever

Depeche Mode – A Question Of Time Lyrics 6 years ago
good coming of age song

Depeche Mode – Soothe My Soul Lyrics 6 years ago
sexual predator

Depeche Mode – Only When I Lose Myself Lyrics 6 years ago
sexual addiction

Depeche Mode – Heaven Lyrics 6 years ago
I'm pretty sure it's just about physical consumption of love

Depeche Mode – The Child Inside Lyrics 6 years ago
bloody capitalism, pushes you to work work work only work no time for anything else and consequences? we all become robots, child inside all of us is dead, nothing left to spark joy and happiness

Depeche Mode – Barrel Of A Gun Lyrics 6 years ago
suicide = eternal rest

Depeche Mode – Black Celebration Lyrics 6 years ago
this song reminds me of documentary "Life in a Day" and that honest speech from the women near the end of the movie about the day she just had

Deftones – Rosemary Lyrics 7 years ago
...she is so pretty, out of this world... has to be... an alien

Deftones – Graphic Nature Lyrics 7 years ago
such a quality song

Deftones – Entombed Lyrics 7 years ago
Chi's presence echoes through the song, he is such an important figure to the band, especially to Chino

Deftones – Poltergeist Lyrics 7 years ago
poltergeist, evil and malevolent spirit that plays with it's victim just for the sake of some sick enjoyment.
could be a reference to mankind's handling and neglect of planet earth

Deftones – Romantic Dreams Lyrics 7 years ago
I wonder what's that mumbling after 2:40

Deftones – Swerve City Lyrics 7 years ago
now that's a way to start an album, loud and intense.
love at first sight

Led Zeppelin – The Song Remains the Same Lyrics 7 years ago
all women remain the same

Led Zeppelin – Rock and Roll Lyrics 7 years ago
I agree with the most comments that this song is a nice payback for all the critics that bashed their previous album.
led zeppelin can't rock? you sure? you really sure?
listen again!

Led Zeppelin – Celebration Day Lyrics 7 years ago
easy to associate with groupies but probably has a deeper meaning

Led Zeppelin – Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman) Lyrics 7 years ago
led zeppelin isn't really a band most women would like, especially if they dig deeper into the lyrics. just sayin'

Led Zeppelin – Heartbreaker Lyrics 7 years ago
I don't think the woman in this song is femme fatale, she is more like a local girl/slut who the whole neighborhood screwed/lost virginity with.
it reminds me of a girl from the film Once Upon a Time in America

Led Zeppelin – The Lemon Song Lyrics 7 years ago
lemon could be a metaphor about marriage and how the wife squeeze out the life of a Man, completely suck him dry

Led Zeppelin – Your Time Is Gonna Come Lyrics 7 years ago
how to describe this song in one word?

Led Zeppelin – Dazed and Confused Lyrics 7 years ago
women like to play hard to get, but they usually aren't

Led Zeppelin – You Shook Me Lyrics 7 years ago
has to be about sex. two kinds of sex.
one with your wife and the other with your mistress (bird that whistles and bird that sings). "come home" could mean reaching an orgasm

Led Zeppelin – Good Times Bad Times Lyrics 7 years ago
it's about sexual experiences in life

Black Sabbath – Megalomania Lyrics 7 years ago
these lyrics remind me of something The Doors would have written

Stone Sour – Monolith Lyrics 7 years ago
this song reminds me of soldiers who have done awful things in war, killed a lot of people, usually innocent ones.
and now, after years have gone by, this suppressed memory is growing and growing, it's not a stone anymore, it became a Monolith and it keeps haunting them

Stone Sour – Choose Lyrics 7 years ago
history is written by winners

Stone Sour – Blotter Lyrics 7 years ago
it's about a person who becomes obsessed with someone.
could be about love, could be about drugs, or it could be about a fan who just adores the band and wants to touch 'em cause he worships them

Black Sabbath – Looking for Today Lyrics 7 years ago
it's about the progress of technology.
when the band hit the studio to record this label they realized that all the equipment they worked with on previous albums has been replaced by just one big synthesiser

Black Sabbath – Who Are You? Lyrics 7 years ago
atheist anthem

Black Sabbath – Killing Yourself To Live Lyrics 7 years ago
drugs > normal, working life
fuck the system and just get hiiiiiiiigh

Black Sabbath – The Wizard Lyrics 7 years ago
inspired by Tolkin's Gandalf

Black Sabbath – Supernaut Lyrics 7 years ago
"And find a distant man a-waving his spoon"
Matrix anyone?

Black Sabbath – Supernaut Lyrics 7 years ago
man Sabbath really liked using space therms in their songs

Black Sabbath – Changes Lyrics 7 years ago
I think this song is foreseeing the band's collapse, few years to go...

Black Sabbath – Tomorrow's Dream Lyrics 7 years ago
this one is about finally deciding to stop the drug addiction.
but somehow I think, you can never get clean from it...
it will find a way to crawl back to you

Black Sabbath – Wheels of Confusion/The Straightener Lyrics 7 years ago
I like the explanation that this song is just about growing up, but armed with knowledge that they were more than usually high on drugs while recording this album - it's probably inspired by drugs.

When you start consuming it, everything is perfect and vivid but after this initial happiness it's only downhill from there...

Black Sabbath – Solitude Lyrics 7 years ago
I like to think this song fits perfectly into the whole concept idea of this album - religion. When you embrace faith, you can never be alone, God will always accompany you.

Person in this song is clearly alone cause he lived an atheist life. Only material gains were important to him, he spent his whole life to fulfill his bank account, and thus remained all alone.

And now, when he's old, he looks back to his life, and regrets the decisions he made

Deftones – Headup Lyrics 7 years ago
I would say it's called Headup cause Max's step son died, he's gone to heaven now but if you ever think of him, miss him, just look up... and you would "see" him...

Deftones – Birthmark Lyrics 7 years ago
yeah, jwax8242o got it right.
it's about a rock star who makes use of his fame and has meaningless sex with a fan/groupie because.... well just because he can

Deftones – Root Lyrics 7 years ago
this one has too many Jesus/religious references to be ignored.
@Drhock and RandomDude020 came pretty close

"to be forced under" - Jesus was sent to Earth
"we gave our eyes" - he could see what other people couldn't
"to heed the cause" - he was sent to live among people for a reason, he was on a mission
"we start to cry" - people cried after he died

"living in me is so poor" - he spent most of his time with poor people
"to be judged" - people sentenced Jesus to be crucified
"licked by three" - holy trinity
"holes enclose" - Christ's wounds while being on a cross

"deliver me up" - after death and resurrection Jesus goes back to Heaven

Deftones – One Weak Lyrics 7 years ago
ok forget everything I wrote before, upon further listening I'm pretty sure this song is about miscarriage/abortion.
and that's why there are so many religious references cause Church is strongly against abortion.
if you do it, you are a sinner and deserve punishment - burn in hell

Deftones – Fist Lyrics 7 years ago
awesome song, so simple and yet so beautiful.
I think of it as a prequel to Fireal

Muse – Survival Lyrics 7 years ago
this is the only song on this album that is worth debating.
all the rest is already explained by Matt so no fun and games on this Muse album. pity, really expected more from them

Deftones – Lhabia Lyrics 7 years ago
it's about taking girl's virginity

Deftones – Lifter Lyrics 7 years ago
lifter = boner

Deftones – Lifter Lyrics 7 years ago
actually I think this song, at least for the most part, perfectly describes sexual intercourse from the physical point of view

Deftones – One Weak Lyrics 7 years ago
it's about relationship, which is reaching it's end cause the man feels the woman is NOT worth the effort.
he doesn't like her, she probably did something wrong in the past, so he decides NOT to open himself to her and show her who he truly is

...never bitch...

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