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CeeLo Green – Bodies Lyrics 6 years ago
I just love the reference to Careless Whisper:
"Those guilty feet will never dance again"

Jon Mclaughlin – So Close Lyrics 6 years ago
That is a refreshing take on this song. Cool!

Daughter – Landfill Lyrics 7 years ago
The "leave me at the altar" part indicates it's near the end of a relationship, but I can still relate to the rest of the song even though I'm single.

I feel as if this song describes exactly how I feel about this guy that I just met who seemed really interested at first but is now getting kind of distant.

Perhaps it's a little too dramatic for me to be relating my non-relationship with this song but the sadness and disappointment is so palpable in these lyrics.

Adele – One and Only Lyrics 7 years ago
This song will always be relevant, regardless of the times and trends.

The Reign Of Kindo – Something In The Way That You Are Lyrics 7 years ago
Oh wow can't believe I'm the first one to comment on this song. It's beautiful. One of the best love songs that's been produced in this decade.

To me it just seems that the girl he's singing to has helped him heal his wounds from his past relationships. Even though he's terrified ("crippling fear that heartache can bring"), he's willing to start a relationship with her.

Ah, this song just makes me swoon.

You Me at Six – Crash Lyrics 7 years ago
I know this is none of my business, but I'm really curious: are you guys together now? Because it you aren't, that's...sad. :'(

Mute Math – Break the Same Lyrics 7 years ago
His voice is so clear and heartfelt. When he semi-screams in the middle, I freaked out.

This song reminds me of one by The Academy Is..., called "Same Blood". Basically that we are all of the same blood but some people forget that.

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