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Needtobreathe – The Heat Lyrics 6 years ago
I like this song cause it makes me reflect on the past, present and future. Sometimes we rush so much in our day to day .. we lose ourselves. And its important to revel in the present. And sometimes we think about what we won't do, which then makes us who we are.

I think this song is about acceptance .. letting go .. life.

The Lone Bellow – Teach Me to Know Lyrics 6 years ago
Its an awesome song to belt out first off ... but I think its about wondering when you end up together with the person you find special.

Its sort of like a waiting period. You think you have a good idea that the person feels the same way so its like "tell me the number of days" till things HAPPEN.

I think we can all relate to this .. but perhaps its not something that anybody knows. Getting carried away happens so in the moment ... in a beautiful instance ... and you just never know when that can be.

i.e. Beauty of Life.

Regina Spektor – How Lyrics 6 years ago
I think it's more about moving on in life and having to maybe get away from the familiar.

It's sad but eet at the same time to have someone impact you enough for a song to be written about it. You know?

We all have that sort of connection with someone who's come along our path.

And that's always a gift. SUCH a gift.

Sara Bareilles – Free Ride Lyrics 6 years ago
It's just a good song about someone who you care about that doesn't try hard enough. They might say they want something or need something but they don't put enough effort into trying to get it that it's hard for the person who cares to see them like that.

For me its like a song about learning to give and take. Not just TAKE. Or expect to Take. It's just bad form .. REALLY. Unbecoming.

Little Big Town – I'm With The Band Lyrics 7 years ago
Love this song .. Its about growing up to me. About how the people you care about in your life may all seem to go on their own paths to fulfill their dreams .. but in the end, they're always with you.

Jason Mraz – Everything Is Sound (La La La) Lyrics 7 years ago
Beautiful song .. definitely feel-good and perfect for when you when ya wanna SING. The lyrics are very big pictured focused which I like. Kinda puts everything into perspective :)

Phillip Phillips – Gone, Gone, Gone Lyrics 7 years ago
I just love this song .. its about caring for someone regardless of time and space.

Taylor Swift – Sad Beautiful Tragic Lyrics 7 years ago
I can resonate with this right now .. totally my situation.

I'm not sad anymore .. its just maybe thinking about the whole thing, its amazing it didnt work out.

But such is life .. ya know? Makes room for better things to come.

Jon Mclaughlin – Human Lyrics 7 years ago
Its a beautiful song.

For me it resonates because I constantly fight my feelings when it comes to a guy. I always get skeptical and its hard to be optimistic. Also the fear of liking someone too much and feeling too vulnerable .. all that stuff.

At the end of it though, you can't control how you feel and no one means to deny their

Sara Bareilles – Bittersweet Lyrics 7 years ago
This song to me is about something not working out in love. This line in particular: "You can try to make her but love will not be forced to bloom" is the most meaningful to me because sometimes someone isn't getting what they need or there is something that isn't right even with feelings there.

It's about love always being a good thing to experience and we're grateful to have it when we do but its also bittersweet cause sometimes the feelings aren't enough.

Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing Lyrics 7 years ago
For me, its about talk being cheap and not enough action. Feelings are important but action is more so and I definitely resonate with this song right now.

Amos Lee – Night Train Lyrics 7 years ago
My take was more on the city aspect of the song. About how it can get so crazy with all the noise and how FAST life just moves in general.

Its about someone seeking just the simple stuff in life. Someone to love and maintaining the peace by bringing the train safely home.

Not asking for more, not asking for less. Just Simple Needs. That's just my take though :)

30 Seconds to Mars – Hurricane Lyrics 7 years ago
When I first heard this song, it REALLY fit my mood at the time. It's so powerful and I got immediate chill bumps.

It's just about an imperfect person or situation. But you're still hooked or dealing with issues and can't find a way to make it better. It's kind of when you're stuck in the moment. So you feel all angsty.

It's a great song to help deal with frustration or something along those lines. It's a really honest song I feel.

Chris Brown – I'll Go Lyrics 7 years ago
To me, its about HARD love. Like the kind where you're confused but not sure about where you're going.

But at the same time, you feel like you know that its more then just temporary. And you can't help this compulsion as well. :)

Jon Mclaughlin – Already In Lyrics 7 years ago
This song is about being a gone-r for someone. It's like you are already dreaming about this person and they are just every other thought. Even if it's not all reality yet.

It's the time when you dream of what could be :)

Vanessa Carlton – More Than This Lyrics 7 years ago
It is about enjoying the present moment. ITS SO HARD TO DO! Cause we are programmed to think about our future and what's next. At least I feel that way being a twenty something.

It's a lovely song about reminding oneself to just take it in stride. To look at the trees and nature and to remember that right now is pretty freakin great too.

I just think the lyrics and the melody are great. I need this kind of song right now!

Pink – Nobody Knows Lyrics 7 years ago
I agree with a lot of the meanings that other people found below. It's about being misunderstood. And the fact that sometimes in life, whether you work in an office or a farm, sometimes you have to play a part. You can't be your full self. And so you play, because you made the choice to be there. And being there has consequences such as this.

It gets hard sometimes because life happens outside of where you work or where you need to be professional. And I think in this song she's talking about a specific time thats hard and not wanting to put on that face.

You ever have those moments? Where you just want to break down but you have to keep on. At least for the day. I think this song is about having to be strong during a hard time. And nobody really knowing the truth.

Eric Hutchinson – OK It's Alright to Me Lyrics 7 years ago
I feel like I have a different interpretation but my take is that it's more about the singer. Like the singer is the type to have a lot of things going on and is constantly busy but then when the one he cares about comes around, everything stops and things are awesome. He wants to stop his crazy life when she's around.

And the end of the song is kind of like he wants to settle down and really find someone special to spend time with.

Maybe that's with this "bernadette " or not. Not sure but sort of doesn't matter. The song's about him and his busy driven life and wanting to find someone to share that with.

John Mayer – Only Heart Lyrics 7 years ago
He's saying she's kind of hasty .. always wanting to GO .. to start something .. and he's more chill, passive. Needs time to figure stuff out

John Mayer – Back To You Lyrics 7 years ago
Everyone's got some sort of story associated with this one .. huh?

Mine is pretty similar to most. I have strong feelings for someone and I have for some time but because of fear and whatever else .. I've tried to forget and move on and try and then fail and all that kind of stuff. But no matter what I do or what happens, he's on my mind at least once a day.

Instead of forcing myself to shut it out or whatever .. i've learned that its pretty amazing to think of someone this way and to just let it be what it will be.

I always go back to him. And I can't help it!

John Mayer – A Face To Call Home Lyrics 7 years ago
In his mind, he plans his future out .. like an architect building a blueprint for a housing development or something .. he's basically saying he is the master of his future

Alicia Keys – No One Lyrics 7 years ago
I agree that this song is about unconditional love. It's about having this crazy feeling about someone that can't be compared to any other. It's a special sort of love.

Makes you feel giddy to have it and its about cherishing and feeling grateful for having it. A one-of-a-kind thing :D

Justin Bieber – As Long as You Love Me Lyrics 7 years ago
It's about love being the most important thing above everything. Also that its worth fighting for and working it out.

The lyrics are so true ... life is short, and love is FOREVER! That one person is everything.

Amos Lee – Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight Lyrics 7 years ago
I think it's about a guy who is definitely questioning why people get so hung up on money and society in general. He feels like we're all the same in the end .. with the same blood flow .. and he's feeling kind of jaded and annoyed that people can be this way.

Then he mentions this girl who he likes. A girl who probably is a little naive and is energetic and enjoys the simple things. A girl who can make him feel like himself and who he wants to be .. instead of all the jaded crap. He feels like she may be too good to be true and undeserving.

In the end, he wants to be himself but also let the things he can't control, GO.

It's a sweet song :)

Amos Lee – Sweet Pea Lyrics 7 years ago
Yesss such a SWEET song .. and it's how I feel about this guy. Not just for guys talking about girls!

He's every other thought and I can't help but keeping coming back to him. I feel like it's just how it is. SPECIAL .. eh?

Chris August – Want to be Real Lyrics 7 years ago
For me this song is about my own issues with opening up. I think this is a singer who writes about God and whatever else but I don't really hear the lyrics that way.

I'm kind of hung up on this guy still .. and it's been a while. Right now he's MIA and I have no idea how he is but I love this song cause this is how I feel about it.

I love the melody and the lyrics .. it feels like it applies specifically to my situation.

Colbie Caillat – What Means the Most Lyrics 7 years ago
I really love the lyrics in this song. It's a reminder of what's really important when you boil it down on the day to day .. and that my friends .. is LOVE. Yes I am a sap and not even embarrassed about it.

I'm not in a relationship or anything but this song makes me think of how I would feel when I'm with that special someone. You bask in all the simple things and realize that THATS what makes your day.

This particular set of lyrics:

"Every time I have to leave
I feel like I'm leaving a part of me
You're the only place I want to be.

Well nothing else matters
I just loose focus
Swinging all around cause your the only one I notice
I can't help the way I feel."

Is very much how I feel about someone currently. They're just in my thoughts and heart constantly .. and I can't help it.

I guess we never know the future .. huh?

Regardless though, this song is just the truth. That special person is everything at the end of the day.

Matchbox Twenty – Soul Lyrics 7 years ago
I love this song because its GOT so much soul. Especially if you see it performed live. The band knocks it out of the park!

But in terms of the lyrics, I think its about someone who does feel things really intensely and have extreme passions. Maybe he's singing it to someone who's super emotional.

I don't think it's necessarily negative though because the person he's singing about, he ADMIRES their soulfulness. Its also maybe about someone who's hiding their soul instead of releasing it.

He's kind of reassuring the person throughout the song that maybe its OK to release it .. "don't worry .. don't worry .. you've got SOUL!"

Jason Mraz – Be Honest Lyrics 7 years ago
I think this song is kind of hypocritical. It's saying 2 things. One is that no matter what, you know in your heart that you will care about this person forever. It's something that is uncontrollable and it's just the truth. Hence my love is unconditional and the no commitment necessary aspect of it. Like we should both be free kind of a message.

But then the other side of the song is saying be honest, meaning what am I to you? Even though commitment isn't absolutely necessary, the person still wants to know where they stand.

So its kind of like take your time and figure out what i mean to you, and know that I will love you regardless, but eventually, let me know. That's why I feel like its a double meaning situation.

Ed Sheeran – Lego House Lyrics 7 years ago
I too think its about a guy/girl relationship. I think its more about a guy who's been hurt before .. maybe he fell really hard for someone and he was devastated.

That's why he's so out of touch. He's kind of rusty on how to be with someone again. Its also harder this time around because he clearly really likes this girl. Maybe he's been trying to figure it out and he hasn't been successful.

In the end though, he's admitting to himself that he cares and wants to try to be there for her.

James Morrison – This Boy Lyrics 7 years ago
Everyone's got an interesting interpretation. I agree most with the one right below me.

For me, it's a about a girl and a guy who care about each other. They both have their own lives but it is a bit about a disconnect in their relationship. Even though they care, something isn't working.

So one person wants to let go even though they care. They are saying that they will always care but at the same time they want to let it go.

Kris Allen – Alright With Me Lyrics 7 years ago
I think this song is about caring about someone even though there's a game still. Nothing's official but yet, they still have a hold on you. It's like you can't help it. And you're not even trying to hold on to them but they're still in your heart.

Towards the end you're kinda asking for them to legitimize it but really, you're good either way. Hence its "alright with me". And the reason why you're alright is because you care about them no matter what happens.

Michael Franti And Spearhead – I'll Be Waiting Lyrics 7 years ago
This song is just about letting the people you know in your life that you'll always be there for them. No matter what happens, no matter the distance, when you care about someone, its for life.

The Civil Wars – Poison & Wine Lyrics 7 years ago
I agree with a lot of the comments. My take is that it is a relationship that hasn't taken off the ground yet. It's two people with mad strong feelings who don't know what the hell is going on!

It's a lot of BS between the two, meaning trying and walking away and chickening out and never being able to really acknowledge the feelings.

But when you boil it down, there is this ridiculous love that is undeniable. And that's the truth. Even with all the BS.

Tyler Hilton – I Believe in You Lyrics 7 years ago
I kind of had a different take on this song. I don't think that the girl isn't real .. I just think its about someone who had a chance and kind of let things roll by. Hence the "fault lies with me" .. but he still can't help loving her, believing in her.

It's kind of like he realized after she was gone that she was the one for him. Delayed epiphany sort of thing.

Snow Patrol – Run Lyrics 7 years ago
My take on this song is about caring about someone no matter what. Regardless of circumstance or what has happened in the past, the feelings and love are all there. And always will be.

It's letting someone know that you'll always be there for them.

Gavin DeGraw – Dancin' Shoes Lyrics 7 years ago
I agree with the below comments. It's about a guy who feels like a girl's being hot and cold and he's tired of the games. He wants her to be real and fess up to what they are. He's tired of her playing around cause he's feelings all genuine things for her.

John Mayer – Comfortable Lyrics 7 years ago
This one's pretty easy to get. The girl I think he's referencing as the blonde and guys high five-ing and all that is Jessica Simpson. He's saying just cause shes the "typical perceived perfect" doesn't mean she's actually perfect. He's basically over it and wants what he had before. Something REAL.

John Mayer – Another Kind of Green Lyrics 7 years ago
I agree with most of the comments. Its about someone who knows his feelings about someone are true. And because he knows, he won't let go. But he's scared the girl will because she doesn't know yet.

John Mayer – A Face To Call Home Lyrics 7 years ago
Its a sweet song .. he's found someone he really likes and he thinks he can see a future with her. She seems to always see him in the best light and he's amazed that someone can see him that way.

Its like maybe with baby steps .. something could really happen

John Mayer – Daughters Lyrics 7 years ago
It's about realizing that a lot of how women are around men can be based on upbringing and past experiences with men. Its not JUST about the current guy that is in the picture. We all have baggage and John realizes in the song that he may not be the reason why the girl is pushing or acting strange. There are a lot of reasons why people are the way they are and he gets that mistreatment or past pain could be the reason why the girl is so odd. He's trying to get others to see how important it is to have good relationships within families from the get go.

I just like this song cause I can relate entirely. We are all influenced by our family and what we've grown up with so its important to be a good influence to those around you as well as to understand why others may be a certain way. Learn to broaden your view about people.

John Mayer – Love Is a Verb Lyrics 7 years ago
I feel like its about someone having to ACT when they have feelings .. its not enough to just have the feelings and send good thoughts or little hints. Sometimes you need to just show it and be more direct about it. Thats why Mayer compares Love to being an ACTION

Steve Moakler – Hesitate Lyrics 7 years ago
i love this song .. its very relevant in my life. I ALWAYS hesitate. And his lyrics completely capture how i feel right now for this guy .. its such awesome lyrics!

Matt Wertz – Someone Like You Lyrics 7 years ago
It's someone who liked another person, Jane (example), and Jane did not notice. After some time, Jane finally starts to notice and he is shocked at first. He was getting used to having it only be one-sided. And it goes further along to her actually initiating by giving her number and him being unsure of what to do. He's overanalyzing, going crazy. It ends with him still thinking it through, trying to figure out what to do with this newfound info. This song is about feeling overwhelmed .. wanting it but freaking out at the same time .. kind of in a state of disbelief.

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