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A Perfect Circle – The Doomed Lyrics 4 years ago
"In light of this current difficult and polarized social, spiritual and political climate, we artist types need to open our big mouths and share the light a little louder." – Maynard James Keenan

This song is literally a reflection of the times we have lived, we're living and we're going to live as humans; this cannot be centered only in one aspect nor in one country.. is much more complex than that. Think of humans as a whole

Incubus – Warning Lyrics 5 years ago
@[ctartaglia2009:17271] aaaaaand that's all about!

B.B. King – Worry Worry Lyrics 6 years ago
This is an incredible interpretation from BB! Thank you for everything Riley!!!

Pearl Jam – Do the Evolution Lyrics 7 years ago
I couldn't explain it better!!

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Life Without You Lyrics 7 years ago
I feel the same thing everytime I hear it!

Eddie Vedder – Hard Sun (Indio cover) Lyrics 8 years ago
this is fantastic!! I've been thinking like this everytime I hear this song, today I wanted to check what ppl think about.. and here we are!.. amazing interpretation!

Incubus – If Not Now, When? Lyrics 9 years ago
this song leaves me speechless everytime I hear it!.

Foo Fighters – Everlong Lyrics 9 years ago
I can't even express what I felt when they sang it live in Buenos Aires a few months ago.. after a massive storm that hitted us for about 3 or more hours... and still, they came and the played the shit out of them!!! Dave almost lost his voice singing for us.. one of the most enjoyable nights in my life!.

Mypeace you've said it!... that resumes everyting in such a perfect way!

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