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Finch – Letters To You Lyrics 16 years ago
Finch kicks total ass. all of their songs are perfect. nothing ever has been or ever will be like them. They are AWESOME.

Chimaira – Dead Inside Lyrics 16 years ago
This song kicks total ass. What can I say? I love it the lyrics got to me first...*Emo Kid* but this shit totally rocks. I like all of Chimaira's songs. Sometimes I wonder why they aren't more widely know...*least in my part of town or whatever*

Cryptopsy – Serial Messiah Lyrics 16 years ago
I have to d/l this song. Kick ass lyrics...

KoЯn – Children of the Korn (feat. Ice Cube) Lyrics 16 years ago
This song kicks total ass. Yes yes, anyways...

KoЯn – Bottled Up Inside Lyrics 16 years ago
Damn, they took the words right out of my mouth.... too late about it though, so close to breaking down it doesnt matter anymore *no clue why i put that* *sigh* anyways...

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