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Fleet Foxes – Battery Kinzie Lyrics 6 years ago
Just looked up wide-eyed - which was defined as naive, innocent, he is basically starstruck that a stranger is at his lovers door, and he is forced to leave by the stranger. "The stranger's voice said nothing good"

I like
"I woke up one morning
All my fingers rotting
I woke up a dying man, without a chance"

As said above I believe it means he feels like he is beginning to fall apart, he is rotting and becoming disgusted in himself,
"a dying man"

"Watch you for an hour
He kept you beneath him
He kept you on lock and key"

He is forced to watch his lover being locked away with a stranger.

"He paid the wage you send to me
And waste the day so idly alone
All the way home"

I believe wage means love, he gave the love that she gave to him. That he is forced to return home alone, again.
What a spectacular song.

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