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Wishbone Ash – The King Will Come Lyrics 3 years ago
@[ctjbush:27738] Well said!

Týr – By The Light of The Northern Star Lyrics 3 years ago
May the mighty Mjølnir nail the bleeding
And naked Nazarene upon the pagan planks
Pound in the painful nails now and hang him high and dry


Some years ago I came across Tyr and really liked their music, both technicality and musically. Later I sat down to listen a full album and looked up the lyrics.

Now as a person who sees Jesus Christ as my great leader, this was a problem for me, and a pity at the same time, because I really dig their music.

To put in a quote from a comment to a interview with one of the band members, with which I can identify myself:

" Interesting interview. I am vaguely interested in this band and must admit that though I am a Christian, I take guilty pleasure in their latest album: Valkyra, which is centered around nationalism and mythology and not specifically against religion. I listened to Ragnarok and Lay of the Thyrm, but did not like them. I won't even bother with the overtly anti-Christian album: By the Light of the Northern Star. I just wish that some talented and angry Christian musicians could come out of the woodwork and make metal music about the Christian warriors who fought during the Crusades. Surely, many Christian young men could get into that genre, instead of settling for misguided musicians who needlessly attack their religion."

Týr – Hold The Heathen Hammer High Lyrics 3 years ago
I love this song, and do recognoze the cry for the old ways, and the struggles from back when. the ancient ground on which we stand.

But I choose to be a christian, so am a bit hesitant to listening this now because of the somewhat offensive lyrics througout their songs... Pity!

Creed – With Arms Wide Open Lyrics 4 years ago
It has been almost 9 years now since my first son was born.
Since then this song has a special meaning for me and still gives me tears sometimes. It helps me realize the truly important things in this hectic life.

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