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Frank Turner – The Way I Tend to Be Lyrics 6 years ago
I love how it's different from other post-break up songs; the singer actually remembers his ex fondly and the hope/strength that she gives him to go on. Quite ironic actually, but very poignant and beautifully written and sung. The music video is also exceptionally made, since it really accentuates the song's emotions with its imagery.

Ryan Bingham – The Weary Kind Lyrics 6 years ago
I don't think the song's that much about redemption as it is the portrait of a man who'd lost it all. The singer urges the man to change his ways and give life one more chance (thus "Pick up your crazy heart and give it one more try").

This song really sings to me back when I was depressed myself, feeling really down like the man in the song. The singer talks about the man's loss of hope, living life the same way one after the other after losing and ruining life and love with a woman. He spends his days as if he has nothing to lose, hanging out at the truck stop or bar, lamenting by singing songs and remembering his loss. Alcohol doesn't help him as much in forgetting than in reminding him about having to move on.

The singer encourages him to move on, saying that the world isn't a place for weak-hearted people, and the place he's in (maybe a bar or truck stop) isn't the place to die or be depressed. In some ways, this song reminds me of the Eagles' Desperado song, also about the singer asking a wanderer to come home.

A depressing song, but beautifully written and sung, and it gives some kind of hope to the listener. It did to me too; I relate a lot to the man in the song, and I'm glad to have this song to accompany me in late night drinking sessions.

Eric Church – Creepin' Lyrics 8 years ago
"What dreams forget the whiskey remembers"

Exactly the reason why people drink, trying to forget the memories despite it doing the exact opposite of that.
Great opening song with crazily descriptive lyrics.

Eric Church – How 'Bout You Lyrics 8 years ago
Song's basically a semi-patriotic reminder about the roots and qualities of a 'country boy' who's hard-working, respectful and always keeps his word. It's also a kind of protest (if you can call it that), or a mockery towards music and folks nowadays.

Look at the lines, "I don't need baggy clothes or rings in my nose to be cool". I think it's referring modern gangsters, dealers and back-alley thugs nowadays. Yes, it is a stereo-typed description, but what else can you use to describe them in a familiar way? He sings about this again in the song, "Homeboy".

Maybe it could also represent modern hip-hop, rap or any such kind of music nowadays that just 'look' cool instead of sounding good. He says that he likes his country rockin', maybe it's a take on how country music nowadays is straying from its roots.

But well, you can tell what the song is at its heart - how people are losing their values in life.

Eric Church – Pledge Allegiance To the Hag Lyrics 8 years ago
Glad to know that there are country singers that still pay respect to the old legends, like Merle here. That's one thing that put Eric Church above the rest of the crowd, I suppose - he acknowledges traditional country, but makes his music his own way. Now that's an outlaw.

Eric Church – The Hard Way Lyrics 8 years ago
The singer's three 'lessons' are actually based on real life experiences by Church himself and his two co-writers. The second one, about the ring, is Church's own personal experience, if I'm not wrong. He said it himself in an interview about the song. I think it just makes the song so much more amazing to listen to.

Travis Tritt – It's A Great Day To Be Alive Lyrics 8 years ago
I always play this out loud early in the morning when I'm feeling down! Always gets the job done, and soon I'm feeling great and grateful for life again.
The chorus just tells it all; be grateful for the little things, cause they're what makes life good. I know the sun's still shining when I close my eyes - that's all we need to know to get on by! It's just a really nice optimistic song to get your spirits up.

Eagles – The Girl From Yesterday Lyrics 8 years ago
This is practically the song that introduced me to country music when I was small (yes, The Eagles is a rock band). It's one the songs that have a really good - though sad - story that's made more emotional by the band's great vocals and playing. I think it's one of the band's lesser known songs, but just as great as their famous ones.

Gary Allan – Tough Little Boys Lyrics 8 years ago
It's one of the only country songs my dad likes, jsut because he could really relate to the last part of the song. He's always afraid of losing his daughter when she grows up. Country songs are great that way; even people who don't like them can really relate to the lyrics. :)

Gary Allan – See If I Care Lyrics 8 years ago
Must be the best song in the album. I love how ironic it is when he's saying "See if I care," as if he doesn't care, but the way he sings it shows the exact opposite.

Gary Allan – He Can't Quit Her Lyrics 8 years ago
It's a song about a man who became so in love with a prostitute that "he can't quit her" despite her not loving him back. In the end, he commits suicide with a .45 calliber gun.
A haunting song by Allan that really shows grasp women could have on men, especially when they're beautiful and seductive. Love the comparison of the woman to drugs, whiskey and a gun, it goes to show how dangerous love can be with the wrong person.

Blake Shelton – Honey Bee Lyrics 8 years ago
He's talking about the river Mississippi instead of the state. The river runs through Louisiana, so there's that relation.

I don't think that a fun, easy-going song like this would have deep lyrics, or like you said, it would send you off on a weird interpretation! ^^

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