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Black Veil Brides – Sweet Blasphemy Lyrics 7 years ago
Excellent point!!

Religious people defy their own beliefs. They think they know what The Creator wants. If they think they can interpret what God wants then they are no different from "the devil". He thought he was God's equal just as religious fanatics think they are powerful enough to understand what God wants. Not that I believe in any of that but they contradict themselves. To me they are free to believe what they want and we wish they find what they looking for but they should not judge and persecute others because of what they believe. I have a very religious friend and when I she's feeling down I remind her to read her bible, because I know that that is her truth, religion or faith is for yourself and nobody else, the only truth is self truth as long as it does hurt anyone else.

Black Veil Brides – Sweet Blasphemy Lyrics 7 years ago
Really great song! I'm not part of the BVB army cause I have my own, but we love you guys!!!

People are tired of lies and foamy talkers like politicians and religious leaders, who talk talk talk but nobody benefits but themselves. Real changes will come from real people who suffer in the wake of others bad decisions.

all their lies, the pain and hurt they caused us has made us look at not the reflection in the mirror but our true self, and in that truth we have found true strength, true power, the power they they feared we'd have, and with that power and strength we create a better place where all are safe. "through strength in self we become more than they can be"

Black Veil Brides – Fallen Angels Lyrics 8 years ago
wow I just love this, devil worship lmao. This is the very meaning of the song, we only want to be our selves no matter how weird and not be judged, and this guy goes and jugdes. The fallen angels acts as a metaphor because they didn't want to act as they should and got persecuted. servantofjesus should learn that lyrics are often poems and then go learn about figures of speak, oh yes he wasted his time masturbating. There are a lot of metaphors in the bible this proves that you don't read the bible or you believe that every word is meant to be taken literal, then you are just like the terrorist that think Jihad is a literal meaning, you all need to educate yourselves. Plus you need to do your research before making comments, this is how wars get started.

It is known that Andy is an atheist, so why is he singing about fallen angels? He doesn't even believe in God! Oh that might imply that fallen angels is the figure of speak he uses to imply something else but what? oh yes i read that Andy was persecuted for the way he dressed, "emo" but a bit girlish. Lots of people hated him at school just because he dressed different which caused lots of emotional and mental pain and wounds. So in the song he uses the fallen angels as a image to represent that part of his life and experience. We only want to be ourselves like all other normal people. You see how lyrics work servantofjesus???!!! And if you think about it, Jesus was persecuted for being different, if there's anyone the should understand this songs it's you.

For people who have gone through similar circumstances, we totally understand this. Most of the worlds hatred is based on judging before understanding.

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