i believe good music can work wonders.. hehe.. you know it can! •^_^• there's nothing like a rad synthy 80s power ballad.. or björk.. or slow late night jazz.. or that song you don't want anyone you know you like.. there is so much goodness out there... ♢


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Kenny Loggins – Danny's Song Lyrics 3 years ago
it is used beautifully in the to show 'dharma & greg'.. at abby & larry's wedding & also at the very end.. so beautiful.. i cry every time.. ^_^

Bloc Party – This Modern Love Lyrics 3 years ago
@[lichka:16967] p.s. 'so here we are' goes beautifully as a shower of rain that you need after this epic song.. & still finds a way to build up.. & it takes you higher.. to a place where hopefully you are listening with that person.. & you have sort of "figured it out".... xx

Bloc Party – This Modern Love Lyrics 3 years ago
@[lalunacreciente:16966] ::•^_^•::

Bloc Party – This Modern Love Lyrics 3 years ago
oh this song is so good..
revisit it people.. or listen & learn & love..
this song can mean so much to so many in so many different personal ways.. because of where you were when you first heard it.. or an experience you had.. or maybe it just speaks to you..
it should.. to everyone trying to find their way.. or find or endure love..
because it is just so real.. & the motion & movement of the song is just already so strong even if you don't get all the lyrics.. the feeling is just there already..
even as i write this a decade later.. goodness me.. i saw them live about 8 years ago.. anyway.. the song already held a place inside me.. connected to moments..
the rush of this already exhausting life after the turn of the last century has only become stronger.. so much.. so overwhelming.. so many choices.. too many.. shouldn't life be simple? & what about love? isn't it hard enough? & we seem to mostly somehow just keep making it all more complex..
yes there are lots of rad things about 'this modern world'.. but in the end.. {& by the end of this song}.. the wave of emotion from this modern life.. from the concept of love.. it all just flows out of you..
you want to run.. jump.. & dance.. & then fall in a heap tired & relieved..
the song structure.. as i said before is so great.. its pace.. its movement.. it brings such a brilliant crescendo & climactic build up.. because it is all just so overwhelming.. life.. love.. happiness.. sadness.. everything.. living..
so all you really want in the end is to be with someone you love.. existing in time.. in moments together.. ::•^_^•::

The Beatles – With a Little Help from My Friends Lyrics 3 years ago
when you go through something & find you have some amazing friends that are there for you & care for you.. sometimes perhaps people you may not have even realised right near you that can help.. or just be supportive.. {as anaïs nin said "you cannot save somebody.. only love them".. wise words..} anyway..
true friendship & genuine kindness is truly worth more than anything.. & this song is a beautiful reminder of that.. it is a wonderful mantra to have in your mind to keep you going when you feel like you are running on empty..
so lovely people.. be good to oneanother out there.. & remember to help somebody if you can.. not just to make yourself feel good but because a small act of pure kindness could change someone's life.. altruism may not be as rare as you think.. ^_^
:: love & peace ::

Massive Attack – Teardrop Lyrics 3 years ago
i adore this song..
i heard it when i was too young & naïve perhaps..
however.. it was i would speak to me..
i didn't need all the lyrics to love it.. or to feel it..
the lyrics i would hear are.. "feel the sunlight.. pray.."
i still hear them.. & i am happy to hear them like that for me..
not being religious at all.. i find the beauty of this probably incorrect but still the lyric i heard.. the lyric in my mind.. was a like a religious experience..
i suppose like the way just doing something in your daily life with thought & love somehow becomes a little prayer in itself.. i hope that makes some sort of sense to whomever reads this.. ^_^
this song still moves me & makes me feel surrounded by some sort of comfort & love..
the whole song.. its meaning/meanings..
the timing for elizabeth fraser's hymnal recording..
the composition..
it all just creates an atmospheric wonder to this piece..
it is in my mind now after a hard week.. >_<
i like to know the lyrics of course.. & as an artist myself i like to know as much about a piece of art as the artist/artists is/are willing to give.. in any artform..
but that is the other thing.. especially about art..
& in this case a seminal piece of deep & transcendent trip-hop..
it is what you make of it as the listener too..
& i guess i just wanted to say that..
music is amazing.. sometimes i forget.. i do not know how.. but a day goes by & something gets in the way.. then i remember & immerse myself in a song..
& i find a sanctuary..
even if only for the fleeting moment of each beat..
& in those moments.. i am safe..
love & peace all :::: ♡☮♫

Pearl Jam – Release Lyrics 3 years ago
@[In:14010]-My-Tree absolutely.... ♡☮♫

Lori Carson – You Won't Fall Lyrics 3 years ago
this song is magickal.. i had the soundtrack from a film called 'stealing beauty'.. it is a great soundtrack & beautiful film in so many ways.. this song makes me want to watch it like a beacon of safe feelings from the artistic indie 90s film i discovered it in.. ^_^
love & peace lovely people.. ♡☮♫

Nirvana – All Apologies Lyrics 3 years ago
i just want to post a little note about listening too this from being a very sweet natured.. young & naïve teen.. through the 90s.. the 00s.. & now..
it is one of my favourites.. indeed probably my favourite song by nirvana..
i honestly never looked into this lyrically like perhaps some of the others songs.. & some of their rad covers too.. i just always felt a happiness in its somewhat emptiness.. its splendid simplicity.. ♡☮♫
even now after reading many good & plausible detailed concepts & knowing more about kurt's life in general.. also being years older & so forth.. i just still feel the same.. which is a good thing.. a good feeling.. ^_^
i also think it is nice that perhaps as most musicians intend.. i seemed to have from a young age.. just understood the mood of the song to be whatever it was for me & i always sang along like it was a sort of calming chant 'all in all is all we are.." feeling both uplifted & melancholic in a centred way of happiness somehow.. if that is possible.. ૐ
artists.. as i am myself.. & i assume especially musicians.. given you are dealing with both lyrical content & sound as two separate yet combined entities.. certainly should not have to explain it all.. it is their art.. but absolutely it is lovely to know what is given as any meaning or intention by the artist..
anyway.. i am just happy that this beautiful song exists.. it is truly so wonderful.. love & peace good people.. ♡+☮

Heart – These Dreams Lyrics 4 years ago
@[Online:7476] i just thought of the possible implication of lucid dreaming.... •^_^•
actually.. the digital watch theory too.. see number 26. in this article :: {}
such a rad song.... ♡☮♫△○☾☆♢

Steve Poltz – Everything About You Lyrics 4 years ago
it is so very beautiful........ ^_^

Tame Impala – Be Above It Lyrics 4 years ago
good energy....
positive vibes....
feel it flow through you..
let it inspire you..
be in the now..
you'll find it somehow..
{some poetry inspired by the songs uplifting feel}
:::: love and peace ::::

Björk – Come To Me Lyrics 4 years ago
⋆:::: ➳ ➳ ⋆♡☮♫
i need the love & compassion in this song so much when i read the words....
it is just so beautiful.. so full of love.. & kindness....
björk is on a different plane of existence in some ways.. as she brings something so extraordinary with every piece of work she does.. but some songs.. like this.. make my life feel better in a way i cannot even explain..
music is a conduit to whatever heaven awaits....
even right here & now ::
the link above is to her singing 'come to me' in 1993.. with a beautiful vibe of love.. calm.. & goodness.. hope you enjoy ----!
:: love & peace ::

Alanis Morissette – Uninvited Lyrics 4 years ago
as i listened whilst young & naïve.. i didn't go deep into the meaning of this beautiful song.... i am not sure entirely still.. however.. i still adore it.. & love that it was in the film 'city of angels'.... bothy he film & this song are 90s loves of mine.
and.... alanis just keeps getting better deeper & more amazing.... she inspires me.
:: love & peace ::

Snow Patrol – Run Lyrics 4 years ago
@[pfarabee:4181] wow.... that was deep.... i liked your thoughts & depth! ♡☮♫

Juliana Hatfield – Spin the Bottle Lyrics 4 years ago
@[lichka:4061] plus it is a rad song style.... not that i am good at music theory.... hehe.. ^_^

Juliana Hatfield – Spin the Bottle Lyrics 4 years ago
'reality bites' soundtrack 1994.... memories.... ^_^

Björk – All Is Full of Love Lyrics 4 years ago
@[praych:4060] me too.... it helped me right now....
this version live is amazing.... so beautiful....
plus i think music is a conduit to whatever heaven awaits.... even right here & now within life ::

Sam Phillips – I Need Love Lyrics 4 years ago
'stealing beauty' soundtrack........ •^_^•

Faith No More – Just A Man Lyrics 4 years ago
ok.. i adore this song..
& just have to say.... the performance of the last 2 songs at their phoenix '97 concert.... {find on da youtubes} is excellent....
it is 'ashes to ashes' followed by this........
& no matter how mike & the band were feeling.. they made it brilliant.
this song makes me think that indeed mike occasionally does like the odd lyric or two.. hehe.. he truly is an instrument in & from his soul....
so.. if you find that live version i mention.. {there is one of just 'ashes to ashes' & then 'just a man' in one video.. type in: "faith no more phoenix 97 ashes to ashes" it goes for 9:04min.}.. & at 1:40 in.. the 2nd chorus of ashes.. mike just becomes a conduit of radness & loses himself in the performance which leads to greatness a brilliant version of this amazing song here.. 'just a man'.... & a kiss too! hehe! •^_^•

Faith No More – Ashes to Ashes Lyrics 4 years ago
love this song............. fix the lyrics please!

Faith No More – Ashes to Ashes Lyrics 4 years ago
@[Honor:3511] Punk yah.. i like that.. it is a great thing as his vocals & the band's epic sounds convey such strong sense of meaning to an individual.. especially the beauty i find in 'ashes to ashes'.. the sound of the chorus & the passion of the band makes it brilliant.. {well especially in '97 phoenix live concert video on da youtubes.. hehe.. so ace!}

Faith No More – Just A Man Lyrics 4 years ago
after my love of fnm from da 90s.. {when i was very little & do not really know how i actually found myself listening to them}.. to seeing the, live in 2010.. i have started to love hearing mike sing this live.... there are lots of ace youtube videos of it.. he gets misty a little.. well misty for mike.. hehe.. ^_-
he is such a brilliant vocalist.. no matter what he is screaming or chanting out! all of his projects show his many facets.... love his crazy brilliance.
he is epic. •^_^•

Bobby McFerrin – Don't Worry, Be Happy Lyrics 4 years ago
@[whedonist21:3510] thank you.. he is so awesome.. most people just know this song.. but his vocalisation techniques are transcendent! will look for 'blackbird'.. merci! •^_^•

Bobby McFerrin – Don't Worry, Be Happy Lyrics 4 years ago
this song is good for the soul.
& this man is amazing............ if you haven't heard more of his brilliant vocals.. do so immediately.. he is just amazing.... •^_^•

Frente – Ordinary Angel Lyrics 4 years ago
love this song!
still so beautiful!
the 90s had some absolute brilliance & many hidden song gems.. like this trinket!
bring the good vibes people!

George – breathe in now Lyrics 4 years ago
so much love for this song........ •^_^•

Jewel – I'm Sensitive Lyrics 4 years ago
band: 'frente'
song: 'ordinary angels'
album: 'marvin the album'
{90s melbourne indie pop sweetness!}
the part about "we are everyday angels" made me think of the rad band & a song connection....•^_^•

Jewel – I'm Sensitive Lyrics 4 years ago
@[Sophie400:3509] me too.. it is the best bit....
i'd rather see the world from another angle..
we are everyday angels.."

Jewel – I'm Sensitive Lyrics 4 years ago
@[SheWrites:3508] *harmonises.. "we are everyday angels"..*

Jewel – I'm Sensitive Lyrics 4 years ago
ok.. a long post of my deep & fleeting thoughts about this beautiful & meaningful song.. i've loved it.. {& in particular the last verse}..
"i have this theory..
that if we're told we're bad..
then that's the only..
idea we'll ever have..
but maybe if we are surrounded in beauty..
one day we will become what we see..
'cause anyone can start a conflict..
it's harder yet to disregard it..
i'd rather see the world from another angle..
we are everyday angels..
be careful with me..
'cause i'd like to stay that way....
..since i first heard it in the 90s.... & tonight here in the moment.. i thought of the song because of the things in my life that are happening right now & how it is so relevant..
{..& i sing along.. sometimes in harmony.. & i cry a little as i get to the last verse while i keep singing the descant harmony.. "i'd rather see the world from another angle.." makes me feel the poignance of this.. as it whirls in my mind.. i am sad as i may not be here if things don't work out ok....}
..but when i was 16 it meant so much to me.. the whole 'pieces of you' album did.... & now.. years later.. it is still here.. firmly in my mind.. as i feel the tears roll down my face........
so many people have goodness in them.. hidden oftentimes for whatever reason.. so many good things they could be doing for themselves.. for their world.. for our world.. yet people get put down & hurt so often.. & it just makes more pain..
when what we need is love :: to be compassionate & show more kindness....
i mean this has always been such a simple & loving 'hippy' philosophy.. & i love that.. i feel like the 90s were reminiscent of the original 'hippy' era.. we lost track in the early 2000s but now a new age of possible positivity is everywhere..
{i could type forever about this right now!}..
we need to have evolved to be the beauty within.... from what is still beautiful around us.... {oh now i want to watch the film 'her'..}.. to be the change we want in this world.. even in our own micro-cosmoses!
not to start conflict in the hope of a peaceful world.. but it is timeless.. & more relevant than ever....
it is like a form of prayer to me right now.. in the hope.. {of which i have eternally within myself}.. that things do work out for me.. & that i will find a way through.. transcend it.. & find rejuvenation.. happiness.. peace.. & love again....
little things can go a long way ::
a little positivity & belief in another....
besides.. to quote jewel from 'hands'.. "in the end only kindness matters...."
{love & peace}
natalichka ----♡

Lori Carson – I want to believe you Lyrics 4 years ago
this song is transcendent & beautiful....
it is good if you have cried your eyes out.. & have the headache & heartache that follows.... it makes you feel the calm you need....
a pensive calm for a relaxed sadness....
or just beauty within it all....
this crazy/beautiful world of ours........ ^_^
{love &peace}

Lori Carson – I want to believe you Lyrics 4 years ago
@[ihearttigger:3504] it is beautiful.... you should watch the film 'crazy/beautiful' 2001 with kirsten dunst & jay hernandez.... it is in it & the film is beautiful & pensive & has a brilliant soundtrack in my opinion.... a very underrated little indie film of greatness. ^_^
{love & peace}

Phil Collins – A Groovy Kind Of Love Lyrics 4 years ago
@[jedidivemaster:3468] love the info. & bobby is amazing so although it's a groovy song.. it lost to a beautiful inspiring song by a kind soul in my mind.... ^_^

Yael Naim – New Soul Lyrics 4 years ago
there are lots of sweet posts that i have just read here.... i feel i am very much a 'new soul'.... & this song {& the film clip too} is beautiful....
in my melancholy moments i think of this song sometimes....
:::: love & peace ::::

Nine Inch Nails – Hurt Lyrics 4 years ago
....the last lines make me cry ::::

Nine Inch Nails – Hurt Lyrics 4 years ago
a beautifully tragic song of so much painful truth....
i trembled as i listened to this version just moments ago....
:::: love & peace ::::

Washed Out – Paracosm Lyrics 4 years ago
i hide still....
waiting for the right time....
on the time....
on variables....
with hope that i can be myself....
i wait knowingly for him....
to be in our sanctuary together....
it's such a beautiful song.... ^_^

Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed Lyrics 4 years ago
grimes mix is amazing........ ^_^

Nick Drake – Know Lyrics 4 years ago
i want somebody i know.. to know this....

Eagles – Witchy Woman Lyrics 4 years ago
it is a beautiful song.... whatever the true meaning.... or for yourself.... i fell asleep listening to it & felt like i was flying.... ^_^

Eagles – Witchy Woman Lyrics 4 years ago
why are the lyrics unable to be shown?!??

Coldplay – Sparks Lyrics 4 years ago

Britney Spears – Everytime Lyrics 6 years ago
this song makes me cry every time.
i fought with my partner years ago....
however i heard this song prior to that & still cried....
as if what was sung was happening to me....
then.... in a way it did.
this song show such emotion..
also: apparently britney wrote it herself.
well.. its sweetness is beautiful.
love.. peace & music ::::

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