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Drake – Take Care Lyrics 7 years ago
I deffinitley am in the same boat with you lissypoo .. I've had my heart broken over 15 times so anyone can only imagine what state of mind im in ... it triggers my self esteem and makes me feel like i will never be good enough for anyone .. people make it so hard to trust anyone with your life and your heart .. and you really dont want to open up emotionally because you dont want to take that risk of having your heart broken again so its kind of like nothing effects you emotionally anymore because of how many times you been hurt like your heart is built of stone some people will never understand until they actually lived it but you also got to try to move forward with everything dispite of it all really difficult when you have something like this sitting in the back of your mind and it makes you wanna party all the time .. you deffinitley hit the nail right on the eye with everything you stated. Its nice to know that theres someone out there who can actually relate to the same exact thing I'm going through right now. Same reason why I can really relate to this song.

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