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Steppenwolf – Born To Be Wild Lyrics 7 years ago

Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Lyrics 7 years ago
Another idea. If, as someone has suggested, this is meant as a communication from Taupin to John, then John becomes the person on the yellow brick road who'll need a couple of vodker and tonics if Taupin returns to the farm and will need a replacement.

While I can't determine with the evidence available that this is the case, it could well be true and fits with the lyrics. Plus, I can see Elton John singing it in spite of the nasty aspersions to him. In that case it's about feelings at a particular time in their lives. So what if Taupin was disillusioned with John? Elton John would have enough class to understand and sing the wonderful song and to understand his friends feelings without going ballistic, or I at least I hope he would. If you can't be honest or angry with your friends from time to time, who can you be honest or angry with?

Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Lyrics 7 years ago
I think many of the comments are very useful. We all tend to hear loudly those parts of the song that agree with our present interpretation and ignore other parts. Human nature. Start with basics that you can generally count on in music and literature.

The yellow brick road is the road to fame and fortune, or some other conformist version of success.

His father does not want him on the yellow brick road, but rather to keep to a simpler life.

The yellow brick road and someone the author associates with it either wants him to sing the blues or is making him feel like singing the blues and he recognizes that and resists.

If he leaves the yellow brick road someone associated with that road might get a replacement rather easily and in some ugly fashion (mongrels seeking tidbits on the ground.)

In the end he wants to go to two places which he makes clear is really one place.

He wants to back to his plough, and beyond the yellow brick road.

The key, it seems to me, is to understand thoroughly the historic use of "yellow brick road." The Bible speaks of streets paved with gold. The movie "Wizard of Oz" has a yellow brick road leading to a beautiful city that is based on false ideas and false leadership. It has been theorized that Baum wrote the book to speak about the Gold standard for US currency; Oz being the abbrevation for ounce and the road being yellow, etc.

So, at it's core, I feel the song is about the writer's discovery of the false values of wealth and fame and the also the discovery of his desire to return to his roots on the farm.

In as sense, it is about growing up. An old saying, "The older I get, the smarter my dad gets."

This can be applied to many specific circumstances and since John and Taupin were both heavily involved in the music industry, that would be a likely inspiration for them. Since music is not mentioned, I believe that you could apply it equally well to any profession with a primary goal of wealth or fame.

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I believe that all of the above comments are true and they need not disagree at all. I'm sure that all of the meaning suggested occurred to both Taupin and John in the creative process. That's what makes the lyrics so great.

The lyrics are at times nonsensical on a surface reading. This is a weakness in most modern popular music. It's accepted as artistic license and you must suspend ideas of logic and grammar a bit to enjoy it. I love the song for many reasons.

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