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Corpus Christi – Monuments Lyrics 7 years ago
What's ass to mouth? You'd lick its ass, metaphorically? And yes, I also like the song as well as the band.

Corpus Christi – A Portrait Of Modern Greed Lyrics 7 years ago
This is such a great song. I love how it fights the common principle in today's society of materialism. I find the lyrics to be self explanatory, also. And this band is AMAZING.

Foxy Shazam! – I Like It Lyrics 7 years ago
oh my gosh, you're so funny.

August Burns Red – The Escape Artist Lyrics 7 years ago
no, those lyrics are definitely right. listen to the second time he says, "no one learns...". It's at around 0:41. Right there he definitely says "No one learns from someone they hate."

As I Lay Dying – Losing Sight Lyrics 7 years ago
and to "lose sight of what matters most" is to lose sight of god and their faith in him.

August Burns Red – Carol of the Bells Lyrics 7 years ago
all their music is sooo epic, including instumentals.

All That Remains – From The Outside Lyrics 7 years ago
Its about the principle of diference.

All That Remains – Believe in Nothing (Nevermore cover) Lyrics 7 years ago
What does he mean by "nothing is sacred, when no one is saved"?

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