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Portugal. The Man – Modern Jesus Lyrics 8 years ago
No he's just saying he'd rather be outside the gates of heaven having drinks with his friends then be inside with all the wet blankets

Portugal. The Man – Modern Jesus Lyrics 8 years ago
Wrong read this interview
He's clearly no Christian.

SP: I get a very spiritual vibe from a lot of your guys’ songs. But have you actually submitted yourself to any religion?

JG: Not a religion. I believe in the mind. Everything is energy. Everything is everything. It’s always there in some form. But you know, Alaska was a very conservative Christian state. I would have friends’ parents read to us from the Book of Revelation before we went to bed — as bedtime stories. And I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but it all sort of clicked later. (Laughs) I just realized that it’s crazy. Are you really going to scare the hell out of people with that? Is my buddy over here who doesn’t believe in your god, yet is a good person, really going to go to your hell?

Adam Ant – If You Keep On Lyrics 10 years ago
This song is an ode to rude fans who bother him and seem to think they know him because they know his music.

Marilyn Manson – Angel With The Scabbed Wings Lyrics 10 years ago
This is very obvious if you read the lyrics. It is about Himself as the Anti-christ. In the first verse he describes a drug using rock-star and referring to him as a grotesque angel. That is Manson's persona.

The second verse describes a person who disturbs the general public who are both horrified by him and also simultaneously fascinated by him because he doesn't follow society rules of normality and is thus special. It also says that it is society itself who created him. Which makes sense because everything about his persona is a response to society's rules. The clothes the make-up, the grotesque imagery, its all a rebellion against what is considered normal.

The chorus just makes it so obvious because it describes a dark messiah or Anti-Christ

The last verse describes a victim/abuser relationship. Society's relationship with the Anti-Christ would have to be like an abusive husband who wont let his wife leave him. Once again it is the grotesque version of a relationship

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