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Cradle of Filth – A Dream Of Wolves In The Snow Lyrics 10 years ago
ok. My 2 cent pitch in would be the ending of the song,since noone else mentions it. "to snatch the lambs of christ from where they fall..." caan have to meanings,in my opinion. 1.)The wolfs and Volkh's children may be "snatching" the lambs of christ from where they fall as in from where they are falling from, since christ is said to be in "heaven" they can be falling from some part of heaven. and 2.)One of the definition of fall means "to be born, but using fall in that conotation is mainly or mostly used for the birth of lambs, therefore, the wolfs and Volkh's children are snatching them from where they are born. In my opinion i believe in the second option, but there can be a be an argument for the first.

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