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Regina Spektor – Genius Next Door Lyrics 1 year ago
Ok so Regina writes a lot of her songs poetically, full of double meanings and allegories. So basically, if you're picking up on something, or you have a faint idea that she might have meant something, that's probably part of the meaning, or one of the meanings.

My interpretation is all conjecture here. So I may be way off. (Like for instance, her Samson song has a very specific reference, it's about a bible/Torah story, and about cancer. You wouldn't know that unless you were told that, or have experience with those two things. Probably to most people, it's just a love song). Anyways here's my interpretation of genius next door

To me, I think this song is about the struggle of life in modern society, for intellectuals. Regina is an intellectual. She's an artist, a writer, a pianist, and many other things. So I think she sees herself very much in the "genius next door". Like for instance, her song about rowboats. That's very much a nerdy person song.

I think the mystery of the song is whether he kills himself or if he does something else nightly at the lake.

Im going to look at the song backwards, starting at the end, because I think that's when she tells us what happens, and the puzzle pieces all fit into place from there.

"And the genius next door was sleeping"

I think at this point he is passed away, aka "sleeping," but his spirit remains in the lake "next door".

"Dreaming that the antidote is orgasm"

It's hard to translate this meaning into words. Basically, the song is about depression. And he's searching for anything that could cure it, and thinking that maybe it is orgasm, love, a relationship. But at this point he has died. So it's actually his ghost, dreaming that, from his long sleep in the lake. I think this is an allegory on life and death. We don't know why we're here. We don't know why we suffer. And even a genius has simple needs.

"In the morning the film crews start arriving
With donuts, coffee and reporters"

At this point, people are showing up to report on his dead body. Life is going on as normal for everyone.

Now, this is where it gets murky. Are they reporting on his dead body? Are they reporting that the lake changed to normal? Or is this the point that the lake changes to porridge?

So maybe he didn't kill himself. Maybe he was going to the lake nightly, and casting some kind of spell, to fix the lake, or he is the one who caused it to change to porridge.

Or, maybe he did kill himself, and that's what changed the lake back to normal? Or more likely, he killed himself, and the porridge is an allegory for how the lake was changed forever at that point.

"And to wade midway into that porridge
Just him and the secret he was keeping"

Ok so it was already porridge. So I think after he died, or whatever he did that night, it changed the lake back to water, and that's why all the reporters showed up.

"Getting high and mumbling German fables"

I think this is a key to the meaning. There is probably a fairy tale that this is inspired by. I did a quick Google, and Grimm's Fairy Tales was first published in Germany. So maybe there's a fairy tale about this. Or, maybe Regina just thought this sounded kind of like a fairy tale, a lake turning into buttery porridge.

"If you just hold in your breath til you come back up in full
Hold in your breath til you thought it through, you fool"

This is the allegory of struggling, and drowning. It's not an uncommon theme in poetic writing. I think it's the basic meaning of the song. And the verses are just a clever story she wrote to bring us around this message, that sometimes life is terrible, but, just hold your breath until you come back up. She's a very kind person, at least she is in her writing, and so I think this is intended as a kind message to everyone who is feeling low.

Mr. Little Jeans – Rescue Song (RAC Remix) Lyrics 2 years ago
I thought she was saying, I'm going to rescue you, you can rescue me too. We can rendezvous. And also later, I didn't know what the grey gravel line was, but the next one I thought she said, that scatters and clarifies, and the smile and Brews line, I thought she was saying you smile, and I'll bruise. Or, I'll bloom. I thought she said you're the reason and so am I, it's true. And the last line I thought she was saying you're going to rescue me and be new

Hot Chip – Ready for the Floor Lyrics 5 years ago
I had thought the background lyrics were "I'm feeling the love" instead of "I'm using my force."

So I thought it was a gay song. But I guess it's not. I think it's more about friendship.

Dead Man's Bones – Pa Pa Power Lyrics 8 years ago
pa pa power sounds like the beat of a drum or heart

please make me better
we will not destroy you
sounds like asking for help from the person with the power. but i think that might be my interpretation and not what they originally meant. but i bet the pa pa might be a heartbeat like love. and burn the street and broken glass is about how you feel after heartbreak!

Regina Spektor – Prisoners Lyrics 8 years ago
That sounds like a really good idea actually.

The Dresden Dolls – My Alcoholic Friends Lyrics 8 years ago
I feel like all the songs I have heard by the Dresden Dolls generally are lamenting the state of women in today's modern society.

/Staring at the ceiling/ obviously means she's getting f****d, lying on her back. duh. She's trying hard not to remember the name of the [GUY] who is waking up beside her. Not to be ashamed for sleeping with him. Not to remember the time or the place, and let go of everything in the world and just feel some small joy in the moment. And if you're holding it against her that she is "promiscuous" as so many women are called, she says she's on her best behavior, sarcastically. She's taking for mother nature, sarcastically. Once her fist is in (sexually) then love is never falling over, because that's when you're most in the moment, and you feel like you're in love forever.

her only natural talent (a common phrase that refers to sex) is being wasted on her alcoholic friends. ie, MEN = alcoholic friends. Why? Because men treat women like dirt, because they can, because women let them get away with it, by not standing up for themselves. Unlock the singer in this band, who is standing up for women and women's rights. That's what she means when she says she's taking down the number of the times, so when she dies, and God sends her to hell for being a woman, she'll be the first to call him out on his bullshit. Because the bible was written very much against women. It paints Eve out to be the devil, for tricking adam. And that is what the bit about the number 6 means. 666 is the number of the beast. 8 is the number of infinity. and 3 is a number of balance. So she says 8 or 3 are much more apt for her, and women, and the universe in general, than just 6, which just demonizes women.

Au Revoir Simone – Anywhere You Looked Lyrics 8 years ago
no way I don't think it's about a relationship that has moved on. I think it is about the three of them. Annie is one of the girls in the band and I think it is a play on words "Anywhere you looked was right" = "Annie" where you looked was right... Annie is the tall one with glasses... I think it is about her and the other two girls and how they just sort of came together and spent the good times together, and cried together, and they probably fought but stuck together through the tough times and came out on top, with a new record deal. And I think it just is another one of their songs from the heart about how they are feeling when they write.

Tune-Yards – Bizness Lyrics 8 years ago
"bleed for you" suggests a "love-is-pain" kind of theme

Hot Chip – Ready for the Floor Lyrics 8 years ago
I feel like the song is not about homosexuality, but it is at the same time. Like, hot chip is deeper than for a song to just have a plain meaning like that. But it is obvious that it has homo meanings... But it probably has an alternate meaning too. Whether or not they're gay, I'm sure they know they have gay fans

Au Revoir Simone – The Way To There Lyrics 8 years ago
Its about sex and love. Obvious. Reference "innocence"

It makes it seem innocent

if its black and white, than it makes it seem innocent
if you have to do it, it makes it seem innocent

but its not innocent and it never is and it never was
but it is fate :)

Sufjan Stevens – Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois Lyrics 9 years ago
i really like your interpretation but I cant help but feel like you're being bigoted

Sufjan Stevens – Casimir Pulaski Day Lyrics 9 years ago
they should let us flag comments as awesome

Sufjan Stevens – The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out to Get Us! Lyrics 9 years ago
the wasp is the sting of love

Sufjan Stevens – The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out to Get Us! Lyrics 9 years ago
i've always thought of it as a song about gay love. but im gay so go figure

Grimes – Oblivion Lyrics 9 years ago
its obviously about sex?

Regina Spektor – How Lyrics 9 years ago
some were saying its about death. and some ways it can be. its about someone missing someone else. but i think it is more about spurned love.

Regina Spektor – Two Birds Lyrics 9 years ago
hello duh its obviously about love. one person is ready to quite "the game" and fly away with "his" friend. (its a metaphor people)
the other one says he does. but really.... he isn't quite in love

Regina Spektor – Another Town Lyrics 9 years ago
seems to me like she's saying "in another world" or "in another life" she could have loved you, who ever "you" is

Regina Spektor – Pound of Flesh Lyrics 9 years ago
i didnt know who ezra pound is, so I was guessing that he was the grim reaper

Geographer – Can't You Wait Lyrics 9 years ago
i think he's gay

Au Revoir Simone – The Way To There Lyrics 9 years ago
I dont think its about an ending relationship at all.

Its about the inexorable march of time and destiny

Au Revoir Simone – Stay Golden Lyrics 9 years ago
thank you, i was thinking the same thing

Au Revoir Simone – Dark Halls Lyrics 9 years ago
it may actually be about a miscarriage. i always thought it was about a relationship ending. "and you may think you lost it" meaning your lover's love or maybe your sense of self or entitlement.

of Montreal – A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger Lyrics 9 years ago
also, i thought he was saying "realcy" not frequency

of Montreal – A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger Lyrics 9 years ago
ITS "VIOLE" not "vile"

as in viole - shortened form of violent, shifting, changing

character had become viole to its creatore

Death Cab for Cutie – Brothers on a Hotel Bed Lyrics 10 years ago
So it's not about gay sex?

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