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Limp Bizkit – Nookie Lyrics 7 years ago
When the lead singer was in high school, it was Christmas time, and he was baking cookies with his mom, but then a girl called him and told him to come over to her place and sneak into her room, and she'd fuck his brains out. So he basically told his mom, "fuck you!" Went over to that girls house and fucked her, and when he got home his mom bitched him out. So he told her, "so you can take that cookie, and stick it up your ass!" After that his parents kicked him out for 3 weeks.

Anberlin – Feel Good Drag Lyrics 7 years ago
Kind of funny, to me, this song is about my ex-lover (you could call her that). We rode around all summer, I was jamming to this song a lot of the time, and I didn't think twice about the meaning. It wasn't until me and her started to hate each other, did this song become relevant to me, and I looked into the meaning. It describes us perfectly.

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