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Incubus – Loneliest Lyrics 5 years ago
I love Incubus and have been a fan ever since I was a kid. This song gave me chills when I saw them performing live. Props to them for doing such an amazing job and an ethereal performance.

Let me try to coherently put my thoughts and ideas of this together.

'Loneliest' has an other-worldly quality such as "Stellar" and "Here in my room" but it's also different from those songs in its intensity and solemness. There is an old-ness feel to this song. It's very indicative of their older works, which is something I heavily appreciate. It also reminds me of a few works of literature. All thoughts and writing expressed here are my own, so don't plagiarize (except for the beautiful music and lyrics which do not belong to me obviously.)

This song is beyond its time even with an old feel. 'Loneliest' taps between the past, present, and future intertwined with technology. It's a lost love connection two people have had over the early days of the internet such as AOL. This also gives me the feeling of nostalgia.

The beginning of Loneliest is slow and singular and he is really reminiscent of something that was dear to him at a certain point of his life. But whatever he had, whether a kind of relationship or love--it was beautiful and innocent/pure, and this is depicted through the lyrics in the first verse with "I have forgotten what it feels like, I don’t remember it’s true." He is revisiting the memories in his head and doesn't know if it was real (now in his older age). The music accommodates the depth and intensity using the synthesizers and also creates the technological connection. Then he says, "It will take all I have left to make this right. But I’d like to try it with you." I've interpreted this to mean that he's trying other means to connect with former admiration such as through his dreams or astral-projection.

The second verse helps convey that he is feeling alone 'tonight.' The night is a time when human needs, desires, and thoughts become raw and stronger. The bass and synthesizers permeate through like the ebbing of waves on a shore but symbolize the relationship humans have with technology. It's there around us and so is nature and the universe.

In the third verse, he's reinforcing how he's missing his 'admiration/inspiration/soulmate', still ruminating his nostalgia and memory while desiring it to be there with him in a tangible form. But he's actually replaying something it in his mind or imagining it in his head (and it could be sexual) but the sexual part never happened which is why he has this lingering sexual tension, through the lyrics, "Oh, it’ll take all I have left to work this out. Oh, push on ‘til I’m breaking through."

The chorus repeats in verse four but also goes on to include, 'inspired by your proposition, but I don't trust my intuition.' Intuition is an inherent evolutionary human trait, so why wouldn't he trust his intuition? He can't trust his intuition because he doesn't know if what he's feeling is true, real, tangible-at least in his physical form of reality.

He goes on to sing, "Yours is the curtain that I’d like to pull back, but I can't be certain that you're really real," in the fifth verse. This verse has a slow tempo and a sincere guitar solo that's played in clarity, while the synthesizers have decreased but slowly goes to a crescendo in increments within the verse, as he repeats the lyrics signifying his intense and spiritual feelings. Whoever and whatever he's referring to is not something he can physically attain, thus this is why he says its the one thing I'd like to explore, as it's a beautiful mystery and experience to him. 'Curtains' also symbolize the cloak of the night, the dark and starry darkness of the universe and the unknown beyond it. To him, this experience was a very real and positive experience for him and he's currently feeling alone, sad and misses the comfort it gives him. This is because there's a stark contrast between what his reality is in the present reality and what he had was something that made him feel real, warm, connected and wonderful.

As the song comes to a conclusion, he comes back closer to reality. There's a desperation and yearning-hunger in his soul and his voice while he's singing "Real. Are you really, really real?" He comes out of his trance where he has had a short-lived trance and contact with his soul-mate and rules it out to be real but cannot reach it on a physical level. Although he/she has memories of her/him and things that remind them of their spiritual connection. (The reason I am changing he/she now is because I didn't want to write it out throughout my whole interpretation and also because it goes both ways.) There is a psychic connection but he doesn't want to lose himself in his own insanity and awe. That's why he resorts to going 'digital' tonight because life and technology are presently intertwined but not in the way he was nostalgically ruminating. This can superficially be interpreted as 'porn' to someone, but to me, this song is deep, as technology is all around us (like nature) and can mean any sort of content (reading, entertainment, social media, music etc.) which he can distract himself with as a source of escapism.

'Loneliest' is very beautiful, special and alien to me as it touches me personally. One can interpret 'Loneliest' superficially and say there's nothing deep about it. But, I like to peel the onion to get to the core. I would also argue that this song is equally about God and his/her relationship with humankind. In that sense, he is not sure if God is real but is continually inspired by God and wants to have a better connection with God. To me, this song is more of an ethereal concept than something tangible.

Wild Nothing – Nocturne Lyrics 9 years ago
I love nocturne so much, it brings me joy listening to it...

My interpretation of the song indicates that it is the beginning stages of a relationship, with two people attracted to each other and getting to know each other. While it's just the beginning, they can't really show their emotions and have to pretend normal. This can be easily described in a situation where two people are working together closely (like friends or coworkers) or perhaps two strangers that often collide in a bar or other setting.

They are both dealing with the same things and as the title states, they feel anxious in the night and when they feel lonely they know the other person is there, making them appreciate their company and presence.

"You can have me all," means that they are there for each other both emotionally but "ALL" emphasizes that there is the physical aspect too. The rest of the song goes on the portray the twisted feelings and emotions they hold and can't make it happen because either they are shy or perhaps have obligations that isn't letting it happen.

They repeat the chorus because it 's obsessing over this frustration and tension between them, which becomes intensely strong with the increasing bass and guitar tone which imitates a beating heart or the motions during intercourse. It's almost like they are obsessed with making each other feel high... and especially the intense feeling of intimacy when one is about to leave... but still continuously obsessed like a secret stalker, twisted but acknowledged. I think this song is about love, although one might argue it's about drugs... the melody is melancholic with a hypnotic beat that gets your heart racing for more.

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