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Mumford & Sons – White Blank Page Lyrics 9 years ago
I read a note someone added on Little Lion Man about how some of Mumford's songs seem to come from a homosexual perspective, and I think this one is definitely true.

See, many here believe that this song is about 2 people. It is, perhaps, the singer singing to himself, and then his female lover. But I disagree. Why would the singer alternate between who he is talking to? What if the whole thing was to one person?

If it is, perhaps it is to a man. This man was someone the singer loved and showed great affection towards, but this affection was turned away. Perhaps it was played with, a time of "experimentation", but didn't really follow through. So the singer is left distraught over losing a man he thought he loved dearly, and is questioning that man about how he can just move on to a woman, and whether what they had was truly nothing.

Chameleon Circuit – The Sound of Drums Lyrics 10 years ago
Does anyone else get chills when the Doctor screams "REGENERATE!"? This whole song rocks, but that part especially is just spine-tingling.

Chameleon Circuit – Exterminate, Regenerate Lyrics 10 years ago
Yeah, I have to respectfully disagree, it's not about the Doctor and the Master, it's about the Doctor and the Daleks, or more specifically, the Doctor and Davros.

1. "Since I MET you back on Skaro". "Met", not "brought you to", is the key here. The Doctor met Davros in the long ago ages of myth, before the Daleks were truly the Daleks.
I'm not sure who the first verse is supposed to be, but I think it's from the Doctor's perspective.

2. Locked in war is actually a very interesting phrase, especially with how often the Doctor has mentioned the Time War being a "time-locked" event, separated from all else, and Davros' own death within the war.

3. I think Chameleon Circuit knows their references well enough, and are clever enough, that they wouldn't name this "Exterminate, Regenerate" if it didn't explicitly have something to do with the Daleks. "Exterminate" is the Dalek catch-word. Beyond this, the Master has not explicitly killed the Doctor, whereas the Daleks have directly caused the death of the Doctor on at least one occasion (potentially 2, once in the Time War), as well as being a major reason for at least one other death.

4. "We are the same" is, I would believe, sung from the Doctor's perspective. And to get this, you really need to know his philosophy. He thinks that every sentient being is, or should be, like him. Everyone is redeemable, EVEN (despite his occasional fury) the Daleks and Davros. The Doctor looks for the goodness in everything and tries to find it.

5. Again, this is a definite comparison with the Doctor and Davros. Davros is still mostly attached to his humanoid Kaled form, not the more evolved Dalek form. And yes, the Daleks were once very man-like, in their Kaled stage.

6. The Master rarely has companions, actually, but the "constant companion is death" statement is something that has followed the Doctor around for ages. Wherever the Doctor goes, death tends to follow. And where the Daleks go, death follows, as well. It's an apt description of both. Certainly, the Master could be included in this as well, but I think the evidence is heavily towards Daleks at this point.

7. Elinious covered this point well already, but it's worth noting that the Master waited until the end of the universe, whereas Davros was willing to destroy all of reality to take out the Doctor, and the Daleks were inclined to go along with it.
The Daleks are VERY obsessed with defeating the Doctor. Why would they not be? They have more to gain from it than the Master. For the Master, the Doctor is a challenge, someone that keeps popping up as an equal on the playing field. The Master has too great an ego to see the Doctor as a TRUE threat. For the Daleks, the Doctor has utterly destroyed their civilization at least a few times. He is known as the "Oncoming Storm". He is a warrior capable of destroying all that is Dalek, and they fear and wish to eliminate this utterly, even going to the point of teaming up with all the forces of the universe to contain him within the Pandorica.

8. Again, Elinious mentioned this, but it bears repeating. The Doctor thinks everyone can be redeemed. Or at least contained. The suggestion that he could change the Daleks is something important to him.

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