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Audioslave – Shadow On The Sun Lyrics 8 years ago
I read through a few of these comments before I made the assumption that everyone was using Collateral as the meaning of the song, rather than the song itself. This whole "it's about a person who made themselves this way" rhetoric, which I respect as an opinion, seems to do completely miss the point of the song entirely.

This song is about a person who once could see things clearly, better than most; like we tend to see things better in daylight. However, as the lyrics say, "Now all that is gone, over with and done..." he notes that he no longer able to see things as he once did, because he's the shadow of the sun, which I feel is a poetic way of saying he's a sun-spot you can't see from earth (google for images.)

He sees the darkness that many don't, because it's him, and he's in it; an exception to the rules most people take as given. Things like "It'll get better with time" or "You'll get over it," generic things people say to make others feel better, this all does nothing to help him. It's like he's telling us, "I know what you guys thing I'm supposed to be thinking and feeling, but I'm not." Yet, as most who've ever been around friends who want us to feel better, they tend to sometimes ignore our honesty in our words and tell us just do this or just do that. Eventually, if you don't, you'll get tired of listening to them and just want to be alone - away from people who tell you should be feeling/dealing with things. "I can tell you why people die alone." They didn't bring it upon themselves, they were sorta forced into it, where they couldn't find acceptance anywhere.

The last verse:

Shapes of ever size
Move behind my eyes
Doors behind my eyes
Bolted from within
Every drop of flame
Lights a candle in
Memory of one
Who lives inside my skin

He's talking talking about the memories and thoughts that become real within his mind, images that keeps and refuses to express or let out, because he's tired of people misinterpreting them. "Every drop of flame" is those pieces of light that do get through, do nothing but remind him of what he lost; it could be either who he used to be, before he became a shadow on the sun, or it could be a person he is no longer with... either way, that person still exists within him...

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