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Marc Broussard – Let Me Leave Lyrics 8 years ago
Thankfully artist can write from both a place of truth and an imagined situation. Marc is still happily married with 4 kids. Gotta love a stable home and family to come back to after being out on the road.

Marc Broussard – Evangeline Rose Lyrics 8 years ago
a beautiful song for daddy' little girl

Marc Broussard – Gavin's Song Lyrics 8 years ago
I agree with the lyric of "armies to conquer all your fears". This was written for his eldest son, Gavin. He now has three other children, Gibb, Evangeline Rose and newest baby about 2 months old, Emma Grace. The song for Gibb is on his newest album, self titled, it is the hidden track and and of number 10. Such a cute song about Gibbie

Marc Broussard – Home Lyrics 8 years ago
Older live version of this song and a whole intro section that is a negro spiritual. the only part that has survived to current version is the "straight from the water" lyric. On a side note you used to be able to buy "Straight from the water" bracelets on his website with the proceeds going to hurricane relief funds.

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