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T. Rex – Mambo Sun Lyrics 11 years ago
I don't think it's about being in love with a specific person, or about a person at all... more an idea. I think people too often trivialize his lyrics, something he even commented on and seemed offended by. "My life's a shadowless horse if I can't get across to you"... Seems more about constructing this beautiful, absurd vision and the song is more about the journey to find or create it (beebop moon, powder keg legs, alligator rain, and all).

T. Rex – Monolith Lyrics 11 years ago
The "turntable scratch" is actually a guitar with a wah effect (same as the leads in the song). And yeah, Marc started glam. Monolith/Electric Warrior was a year before Ziggy Stardust, and Marc had started glam nearly a year earlier with his TotP performance of Ride a White Swan (nearly 2 years before Bowie released Ziggy, his first glam outing).

But, to the song... beautiful song. I remember (I think?), ages ago, hearing an interview with Marc where he describes the song as being about star/time-crossed lovers. To me, that's what the song is about... two lovers, or soulmates of some sort, desperate to be born in the same time and place (or at least trying to find each other but never aware enough to know where or how to begin) but it never happening. Kind of a continuation of Cosmic Dancer, which Marc often stated was about reincarnation. "From whence you know we all do begin/and dressed as you are, girl, in your fashions of fate/and baby, it's too late" and all that.

Van Morrison – Sweet Thing Lyrics 11 years ago
I can't say for certain what this song is about (heaven, heaven symbolic of love, whatever), but even Van has said it's about a feeling, not a particular person. So I think the place can be whatever someone associates with that feeling, no?

Though I don't think it's about finding love (or a true love for the first time), as some have suggested. It's regaining love after loss, that much is clear. "You will take me strongly in your arms AGAIN". Someone mentioned the album is a progression, innocence to experience. But it's clear "the narrator" started with experience (the lyrics to "Astral Weeks" include "to be born again", "in another time, in another place" etc...). To me, "Sweet Thing" is about rediscovering whatever was lost (whatever and however)... cleansing yourself, realizing the worry and coldness/cynicism that one lets grow around themselves was in vain, and almost thrown/jolted into that understanding. I think this is where "Heaven" comparisons come from - what bigger, more unexpected jolt can someone have? It doesn't sound like he's made a decision, and the love lost is clearly from earlier in life (so it's not like being enamored with whomever caused it as an "I love you" rush)... something was lost, and all the worry just suddenly (inexplicably?) washed away.

"And I will never grow so old again" could also easily be explained as outliving someone (or simply mortally growing old) as it can as just become cold, cynical, and analytical, and swearing to never let that happen again (still, clearly something unexpected happened to cause that, not a process). I also think the sentiment can just as easily be expressed to the narrator (rather than by), a kind of reassurance... the narrator stating it (in a hopeful way) coming to understand it from someone else, finding hope in what can/will be.

It's a beautiful *feeling*. The place/face seems to be open to whatever resonates with each individual, Heaven or Earth.

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