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The Beatles – Please Please Me Lyrics 8 years ago
John wrote this as an attempt to write a song like Roy Orbison. Originally it was much slower, if you can imagine singing it at the same speed as "Crying" or "In Dreams." George Martin rejected it as a single, so they went home and reworked it, sped it up, and it became their first Number One.

It wasn't meant to be sexual; just a plea by a guy to his girlfriend to pick up her end of the relationship.

The Beatles – And I Love Her Lyrics 8 years ago
Paul wrote this song after hearing criticism that all the Beatles did was "Yeah Yeah Yeah" music. Jose' Ramirez guitars gave classical guitars to all the Beatles, and George Harrison plays his on the recording and in "Hard Day's Night."

Richard Thompson – Beeswing Lyrics 8 years ago
It is too bad this song has so few comments. Let's remedy that. To folks like me not native to Britain, some of the words were not familiar, so here are my annotations and comments:

The Summer of Love was 1967, the summer when most of the world became aware of hippies and the counter-culture. Extensive press coverage of the Human Be-In and the mass influx to the Haight-Ashbury district inspired young people to adopt the hippie style and philosophy. '67 also marked a big increase in war protesting (burning flags), awareness of war atrocities (burning babies), and political polarization over the war (hawks against the doves.)

Our narrator was 19 in 1967, making him approximately the age of Richard Thompson. He came to town, so we may deduce he grew up on a farm or in a rural community.

He got a job in a steamie, or large steam laundry. It was on, as mentioned by another poster, Cauldrum St. which is in Dundee, Scotland.

The unnamed girl--if not a hippie proper--has the same free spirit attitude of one. She isn't made for a conventional job or lifestyle. Most hippies eventually dropped back in to society, though this is the story of the consequences of holding on to the life too long.

Busking means street performing. It can refer to the old organ-grinders, or street mimes, or musicians or jugglers or clowns. Basically any kind of performing in a public place for money. It is one step above panhandling, so buskers are sometimes welcome and sometimes not.

“..and we could tinker..” Tinkering refers to tinsmithing. A tinker is someone who repairs things of light metal, especially tin. It is also a synonym for a gypsy or traveler, as itinerant workers often did this kind of work to support themselves.

“working down the Gower” The Gower is a peninsula on the coast of Wales known for its natural beauty. “The work,” the two lovers do there is probably itinerant farm work, since later the narrator speaks of waiting for the frost.

“sleeping rough back on the Derby beat..” Derby is a city in the English midlands that was an early industrial center and major railway point. One might assume this means she is probably working as a prostitute there, or perhaps is simply a vagrant sleeping where she can.

“White Horse in her hip pocket..” White Horse has been a popular Scotch Whiskey for over a century. Read as: She has become an alcoholic.

“..and a wolfhound at her feet.” The narrator says she had animal in her eyes. It is left to an animal now to be her only faithful companion.

“Romany Brown..” Romany, or Romani, is an ethnic group whose origins are traced back to India, but now exist almost all over the world. The word “gypsy” was misapplied to them in the belief that they originated in Egypt.

The song ends with an expression of longing for the girl as she was, but that necessarily means the narrator would have to be as he was. It is not just a need to hold her again, but to return to a time when he could be carefree, without responsibility, and his whole life was ahead of him. It was a relationship that was doomed from the beginning, yet he wouldn’t want her to be anything but the wild, free, innocent first love of his youth. You lose all those qualities with the passage of time, and we all ache with the need to hang on to them.

The Beatles – Girl Lyrics 8 years ago
"Girl" is a metaphor for fame, and the ambigous feelings toward it. Lennon would later co-write a song called "Fame" with David Bowie.

The Beatles were determined to become famous, and then became the most famous band in history. It was thrilling at first, it made them rich beyond their dreams. But with Beatlemania, they became virtual shut-ins, constantly trying to avoid crazed fans. No one was really listening to their live performances because of all the screaming. The stress of it all forced them to retire from the road and stay huddled in the studio where they stewed in their own juices before breaking up.

For Lennon, fame was a girl that had given him so much, but could also be cruel and demanding. Of course, he paid the ultimate price for it eventually.

The Beatles – If I Fell Lyrics 8 years ago
This song has a introductory section, which was a common practice in Broadway and Tin Pan Alley songs. So even though it is a pop tune, it harkens back to an earlier form. Both Lennon and McCartney used it for many songs. (Check out "Misery" and "Here There and Everywhere")

Lennon is expressing the hope to his new love that theirs will be a more mature relationship, not just the youthful infatuation of his previous one. He has found that love is more than "just holding hands," and has moved beyond it, apparently unlike his last girlfriend. So he's saying lets not start this unless you are sure and ready to be in a serious, adult relationship. The sentiment strikes a strong chord to someone between 18 to 21 who is moving from the "childhood sweethearts" phase and considering the consequences of a serious relationship.

You have to be a musician to appreciate how complex this song is. Lennon and McCartney switch singing lead and harmony at various points, because Lennon had a better lower range and McCartney had a better higher one. As a consequence, you have to be a very good singer with a wide singing range to cover it. Also, the chord progression goes unexpectedly to a minor key and then back. It sort of supports the feeling of cautious optimism in the song and the regret and sadness over the previous lover mentioned.

The Beatles – And Your Bird Can Sing Lyrics 8 years ago
This song is definitely a shot at Mick Jagger. Jagger's "bird" could sing and swing, because Marianne Faithful was a singer and is also bisexual. The "green" refers to the fact that Faithful did a version of "As Tears Go By," thereby earning royalty money for writers Jagger-Richards.

When Lennon sings "you can't see me," he's really saying that he's in a league above Jagger, who is an also-ran. Lennon was annoyed at how self-satisfied Jagger was getting, even though the Stones' success would never have happened unless the Beatles has started the British Invasion. Jagger and Keith Richards started writing songs only after they heard that Lennon and McCartney wrote their own material. Also, the Stone's were imitating the Beatles (look at the cover of "Their Satanic Majesties Request" if you are in doubt, or note the use of the sitar in "Paint it Black" after it was featured in "Norwegien Wood.")

Later on, Lennon regretted that he'd been a bit harsh on Mick, who he did consider a friend. This is why he disparaged the tune without elaborating on what it meant.

The Beatles – All I've Got to Do Lyrics 8 years ago
As mentioned before, this song is an attempt to do a Smokey Robinson style tune, but it doesn't sound like Motown at all. It is one of their many happy accidents where the Beatles tried to copy one thing but ended up creating something unique instead.

Although the lyrics express love and concern for someone, it seems they are not together. Lennon's voice is somewhat strained and mournful, tinged with regret. He seems to be addressing an ex-lover who he can't let go of. He might even be a bit arrogant, knowing that he still knows how to push her buttons, to get her to come running to him. But he also knows that he can't refuse her call. They still care for each other, even if they live apart. However, they both know that if either gets lonely, the other is there. They remain each other's "booty call."

The Beatles – From Me to You Lyrics 8 years ago
In the early days, the Beatles would get fan mail from young girls telling them they felt like when the Beatles were singing, they were singing to them personally.

Picking up on this, Lennon and McCartney wrote a lot of songs with "me" and "you" pronouns. "From Me to You" was the ultimate capitalization on this. Bascially, it is a thank you message to their fans.

The Beatles – Good Night Lyrics 8 years ago
As previously mentioned, this song was a lullaby to Julian, especially because John knew he'd be leaving and felt guilty.

The early version of this song on the Anthology disks feature just John playing piano to Ringo's singing. Although this version is quite lovely, Lennon wasn't satisfied with it. As he became more involved with Yoko, he began to spend less time working on Beatle stuff. As the album was getting ready to wrap up, George Martin asked him what he wanted to do about the song, and Lennon basically handed it off to him, told him to give it one if his famed orchestrations. The final version is beautiful, bizarre, and kitchy all in equal parts.

The Beatles – I Feel Fine Lyrics 8 years ago
I've heard many stories about this song, but don't know which might be true.

According to one story, the Beatles were in a car on their way to a show and tried to warm up by singing "Matchbox" in three part harmony. The attempt broke down and morphed into something that didn't sound like Matchbox at all, but Lennon remembered it. Later, when the Beatles were working on "Eight Days a Week," he came up with the riff and then married it to the morphed version of "Matchbox." If you sat down and make a list of the top ten most memorable guitar riffs, Lennon probably wrote at least three of them.

The lyrics are nothing special; just a guy expressing satisfaction about his love life. It was written before Lennon was influenced by Bob Dylan. What makes the song--aside from the riff--is the drumming. The first attempts were to make it sound like Ska music, but Ringo couldn't really do a Ska beat and it came out like a rhumba instead. After the fact, they realized it sounded like "What'd I Say."

Also according to legend, you can hear Paul's sheepdog Martha barking at the very end.

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