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Agalloch – I Am The Wooden Doors Lyrics 10 years ago
Indeed. I think you hit the nail on the head.

Agalloch – I Am The Wooden Doors Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm not entirely sure what is going on in this song lyrically, but it seems like the singer is calling himself the wooden doors because he wants to be the last vestige of a simpler, more nature-oriented way of life. He wants to close himself off from excessive material influence and try as hard as he can to live a life that is devoid of the trappings of modern capitalism. He wants to be a great protector and lover of nature and oppose meaningless development.

'Seek not the fallen to unlock these wooden doors'--Again, this assessment may be too simplistic, but it sounds like it suggests that Haughm wants to distance himself from those who have fallen to vice, greed, and the rape of the earth. He doesn't want them close to him or the great sanctity of the natural environment. It's as if their very presence could somehow pollute it.

Of course wooden doors are commonplace in material society, but much of Agalloch's imagery is associated with wood. Indeed their very name means a type of wood resin that comes out of trees.

Silverchair – Paint Pastel Princess Lyrics 11 years ago
I remember using the lyrics for this song as an example of alliteration in my sixth grade class. I figured the lyrics must have something to do with drug addiction or just being on a medication. The line about mean theft is intriguing to me because it makes me think of the critics who talk about anti-depressants and ADD medications robbing people of their spontaneity and creativity. I'm not sure that's what it's implying, but it's an interesting thought.

I'm not sure what 'paint pastel princess' means, but it makes me think of him personifying his depression as something to be adored. The medication he was on could have had some adverse side effects that were hard to adjust to and he could have found some inspiration and solace in his depression, despite wanting to treat it.

Daylight Dies – The Line That Divides Lyrics 11 years ago
Great song. This is one of the tunes that got me into doom metal. I'm not sure exactly what he's referring to, but the imagery of a dividing line is very powerful. There might be an issue of unrequited love here, as the bit about holding on too long suggests. Talking about an ever present terror of what each day may bring makes me think about a mental illness such as paranoid schizophrenia or a debilitating physical ailment, such as alcoholism. Alcoholism is a prime candidate because it's a common ailment among musicians and a common topic for lyrics....some musicians talk lightly about the fun of drinking whereas arguably more talk about overcoming alcohol addiction and such.

"The line that divides this world from my mind...can only lead me away"--The narrator seems to suggest that he is detached from reality physically and/or mentally and that he is in a codependent state. Existing normally in the world could actually be more harmful than existing in his self-created hell because of his lack of coping skills.

I don't know...I can imagine this song to have many interpretations, but I'm drawn to lyrics like these which relate a sense of anguish to the listener. I enjoy that sense of intimacy that an artist would be willing to open him or herself up so much to the listening audience. I think we can safely assume that all such lyrics are firmly grounded in the personal experiences of one or more band members. Of course it's possible that such pain-infested lyrics could be completely arbitrary, but that just seems highly unnatural to me.

Katatonia – Idle Blood Lyrics 11 years ago
Idling the blood could be referring to quelling or suppressing anger and despair. It's obvious that this song deals with some sort of betrayal, and I would guess that it's a betrayal by another individual since there is the line 'O you personify loss and remorse'.

The narrator viewed a certain person one way, but that person turned out to be "the cancer that just moved in", whether it's literally or figuratively moving in. It also could be that the narrator never viewed the individual in a positive light because of some information that he was privy to,yet the antagonist has an unhealthy attachment to the narrator.

"You come without the dark night of the soul"...This is an interesting line because 'dark night of the soul' is a phrase that I've seen/heard several times, the first being on Fear Factory's "Timelessness". I'm not sure exactly what it means, but for me it connotes the darkness that creeps into one's psyche as a result of experience. Added knowledge and insight has its own brightness, but with that radiance is a long-lasting darkness. You can equate it with the loss of innocence. This narrator appreciates the antagonist's innate goodness, naivete, etc. but he/she has also hurt him.

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