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Mumford & Sons – Liar Lyrics 7 years ago
The obvious connotations of this song are about rejection, betrayal, and a broken heart, but after listening to it recently I came up with a new angle on it. I think the singer's girl is dying.

"You lay careless, your head on my chest" and "You lean in for your last kiss" make me think of death. "I know things are broken" sounds like it could be referring to the relationship, but it could also be an allusion to a failing body.
I think the main point that gives me this impression is that the singer seems bitter about whatever's gone wrong, but not angry at the subject of the lyrics. "You liar" in the chorus could be a reflection of his pain and denial at her death, a response to something like "Things will be okay" or "You have to move on when I'm gone" or something related.

I think I might just be thinking this because I recently watched The Fountain again. But anyways, there it is.

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