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Lynyrd Skynyrd – You Got That Right Lyrics 4 years ago
@[airforbes1:16110] the irony also of "That Smell", the smell of death, being written about Collins and Rossington, but sadly applying to Van Zant and Gaines. However Collins ultimately met his demise as predicted. Then there's the original Street Survivors album cover.

Christie – Yellow River Lyrics 8 years ago
It's about a soldier who is grateful to be returning home from war. After all, this song was written at the height of the Vietnam War.

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Travelin' Band Lyrics 9 years ago
Fogerty sometimes opens his concerts with this song setting up 2 hours of fantastic entertainment!

Such a good song Bruce Springsteen covered it.

Eric Clapton – Lay Down Sally Lyrics 9 years ago
Thanks to Australian Olympic rower Sally Robbins giving-up in her team's 2004 rowing final this song title's resurrected itself in the popular press of the day!!

Eric Clapton – Edge of Darkness Lyrics 9 years ago
A moody instrumental that is perfectly suited to the superlative British mini-series made in the mid 1980's book-ended by the disastrous nuclear events of Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. Japan's meltdown last year proves that a problem remains.

Mel Gibson's movie is watchable but the British series is superior - plus it has Clapton's music as a backdrop! Highly recommended!

Eric Clapton – Further On Up The Road Lyrics 9 years ago
Yes, a good song. The guitar riffs are a development of his earlier cover "Hideaway" done while in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers.

Steppenwolf – The Pusher Lyrics 9 years ago
The lyrics are obvious.

However, many big-time grass growers are nasty murdering criminals. But if governments legalised grass these creeps would vanish overnight.

BTW, Hoyt Axton as pointed out by "ohms" is the author of this and other "drug songs". His mother, Mae Axton, a school-teacher, wrote Elvis Presley's hit "Heartbreak Hotel".

Grateful Dead – Morning Dew Lyrics 9 years ago
I agree with all the positive comments on the Dead's version. The one by the Allman Brothers is also very well done with Greg A's soulful voice - worth checking it out.

The Rolling Stones – Sister Morphine Lyrics 9 years ago
Perhaps the darkest of the Rolling Stones songs. Lyrics are obvious in meaning and were very much assisted by Marianne Faithfull's personal experience. No surprise that she had co-writing credits.

The Rolling Stones – Child of the Moon Lyrics 9 years ago
Yes, the B-side of Jumping Jack Flash - and I still have that 45 vinyl single at home!
This song never had any airplay and is showing its age now but sounded fine at the time.

Mark Knopfler – If This Is Goodbye Lyrics 9 years ago
Haunting lyrics, particularly if rerencing the World Trade Centre tragedy. His duet with Emmylou Harris is simply beautiful.

Radio Birdman – New race Lyrics 10 years ago
This song together with The Saint's "(I'm) Stranded" stand up proudly as Australia's two best classic punk rock anthems.

Radio Birdman – Aloha Steve & Danno Lyrics 10 years ago
The first poster's correct - a tribute to Hawaii 5-0, especially Steve McGarret as played by Jack Lord. This high-energy song got me onto Radio Birdman.

The Saints – Messin' with the Kid Lyrics 10 years ago
It's all about the problems young men face including self-image, communication, picking up girls etc.
It could be described as one of their relatively "softer" songs and along with "(I'm) Stranded" it's my favourite song on their first album.

Led Zeppelin – Mystery Train (Junior Parker cover) Lyrics 10 years ago
Yes, kind of. It was written by Sam Phillips, head of Sun Records in Memphis, for Little Junior Parker who had a minor R&B hit. Elvis covered it soon after for what is the most definitive version.
Many other artists have had a go.

Rory Gallagher – Philby Lyrics 10 years ago
Yes, DB Cooper's right. The Philby referred to is the spy as evidenced by many espionage terms used such as "come in from the cold", "secret mission","cover can't be blown".

Rory Gallagher – Out on the Western Plain Lyrics 10 years ago
Basic Western-themed lyrics but some lovely acoustic guitar riffs.

Skyhooks – You Just Like Me 'Cos I'm Good In Bed Lyrics 10 years ago
Typical of Skyhook's flying "close to the wind" with themes of sex, nymphomania etc.
Banned on many Australian radio stations. However when new Sydney ABC radio station 2JJ opened up for broadcasting, this was the first song that it played.

Skyhooks – Living In The Seventies Lyrics 10 years ago
I'm surprised that there's no comments on their first and most well-known song.
Perhaps this is Australia's version of "Hotel California"?
RIP Shirley Strahan.

Skyhooks – Women In Uniform Lyrics 10 years ago
Women in uniform, many a man's sexual fantasy.

Skyhooks – BBBBBBBBBoogie Lyrics 10 years ago
Simple self-explanatory lyrics.
Doing this song was just an excuse to rock out.

Skyhooks – Ego Is Not A Dirty Word Lyrics 10 years ago
Serena Williams' theme song!

Skyhooks – Million Dollar Riff Lyrics 10 years ago
Meaning is obvious - every artist wants to write that song that will earn them millions.

Dan Fogelberg – Face the Fire Lyrics 10 years ago
The first poster's correct. The song protests against nuclear power and specifically about the 1979 near-disaster that occurred at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant near Harrisburg PA. Witness the first 2 lines of the song that make this obvious:-
"I hear the thunder three miles away
The Island's leaking into the bay"
The 3 Mile Island disaster is back in the news today following the tsunami in Japan that has caused similar risks at a number of Japan's northern nuclear plants.

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