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Duran Duran – The Chauffeur Lyrics 2 months ago
An unhappy young woman who can't drive and loathes & despises automobiles is chauffeured around by a driver hired by her father,who is more or less bribing the guy to spend time with his daughter,as being unable to drive makes her undesirable in the modern world,regardless of how beautiful she is.
She is pissed at her father for trying to "buy" her a suitor and for being a fake social climber,pissed at herself for being high-strung and unstable,and pissed at the chauffeur because she figures he would never really like her and just needs the $$.It looks like she is smiling at "lovers passing",but she's really snarling at them.
The chauffeur is in fact very attracted to her looks,charm,and sex appeal,and even wants to sleep with her,but knows he would be embarrassed for his guy friends to see him going out with someone who *GASP* doesn't know how to drive and whose old man won't buy her a car anyway.
"I'll only watch you leave me further behind" is not the thought of the chauffeur but the young woman,who feels out of place in her time.The lyrics about the "droning engine" and her "beating heart" refer to how machines are held in such high regard over human emotions and needs.
This song just inspires a story in my mind that becomes a personal commentary on society's obsession with cars and how nowadays it's so shocking when a woman isn't a driver,when at one time it was no big deal.So this is just my own little interpretation/story of the song.

Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon Lyrics 2 months ago
My own personal interpretation is the woman in the song is someone who appears self-reliant,confident and not in need of "love",at least on the outside and to others,but no one can really know her or get close to her so it's unclear if she's really like that,or if she wants to be loved and desired.
She "takes to the sky like a bird in flight",her assumed confidence seems to come naturally to her;she's "taken by the wind" as in no one else can take/know her -
She is "like a cat in the dark" and also is the darkness,she has more than one side to her personality,and is chameleon-like; she "rules her life" and seems to need no one -
"Would you stay if she promised you Heaven?" - maybe she does in fact have a hard time getting the right person to stay,and has to make them outlandish promises to keep their interest,because maybe she's actually more insecure than she appears to most -
"Taken by the sky(and wind)" - she may want to be loved but is afraid of losing her freedom,and taking to/taken by the sky symbolizes her strong desire for freedom and solitude.
Just my personal interpretation.

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Spellbound Lyrics 2 months ago
@[FakeLoveRemedy:37849] Siouxsie's dad was a French-speaking Walloon Belgian.

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Melt Lyrics 3 months ago
Just how I personally experienced/interpreted the song,I felt it was about constantly & vividly fantasizing about someone unattainable or even nonexistent,frequently masturbating while fantasizing about him,and the frustration at how the sexual bliss you believe you would have with them,as well as sexual bliss in general,is so out of reach.
The "melting man" means that he's only in her imagination and disappears or "melts" in reality.
"No time to breathe and yet one single breath leads to an insatiable desire" - being repressed,isolated,frustrated,with so much pent-up desire.
"Suicide in sex" - depression resulting from sexual frustration and not from sex itself.
"So many blazing orchids burning in your throat" - intense pent-up passion with no outlet or expression or fulfillment.
"Sigh in tiny deaths" - orgasm after orgasm but from masturbation only.
Just some of my own interpretation.

The Rolling Stones – You Can't Always Get What You Want Lyrics 4 months ago
@[punkdad:37148] You say the "dream" was dead...just what exactly was that dream anyway?

The Rolling Stones – You Can't Always Get What You Want Lyrics 4 months ago
The woman at the reception is crashing the wedding of the man she's in love with who jilted her and is marrying someone else. Her "connection" is someone she is buying explosives from. The "footloose man" at her feet is the dumb schmuck whom she conned the money from to buy the explosives and whom she used to crash the wedding.

The demonstration was where she went to seek out her connection in order to purchase explosives. As there was a "blowing up a 50-amp fuse" planned there,she knew someone there would have explosives.

The drug store is a reference to the fact that the woman at the reception,"Mr Jimmy"(her two-timing lover),her connection,and the footloose man are all drug abusers. Mr. Jimmy's use of the word "dead" symbolizes that he doesn't actually want to get married at the reception in the first place and fears a bad outcome.

In the last verse the woman at the reception has detonated the explosives bought from her connection with money from the footloose man. The footloose man is a casualty,and of course Mr. Jimmy is now literally "dead" as he eerily predicted earlier.

So the woman didn't get what she wanted(a happy ending with her lover),but damn it,it felt good to blow that reception up,so she got what she needed.

Yeah,I KNOW the real story behind the lyrics,I'm just making up a mad tale as I'm listening to the song and my imagination goes into overdrive at times.

R.E.M. – Welcome To The Occupation Lyrics 5 months ago
When this song came out in 1987 I was to young to know it had any sociopolitical associations or to really grasp most of the lyrics.I don't tend to think of big issues when listening to music,as songs tend to immediately tie me to personal memories.
I personally interpreted the phrase "welcome to the occupation" as sort of meaning welcome to your life,this is what you're dealing with through no fault of your own,etc,and "all your fallen heroes" as being about finding out the truth about people,famous or not famous,that you looked up to.So I tended to think of this song as being about loss of the innocence of youth,which it still reminds me of when I hear it now.

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Pulled To Bits Lyrics 11 months ago
The lyrics always sounded like a description of the "mob instinct",like a village of people in a past era turning on one individual(the one who is "pulled to bits")accused of something they likely aren't guilty of,but the fact that they're outnumbered sentences them to what sounds like a very brutal method of public execution.

"Tongues are clacking" obviously vicious gossip and judgement
"Words of one vision" accusations all agreed on,though nothing but words,but still powerful enough to condemn the individual
"One tiny incision" either the accused did do something,very minor,or the "incision" is inflicted upon them by their accusers
"Pulled to bits in silence" no one even says a word as the accused is violently killed
"Left rotting on the ground" their remains are left to decompose
"The mindless ones yapping/slashing through the thoroughfare" every ignorant person present participates in the execution,mindlessly following the mob

Just my interpretation.

Night Ranger – Sentimental Street Lyrics 1 year ago
Absolutely loved this song as a kid in 1985,and it always had a deep meaning for me.Beautiful,bittersweet and very underplayed song.

It sounded like someone who happens across someone from their past in a place that was important to them once("sentimental street") and sees that the person is behaving badly/has adopted some bad habits ("whatcha doin' out there,who ya tryin' to be?") that they,too,were once guilty of ("I know what you're thinkin' cause I've been there myself/I've been kicked so many times,I don't know nothing else").

The singer wishes there could be a reconciliation,but realizes that the other person is "having too much fun" now without them and too much has changed ("will you ever find out?Guess I'll leave that up to you").

"I've seen it before,it happens time and again/all cut up inside,yet you're caught in a spin" and "there ain't nothin' ever new" sounds like the singer has grown jaded and that there have likely been prior issues with the person they're singing about,or that similar things have happened with other people.

R.E.M. – Fall On Me Lyrics 3 years ago
I was very young when this song came out and I had it on 45rpm.I somehow interpreted it as the individual against the world(symbolized by the sky)and the cry of "don't fall on me" as someone downtrodden pleading with whatever was more powerful than them to stop dropping burden after burden on them.

"Lift your arms up to the sky,and ask the sky and ask the sky,don't fall on me"
- the isolated,alienated,voiceless individual literally pleading with something/someone in a powerful position to please not burden them anymore(I'd already been through too much s**t at 13).

"There's a progress;we have found a way to talk around the problem...note it's "around" the problem,not talk *about* it,in other words,avoid and ignore the issue at
hand and the suffering individual.

"I would keep it above,but then it wouldn't be sky anymore;so if I send it to you,you've got to promise to keep it whole"- the individual is making a futile attempt to use reason and logic and have a say,but they are still ignored.

Just my own interpretation.

Terry Reid – To Be Treated Lyrics 5 years ago
Not sure if all the lyrics are 100% correct,but to me this song has themes of betrayal, disillusionment, and how life seems both philosophical and meaningless at the same time,(hence why it was used in The Devil's Rejects):

"We are what we are when in danger,and we are as we stand head in hands" - to me these lyrics need little interpretation.We are stripped of all basic defenses when alone,scared and vulnerable,and reduced to our most primitive of instincts...and at our most weak with head in hands we have little,if any,defenses and are at our most desperate as well as our most resourceful.

"When a friend brings to light(life?)on a cold silver knife" - really powerful lyrics.Too often it is the one we thought was our most loyal friend who turns out to be the real enemy,or at least the false friend,which is much worse that a known enemy.Being betrayed by someone you believe is a friend and ally is far worse than any harm from an enemy.

"You can stare your fate right into his hands" - the shock and hurt of betrayal and dishonor.Staring at fate in the hands of someone you wrongly believed to be your friend,lover,ally,confidante,etc.

"Don't it seem so strange,how it just don't change" - speaks for itself.Either extreme you are pushed to by fate and circumstances,it's all the same,and you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.

"In the faith that everyone will be treated right" - could be interpreted as either hope that fairness will win out or acceptance that fate has its own way and we can only dream of better things.

Blink-182 – I Miss You Lyrics 5 years ago
I interpret the lyrics as someone having to admit and accept that someone whom they wanted to believe was their "ideal" or their rescuer,is exactly the opposite,and admit to themselves that they in fact knew all along.

The "angel from my nightmare" refers to how they convinced themselves the person was an angel/savior who would rescue them from the nightmare/dire situation they were trapped in;the "shadow in the background of the morgue" is the truth they tried to avoid about this person,yet was always there in the background,like a shadow,with the morgue being a metaphor for their own sad heart and/or psyche.The "unsuspecting victim" is the singer/narrator themselves.

"We can live like Jack and Sally if we want" and "Halloween on Christmas" is the narrator trying to tell both the "angel" and themselves that things can work out,that they can be together,even if the situation is not ideal."Where you can always find me" means they once gave their loyalty to the other person.

"Where are you,I'm so sorry I cannot sleep,I cannot dream tonight", "sick strange darkness", the reference to spiders, "indecision to call you,and hear your voice of treason",this is the narrator finally seeing the truth that they always knew."Don't waste your time on me;you're already the voice inside my head" is them finally telling their "angel" that they are through with them yet still can't get them out of their head.

The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses Lyrics 6 years ago
I first heard the Stones version as a teen in the late 1980s and have heard all the other versions and will just add my personal interpretation of the song.

"No sweeping exits or off stage lines could make me feel bitter,or treat you unkind"

No matter what differences or rivalries there may be,there is a loyalty to this particular person that others may not be afforded - the singer has perhaps been bitter toward some,and unkind at times,but there is one person he/she will never feel that bitterness to,no matter what(my own interpretation).

"I know I've dreamed you,a sin and a lie;
I have my freedom,but I don't have much time.
Faith has been broken;tears must be cried,
let's do some living after we die"

The singer has idealized both the person and the situation they have desired,and is aware of it.They are free of certain restraints and conventions but are growing older and time is catching up.The faith in the outcome they desired is fading,acceptance of fate and reality is imminent,and we are not getting any younger,damn it,so let's make the best of what time we may or may not have left.

Just my personal interpretation of this awesome song.

Hole – Doll Parts Lyrics 6 years ago
@[coykoi:6610] The 'female rivalry' could also indicate a rival who,though less doll-like or desirable,may be the one the guy eventually chooses,leading her to hate her own looks and maybe self-mutilate("it stands for knife" etc).

Hole – Doll Parts Lyrics 6 years ago
"Doll Parts" seems to me like a metaphor for someone who,despite how they may be desired and admired by others,is only going to be used,broken and discarded once the initial infatuation wears off.Just a pretty shell that everyone desires bur no one really loves or cares for;they just play with it for a while then toss it away.It's an accurate description of how so may people are at first praised and then used and cast aside,often for new "doll parts" which will be treated the same way.

"Yeah,they really want you,they really want you,they really do..." ...and then suddenly they don't want you,despite how they desired you at first.

"I love him so much,it just turns to hate"...sometimes the only way to deal with love that is no longer being returned is to start hating the one we actually love too much.

"I fake it so real I am beyond fake"...she does such a convincing job of pretending she isn't hurt/broken that it's hard to tell just how she really feels.

"Someday,you'll ache like I ache"...the last resort is just to desperately hope that one day the person who hurt you will hurt.

U2 – Trip Through Your Wires Lyrics 6 years ago
This seems like a not-so-deep song IMHO...a guy hasn't seen a woman in a while,she "wets his lips"(heh)and he's been dry(heh heh)so long he don't care if she's good or bad;by the end of the song("in the distance,she saw me coming 'round,I was calling out,I was calling out")he's either already moved on to the next one after another "dry" spell(for a man this could be only a few days or hours)or back to his old girlfriend-thingy etc etc...

Lana Del Rey – Shades of Cool Lyrics 6 years ago
I like to think this song is about a woman with a rather sketchy background who is in love with a cop(hence the "shades of blue" lyric).Despite the strong connection they have and all they have in common,they are from opposite worlds and can never really be together.The "drugs" she mentions aren't actual drugs,but a metaphor for the younger women he is attracted to(both the woman and man are 40something),the "can't fix/help him" refers to the fact that he lives on the edge,never sleeps,has anger issues,and is alone most of the time and his "strange weather" is his moodiness.He appears cold-hearted,but deep inside he isn't,and there is a part of him he keeps hidden away(I can't break through your world").
(Yes,I am applying my real life to the lyrics and music,as we all do :-))

The Velvet Underground – All Tomorrow's Parties Lyrics 6 years ago
Just my own personal interpretation...I first started listening to this song while writing a historical fiction story in which the central female character,a poor Welsh girl living London in the late 1600s,was still shunned by the acquaintances of her well-off English suitor regardless of how nice her clothes were,because of her background.It kind of became her "theme song" when I was writing.
Applying it to reality,how some of us will always be scorned even if we do have nice clothes,if they do outgrow their ugly-ducking phase and become a beauty,if they have success,etc,because sometimes a person's background or past will always be held against them.I always interpreted the "turns once more to Sunday's clown" as meaning that she will always end up alone,no matter how many paid attention to her at the party on Thursday night,she is alone once more come Sunday morning while all the "socially acceptable" girls are with their beaus or husbands.

Lana Del Rey – Sad Girl Lyrics 7 years ago
"Being a mistress/bad bitch on the side might not appeal much to fools like you"

She's making an attempt to ridicule wives,girlfriends,women who have a man who treats them right by acting the badass/"bad bitch" when the reality is the title of the song,she's a sad girl,a woman "on the side" who can just as easily be cast aside by the man she nonetheless is hopelessly in love with....very personal song to me,as are many of Lana's songs.

Lady GaGa – Bloody Mary Lyrics 7 years ago
"When you're gone,I'll still be Bloody Mary..."

Whenever a boyfriend,friend,acquaintance,whatever,leaves me and goes on to a happy life with someone else that is exactly how I feel...I'm still the misfit-social-outcast-disliked person once they're gone,back to being "Bloody Mary" once again as always.That's what that particular line means to me personally.

"He can't rewrite the agro of my furied heart..."

"Agro" translates as "bitter" one could rewrite the bitterness of my furied heart.

Just what the lyrics mean to me personally.

Keane – Somewhere Only We Know Lyrics 7 years ago
"I walked across an empty land,
I knew the pathway like the back of my hand"

Returning to a place(either geographically or metaphorically)that is very familiar,a place been to many times,yet now it seems barren and empty because so much time has passed,things have changed,and the feeling is more alone than ever

"Oh simple thing,where have you gone?
I'm getting old and I need something to rely on;
So tell me when you're gonna let me in;
I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin..."

The once-seemingly-simple ways that worked just don't suffice anymore.The situation is different;the singer is older,and tired of the same old ways over and over again never working out;something needs to change.The "Somewhere Only We Know" is a place,feeling,situation,etc,that he has in common with one other very special individual and he wants them to take this mutual feeling,etc,and make something lasting from it.

Kris Kristofferson – Epitaph (Black and Blue) Lyrics 7 years ago
I've read that he wrote this song about Janis Joplin,after being very despondent over her death and how no one realized how bad off she was.

The Allman Brothers Band – Melissa Lyrics 7 years ago
The "gypsy" always sounded to me like a man who is resigned to a certain way of life for whatever reasons yet carries a soft spot for a certain woman/girl.He can't change and isn't going to be a phony and pretend he can change,yet deep inside he has special feelings for "Melissa".

The Beatles – The Long and Winding Road Lyrics 7 years ago
One of the most beautiful and most timeless ballads ever.And one that can hold a deep personal meaning for each listener(in my opinion).

I always think of the 'door' as being somewhat symbolic of someone's heart and the long and winding road as both geographic and symbolic of the long road to gain or regain someone's trust(heart).The singer may have once held the other person's heart(door)or was on the road to doing so,but was 'left standing there',and through all their wanderings they are still 'led back' because despite the door(heart)being so hard to reach it was still the one door(heart)they knew would open to them.

'The wild and windy night
that the rain washed away
has left a pool of tears
crying for the day'
To me this symbolizes some turmoil or other that even once seemingly overcame has left an emptiness and need,that can only be filled by reaching the end of the long winding road and the door/heart though the singer is uncertain he/she will ever get there.The theme throughout the song is uncertainty,will the road ever finally end,and where?
Though definitely a love song,I feel it's very different than the typical love song in the sense that it's about finally knowing who you should be with yet the road there is still difficult.

Terry Reid – Seed Of Memory Lyrics 10 years ago
I interpret the lyrics as meaning that change(the winds of change that rearrange the county)is simply inevitable,and that since change cannot be avoided,that in the face of change,the change should "also sow a seed of memory",because although the past is gone,we should at least learn from it and try not to keep repeating it.I don't see it as either patriotic or anti-war,but a symbolic way of saying we humans have a tendency to repeat the bloody past,yet we keep changing,so in the face of inevitable change(which happens naturally),we should let the "winds of change" also "sow a seed of memory" that we can learn from.

Ozark Mountain Daredevils – Jackie Blue Lyrics 10 years ago
In my own interpretation:

"You'll take an inch but you'd love a mile"
She is trapped by her own insecurity,and wishes she had the nerve to take more chances to improve her seemingly empty life,and is very self-limiting.

"What's a game,girl,if you never lose
ask a winner,and you'll probably find,
Ooh Jackie,they've lost at sometime"
She is afraid of taking chances because she's afraid of losing,and the singer is trying to tell her that sometimes you have to lose a few times before success.

"Every day in your indigo eyes,
I watch the sun set but I don't see it rise"
She always seems to be at an ending,and never a new beginning,and appears very world-weary despite the fact that she is very inexperienced and insecure.

"You'd take the world but you won't take the time"
She wants everyone to think she has been there,done that,when in fact she just doesn't have the nerve and just won't take the time to allow life's experiences to happen to her.'Jackie Blue' is an anxious,insecure girl who is full of doubt and cynicism,and instead of risk losing or failure,she puts on a facade of being experienced and worldly,instead of earning and learning through experience.She expects things to happen too soon,and the singer is trying to tell her that it all takes time and sometimes you just have to fail a few times before you get it right.

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