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Kanye West – I Wonder Lyrics 7 years ago
Initially, Kanye intros himself, claiming he's been waiting for this (fame, fortune, a super-meaningful album) his whole. "These dreams be waking me up at night" refers to his constant strive for perfection, his "dreams" causing him to stay up late.

He then transitions to talking to a girl. She just had a fight with her boyfriend, but according to kanye, the fight was caused by her own frustration with her life, hence why she cannot remember what the issue was. She expected everything to work out perfect, but it hasn't. He reminds her that it only hasn't happened yet.

She runs back to her family, away from the independence and freedom she thought she wanted, and Kanye asks "do you wonder what it all really means". Does she wonder how she can want independence and yet still want her family?

He then goes back to himself "And i'm back on my grind". He wanted to represent his hometown of Chicago for a long time, and it has finally happened "7 o clock its primetime". Furthermore, he credits God with his success, and claims he was basically destined for this.

He ends by asking the ladies in the house(show, club, etc) who are invariably single (and independent) how they can be on "that independent shit", yet willing to "trade it all for a husband and some kids" (their own family). And if they really know what their true dreams are and if they will ever acheive them.

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