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The Menzingers – In Remission Lyrics 10 months ago
@[jefferson104:23286] Nice work! I would just add that my thought regarding 1918 was a World War 1 reference. We thought we could not sink lower as humanity but we keep reaching new lows as time moves forward.

The Gaslight Anthem – The Patient Ferris Wheel Lyrics 3 years ago
I think RockNRollOut has the verses and overall song interpretation covered very well.

For me, I have some different thoughts on the meaning of the chorus:

I'd never felt so strange
Standin' in the Jersey rain
Thinkin' about what an old man said / (Thinkin' about what my mother once said / Thinkin' about what Wiggs & Matty said)
Maybe I should call me an ambulance

Fallon's narrators and Fallon himself are quite contemplative. I imagine a man on the brink of a major life change here, thinking back to advice he's been given - from an old man (perhaps one with regrets and advice specific to his situation), his mother and, according to RockNRollOut, a couple of prophets in Wiggs and Matty. So he's thinking of advice he's been given, while factoring in his own dreams and his own fears - a sort of cognitive dissonance that can make one feel strange.
He feels strange enough that he thinks there may be something medically wrong with him and that he could be in need of medical care (calling an ambulance).

Have you ever made a choice with consequences that could not be reversed and there was a high probability of risk - yet if you don't take a chance you could be equally unfulfilled? Making a big choice - jumping off the precipice into the unknown - is enough to make someone feel crazy - leaving everything you've known, starting completely over, the kinds of things that could be on the mind of the couple who are enjoying a night at the carnival and hinting at leaving. He's considering the risks of escaping and knows if he doesn't, there is lost potential, like for the broken heroes at the bar, who now only have their regrets and missed opportunities to think back upon and drink to.

On a different level, every time I drive by the fair in the summer in my town I think of this song. There's something magical about being young and despite your troubles, enjoying the wires and lights of the Ferris wheel, with the night sky and stars beyond.

Bad Religion – Do What You Want Lyrics 4 years ago
Of note, Greg mispronounces the word "misanthropic."

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