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Nirvana – Something in the Way Lyrics 9 years ago
I think
Underneath the bridge
The tarp has sprung a leak

is literally, a bridge over troubled water.

and if you listen to the song that fits musically too, as the ending is in stark contrast to the first part of the song, and somewhat violent.


The album's title refers to the Wishkah River in Aberdeen, Washington, where Cobain claimed to have spent nights sleeping under the Young Street Bridge as a teenager (as referenced in the song "Something in the Way," from the band's 1991 release, Nevermind). This claim has since been refuted by Novoselic, who said, "He never lived under that bridge. He hung out there, but you couldn't live on those muddy banks, with the tide coming up and down. That was his own revisionism."[

Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime Lyrics 9 years ago
This song has sections demonstrating different types of ego's from circumstance, to narcisistic desire, to questioning the world and ones self presenting three alternative lifes, juxtoposed in a condinium. It also has religious elements (how did I get here, my God what have I done) etc... and quasireligious, after the money's gone. The rest of the song, mostly talking about the flow of water, possibly with an 'underground', subversive reference again could contrast a forth kind of underlieing ego, possibly a more natural one. I believe the religious and philisophical elements are tied up with the songs ending, "same as it ever was", indeed, if you read histoical texts it is the same as it ever was.

So I would say that this song is about various types of ego and their different perspectives in the world. The title, Once in a life time seems like semi humour to that regard.

Portishead – Glory Box Lyrics 9 years ago
I definatly thought this song was about emancipation and sufferage but more in relation to any group that is oppressed. Typically 'the man' is a referene to the governent or governance in general.

Boney M – Brown Girl In The Ring Lyrics 11 years ago
I met them when I was very very young, I was born in late 76. it was my favorite song when I was a year or two old.

Boney M – Brown Girl In The Ring Lyrics 11 years ago
sugar in a plumb ... sugar plumb 'FAIRY'... brown girl look fair.

Show me your motion

show me emotion....

Saturday (Saturn's day) is the day when the masters and slaves swap places.

Jamaica references (johnny cakes)

All had water run dry

sounds like
'holy water run dry' on the performances....

Nine Inch Nails – Self Destruction, Final Lyrics 11 years ago
also other errors in translation.
needle should read need all... to match the lines shortly afterwards.

I am the need you have for more

Nine Inch Nails – Self Destruction, Final Lyrics 11 years ago
obviously not one to ever speak religions message clear, Trent appears to have made a few grammatical errors along the way.
Mr. Self; destruct. is obviously an order to Mr Self.

Inversion on the self, I you yada yada.

I believe that this was last listen to on an iTunes shortly followed by not allowing some other thing that was a bit similar on iTunes for.... reasons apparently.

Saul Williams – Coded Language Lyrics 11 years ago
Ok there are some things you can break down in this (decode), and there are a few different versions around (a change in the face of the unchanging), similar to perfect day which people complain that it's always done badly live and changed. Saul also worked with trent reznor. The song Hurt by Trent fits quite well with 'perfect day' and to decode hurt look for the original video (with snakes and bombs etc.. in it), look at the history of the the downward spiral album (a helter skelter is a downward spiral). Then, for instance, replace the word I with the word Ego or the name of a gilled lover. Ok, so that's a bit of language decoding explained.

song says,
change in the face of unchanging,
parallel the truth,
mentions changing hip-hop beat by some amount up and down etc...
This relates to the scientific process or triangulation.

The thing about the future re-presenting the present, you could poetetly express as
Let tomorrow be like today,
Not some time to come, but a time to be.
Some say the live each day as your last and a call for hedonism, but on your dying day, your dying words would you not seek to give everything away, to make amends for your sins etc....

3 (triangulation) comes up later, as well as change.
This time the reference is one of work and survival and also of servitude and bondage, dependency through labour and the change creates instruments for music and enjoyment. Also the loafs and fishes from the bible.

What truth does that parallel.

Although music is given in a general way as the answer later on other crafts and arts etc.. are mentioned.

"today we are determined to be the channelers of these changing frequencies
into songs, paintings, writings, dance, drama, photography, carpentry,
crafts, love, and love."

"Every per-son as beings of sound to acknowledge their responsibility to
uplift the consciousness of the entire fucking World."

per means of the
son is child of man.
person in latin means mask.

to impersonate someone is to put someone in character (or in writing)

a person is a legal entity that represents yourself as a company, it is the name you are given not the name you choose. It is the name and the company that laws apply to (man made laws).

Your rights and duties come under common law, you natural rights as man, not a person. not the name that was given to you by your parents and exchanged for a certificate of ownership with the government.

statute law is actually maritime law, the law of the sea, navel law.
This may relate to the line:
'We are unraveling our navels so that we may ingest the sun'

Sun could be son, with the other Christian religious references.

Equate rhyme with reason, sun/son with season.

could relate to Christmas and other 'Christian' festivals being seasonal.
The bible says things like 'God is within you' some interpret the bible as being Christianity is to Judaism as Buddhism is to Hindu. And that Christianity is a form of social protest in coded language, saying that God is not some supernatural being, but god is metamorphic for the truth and evil for lies and those who speak with with the forked tongue of the reptile, the snake, those who lie and speak good and evil, manipulated even into eating the apple, when before it was all good and there was evening and morning and another day. There was no darkness, let the mood guide us.

That's my partial decoding, have fun.

Jesus was a baby and her dyper was wet. The lamb is the innocent the innocent beast, the mark of the best, the wolf in sheep's clothing. Let no man buy nor sell least he have that mark.

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