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Hozier – Jackie and Wilson Lyrics 4 years ago
@[teaspill:3550] I agree with much of what you have said however, I totally think you missed the mark on the symbolism involving the black irises. The Iris, meaning rainbow and named after the Greek Goddess, has multiple meanings that have been attached to it through the ages. The most likely reference in this case is the Egyptian symbolism attached to the flower (with the references to Isis and Osiris present in the song.) They believed the flower represented life and resurrection from death, physical and spiritual. This fits perfectly with the song's lyrics and the Isis/Osiris mythology.

Spoon – Out Go The Lights Lyrics 8 years ago
I do not see it as being about a boxer. Instead Daniel seems to be using a boxing metaphor here to refer to her beauty. "One-two punch" and "outgo the lights" seem to be a reference to a KO. In other words "she's a knockout"

The Lonely Forest – Tomato Soup Lyrics 8 years ago
I'm positively sure Elisechristine and kapo1488 are right. The 3rd stanza does it for me as the tip off that this song is absolutely about the struggle of addiction. "My hands shake at the possibility of using" is pretty straightforward. He's thinking of using again. The next line "But I know I must remember who I am, and what it took to realize I can't win this alone," he is addressing that that is not who he wants to be and what it takes to win this struggle.

When I was introduced to The Lonely Forest, I was also made aware of John Van Deusen's battle with heroin. Kapo1488 you were absolutely on the right track.

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