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Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock Lyrics 11 years ago
"Little Joe was blowin on the slide trombone"...I bet he was

Funny how old people are always talking about how disgusting today's lyrics are - yet they get up and dance and sing along to this very disturbing Homosexual Prison Gang Bang song....cracks me up!

I bet the "purple" gang had a blast!...LOL

Coldplay – Yellow Lyrics 11 years ago
OK, I just had to join this site, because I happened to be curious about the meaning of this song. I read through a bunch of explanations but nobody seemed even close to accurate. So I decided to try to figure it out myself and I believe I have it. So here it is:

It is about a father whose daughter is dying in a hospital bed and he is about to the pull the plug on her.

He is singing a little song to her at the beginning "look at the stars etc.." The little girl's favorite color is yellow.

Her little body is emaciated from her disease, down to skin and bones (yellowish skin). It is about to turn to 'something beautiful' because soon she will be angel once he pulls the plug.

He has done everything to try to save her, ie swam across, jumped across. Now he is forced to draw a line and make the difficult decision (could also refer to flat line on the heart monitor). He would even bleed himself dry for her if a blood transfusion could only save her.

He feels 'yellow' inside - cowardly, hopeless; all his attempts to save her are 'yellow' - futile.

As she dies in the closing verses, the father continues to sing her the lullaby "look how they shine for you".

I actually broke down and cried once I had pieced this all together.

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