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Sylosis – After Lifeless Years Lyrics 6 years ago
I can't stop listening to this. Incredible

The Amity Affliction – Pabst Blue Ribbon On Ice Lyrics 6 years ago
"If my eyes are the oceans that put your head in the clouds then your heart is the reason I keep my feet on the ground"

Brilliant. Joel's writing just floors me.

New Found Glory – 47 Lyrics 8 years ago
Guy likes girl. Girl is still hurt from a previous relationship and not fully able to commit, even though he's ideal for her ("You tell me, You've never fell so hard for an obvious candidate"). Boy tries and tries to be with this girl, but to no avail[the calling 46 times]. By the time the girl realizes she wants to be with this boy, its too late. He's given up. [she finally answers the 47th time, but hes no longer there to make the calls].

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