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Café Tacuba – verde Lyrics 7 years ago
Esta es la segunda parte de la historia. Si no la has escuchado - ve y escucha "pez" primero.

Esta se trata de que ya a muerto el pez se convierte en desperdicio del mundo. Los otros animales se lo comen y despues ellos se mueren (como la cancion de el ciclon). Ahora de nuevo empieza la cancion de pez porque otra vez a regresado el mismo pez. :D que bonito.

Café Tacuba – Trópico De Cáncer Lyrics 7 years ago
Es obvio lo que quiere decir esta cancion. Salvador (que buen nombre, por que quiere salvar la naturaleza) ya se quiere ir de la industria por que ve lo que le pasa al mundo. Se me hace que Salvador es un Indio.

Tay Zonday – Chocolate Rain Lyrics 7 years ago
I read somewhere that Tay said it was about deep racism.

System of a Down – Toxicity Lyrics 8 years ago
In my opinion you hit it right on the head. I think what he is trying to say is that the world we are living in is between the real world and the fake one (internet, technology). The ending stanza ("When I became the sun I shone life into the man's heart") is perhaps referring to Plato's allegory of the cave. Which somewhat follows the same theme of this song. Actually the more I think about it, it really follows along the same lines. ("More wood for their fires, loud neighbors") The puppeteers in Plato's story use the fire to create shadows which create, in it's entirety, the people's (our own?) reality. And all people do is sit there and eat seeds (maybe popcorn?) and enjoy the show.

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