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Three Days Grace – Pain Lyrics 8 years ago
I love this song. When I first heard this song on so many AMVs, it got annoying. But when I bought the CD and listned to it a bit later, it made me fall inlove with it. It doesn't get old to me. lol

Anyway, this song seems like it can have a bunch of meanings... I've come up with about two or three meanings.
I was just sitting there listening to the music and tried finding some meanings for it and I've come up with some... some are more sensible than the other.

1. He's singing to someone, about how terrible his life is and for them to see how terrible it is. I get this idea from the lines "This life, is filled with hurt. Where happiness doesn't work." Also how he goes on and on about how he can't get enough of pain.

2. I think it could also be him using someone for sex for his own reason... though it wouldn't make that much sense. I only got this idea from the lines "Pain, without love", "When the lights go off you will understand", "That I'm here to save you", "I'm always here for you", and "That you'll thank me later." Just a thought.... I could be terribly wrong. lol

3. He could be encouraging someone to enjoy being in pain. The fact he stated that the person is sick of being numb and saying he'll take their hand and show them a place they'll understand makes it seem like he's going to try making them like pain, or at least see how it feel.

Just my thoughts o.o ...

Katy Perry – Firework Lyrics 8 years ago
Nobody have really tried saying what the song may be saying? >< Though, of course, it's really obvious. To me, it's telling people who have low self-esteem or feeling in a bad mood, to see how much of a great person they really are as theirselves and they are not like everyone else; they are their own person and should be proud of it. If only everyone felt that way naturally...

Amazing song; I love it a lot.

Three Days Grace – Bully Lyrics 8 years ago
This song is so addicting; I can't stop replaying it, and I think I can really relate to the girl's side of the story. But it's also a very heart breaking song to hear, if you understand it.

Most people's explanation for the lyrics sounds like it could be correct, but reading the lyrics, the lines gave me thoughts of what both stories in this song is trying to say in my own opinion.

The lines "But today the screaming is over" makes it sound like the boy commited suicide. ("screaming is over" makes it sound like the boy dont have to scream from being bullied anymore by killing himself)

For the girl, "When she loses her temper" and "But tonight the silence is over" makes it sound like she murdered everyone in the school/the people who bullied her. ("silence is over" makes it sound like a lot of people are screaming from being murdered)

I only base this on the choice of words. How the boy sounded more depressed and tormented with the torture, so he wanted to just end his life to stop himself from getting bullied. As for the girl, she sounded more irritated than the boy did, so she sounded more like she'd kill the people who messed with her. Of course, it could go either way (boy kills, girl suicides, or they both do the same thing), but this is only my opinion.
The song seems more like it's tryng to show the two negative effects of somebody being bullied, either suicide or kill.

As for the lines "Blame the family, Blame the bully, Blame it on me", I'd have to agree with both BROkENandFALLInG and slomifier. As slomifier said, everyone gets the blame except for the victim/one who's bullied. But the line "blame it on me", as BROkENandFALLInG stated, some adults/parents blame music for what their kids do so the artist must really be refering to himself.

Im not completely sure if I'm correct, but like I said, it's only what I think.

From First to Last – Ride The Wings Of Pestilence Lyrics 8 years ago
This song is pretty straight forward of what it means. lol
I love the song, nonetheless; no matter how demented it is. ;)

Three Days Grace – Break Lyrics 8 years ago
Wow, reading all these comments, my original thought of the meaning is now, sadly, crushed. I thought it was suppose to lift people's spirits, encouraging others to make their life better if they're feeling as if it's not going right. But hearing about all this drug usage.... why do I feel disappointed >_>
None the less, I love this song a lot. It still gets me feeling better.

The Used – Burning Down the House (Talking Heads cover) Lyrics 8 years ago
I love this song; it seems so pumping.
At first, listening to the song (without reading the lyrics), it sounded as if a violent fight was going on, or something. But now that I'm reading these lyrics... it sounds kinda sex related. Maybe I'm just thinking too much.. what do you guys think?

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