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Daughter – Love Lyrics 7 years ago
this song makes me weep.
she sings it so tragic.
ive always been that girl that guys leave behind and i have lived these lyrics,my thoughts have thought this.those questions i have silently asked them.
i feel like this song was made up after she saw him with the other girl.she starts to ponder these questions.she starts to feel weak and "bleed from the inside"
of course these questions will never be answered.

Daughter – Landfill Lyrics 7 years ago
to me when shes telling him leave me there, toss me aside.
it progresses to her saying it oh yeah you used me, you got everything you wanted for why dont you just throw me away, c'mon do it tough man walk away.wipe your hands clean.
i dont think he treated horribly well i mean i think he treated her like she was nothing, he was indifferent to her.
everyone has been in that position were you still want that person so badly, your body aches for their touch but you hate them, you hate what theyve done to you for what youve became because of them.

Daughter – In the Shallows Lyrics 7 years ago
to me this songs sounds so bittersweet.
its the point in the relationship whether you can go through the crap or you can let it ruin you guys.
i think she wants him to stay a bit longer but she has determined that she will leave.
she just wants a few more minutes with him.
i think.

Daughter – Home Lyrics 7 years ago
lyrics are pretty clear.
def happened to me before.
shes drunk,causing accidents.hes there but she cant call him a friend or anything.hes nothing a stranger.she needs to be more confident in herself,shes probably looking at him from afar,with big dopey eyes begging him to taker her home.
she doesnt stand a chance by his presence. she turns into mush whenever hes around. but he doesnt care for her anymore.old flames should never re-ignite too much history. but she wants differently with him.she wants him quite badly.
hes getting closer to her.shes nervous, shes a wreck. she wants him. she needs him.shes begging him to take her home without saying a word.
ive def been in this position, where no words are spoken to each other but youre looking at the other person, wishing and hoping theyll take you home. to rekindle the fire again.
they never do take you home though

Daughter – Candles Lyrics 7 years ago
this song is so beautiful, I feel her pain.
To me this song is about a girl being used by a boy.
she cant even call him her lover because in reality shes just the girl that was there filling up space, just a one time use. she is naive and she fell in love.he killed her [well her heart]
in the first verse. it says to me that this boy she was captivated by him, he took her from everything and she would have done everything for him [sexually]but shes scared that this boy with such and innocent and common name/face is really a snarly sly boy that will tear her apart.
chorus. "to blw out all the candles" could be a reference to just go for it, to just have sex with him. youre old, no need for all of the she stays the night.she might be old but shes naive and easily trust she listened to her heart when she should have listened to her mind.shes wide-eyed staring at him and wide-eyed knowing that she just let him kill her heart.
second. this is when she regrets it. in reality shes fragile, she figured out that her dreams of him and her being together are torched, but she cant speak up for that dream, she cant say that she wanted him to be with her, so her thoughts&dreams are kept a secret from him.she cant reverse it so she must learn from him.
chorus.same. never be his lover, she was just there for a moment, heat of the moment. she was company for him.
just my opinion.. i think this song is marvelous though

Death Cab for Cutie – Tiny Vessels Lyrics 8 years ago
this song hits home to me with a guy that i see.
it starts with him realizing he doesnt care anything about her.
that line "you touch her skin..." i dont think it means having sex..i think it means right when he touches her {not in a sexual way;just puts his hand on her face or shoulder} he realizes that yeah shes beautiful but so what i dont care about her.
i think this song is amazing, its like he knows that when he saw her he knew she was beautiful but it would never amount to anything.yet i dont think its a one night stand i just think that he wasnt that into her.he just didnt have that chemistry with her,and after it was all done he didnt even want to have sex with her...

Anya Marina – Satellite Heart Lyrics 8 years ago
def a amazing song.
to me this is about a girl totally falling in love with a guy that isnt right for her.
i think that the first verse is people telling the guy that this girl is way too pretty shes amazing and she has great qualities to offer,so whats the matter with him.
the second verse is how the guy doesnt really care about her.hes partying having a good time.getting with all the girls and hanging out with his boys.
then the chorus is her saying that she loves him,she cant explain it she just does.she'll be loyal to him no matter what.
the verse after that kinda solidifies that hes doing his own thing not caring about her feelings. shes basically going crazy over him

Kele Okereke – Everything You Wanted Lyrics 8 years ago
i LOVE this song...
its pretty direct, so the meaning is pretty understandable

The XX – Islands Lyrics 8 years ago
i always thought this song was sad that shes kinda settling with this guy.
i always took it at her being sad beacuse shes tied down that this relationship isnt as amazing as everyone thinks but she cant leave because shes scared of being alone so shes stuck. they were probably together for awhile,so she cant leave or shes scared to leave.

Mstrkrft – Heartbreaker Lyrics 8 years ago
i LOVE this song!!!!

def about a heartbreaker/player.
totally can relate.
you first meet them its awesome always having a good time.
than you find out he has another/several girls hes hooking up with.
totally sucks shit.
but even though its over,you still want them back.i think the person broke up with the cheater.
all your friends told you what would happen but you went in anyways.
such an awesome song.

The Kooks – Already Miss You Lyrics 8 years ago
i love this song.its sad.

most people are saying its a recent breakup but i dont think it is.
i think some time has passed by and hes remmebering this girl.
they must have had a very turbulous relationship.
if shes still bitter about it&if he still misses her.
the line "now im little older theres so much to you id like to say"
just kinda gave me the impression that hes older and he still wants to tell her things

The Kooks – Naive Lyrics 8 years ago
everyone is saying shes cheating. but i think that the relationship is over already. he does miss her and he partly blames her for the relationship to be over.i think shes moved on but she was still playing with his head.she was playing mind games. i also think that shes kind of a slut. in the video it looks like she does sexual things to gain intimacy and when he sings "oh your so naive yet so" maybe hes saying these guys are all using you,your being naive yet he still falls for her every single time. i dont think that the girl is bad or a slut i think she means well she wants the intimacy as quick as possible.

Stars – Your Ex-Lover Is Dead Lyrics 8 years ago
awesome song.
i think its about two people who were possibly dating or just sexual encounters.but they were close to actually having "relationship". the first verse makes me laugh just because i was kinda in a position like that i went to a job interview and there was my ex.we had to pretend like we didnt know each other and we had no past. that introsuction sparks everything.they both start remmbering the almost relationship that they could had had.when the girl sings to me its like shes saying "hey yeah you were a big deal i almost loved you i could have loved you and it hurt it hurt badly but i got over it.i realized im not a glass doll shit ends it hurts than you get over sure youll forget&ill forget too." at the end its like their saying their not sorry for how it all played out.even if it did end badly..... definitly my fav song,when i hear it it just brings me back to bittersweet memories and make me realize that all these ex you have will all forget about you&these people that you were close to are now complete strangers.

Lykke Li – Possibility Lyrics 8 years ago
this song is sad,i personally think its about being in a relationship that is new but your starting to catch deep feelings for him,than he dissapears he takes your heart like a thieve. and you still think of all the possibilitys that could have been with that person if he would have just picked you not his ex of forever years that they treat each other like crap. :[

Lykke Li – Until We Bleed Lyrics 8 years ago
first of let me start out by saying this song is ahhmmazing!!!

I'm naked
I'm numb
I'm stupid
I'm staying
And if Cupid's got a gun
Then he's shootin'
[what i think this is you know when your in a something wheter its friends with benefits or whatever after you have sex with them.your naked, your numb;you know when your in that parasite relationship after sex its like your numb because you know your not soppused to get feelings for them other than phsycally so you try so hard to feel stupid,im staying basically means you know that your making a stupid decision but your staying.the last lines just mean that you basically bitten by the love bug HARD]sometimes i also think that like when your in bed&you know that person just wanted sex but you want to stay with him and feel that intimacy not just sex.
Lights black
Heads bang
You're my drug
We live it
You're drunk, you need it
Real love, I'll give it
[to me this is when your going to have ex,the light are turned off ,your heads bang which could mean like being physically close to someone.the your my drug we live it means what it say.she needs him .the drunk part is he needs to be drunk just to be with her.i once was in a relationship with a guy that everytime we did anything intimate he had to drink later on i found oout he was still into hiis ex.her saying real love ill give it means ill give you that geniune love.ill be her.]
So we're bound to linger on
We drink the fatal drop
Then love until we bleed
Then fall apart in parts
[this means that their both going to be there with each other no matter if hes their for sex only and she actually cares about him.the second line i think is that theyll have sex again no matter how they feel afterwards than after all of is done theyll go on feeling like shit for their own reasons]
You wasted your times
On my heart
You've burned
And if bridges gotta fall
Then you'll fall too
[he chosed his ex so he wasted his time on the girl he was having sex with ,shes saying thath you def hurt mw and if you pick her than were done this relationship is done you cant come back,and at the end you will fall beacuse you know you shouldnt be with her]
Doors slam
Lights black
You're gone
Come back
Stay gone
Stay clean
I need you to need me
[hes leaving shes begging him not to go,to stay with her,to need her not the other girl.i think her saying stay gone stay clean meaning at first she was like dont leve me than actually keave but dont come back hope you can not come back to me than she begged him agin to stay]
the rest just i think is her saying youll come back,shes not right for you,you know it. but it all k=just fallas all over agin because his ex wil never leave her.

Lykke Li – Time Flies Lyrics 9 years ago
I think this song is about her being scared of commitment.
how sometimes a person gets distant the more they care about a certain person.

the beginning i think shes saying that she wants to stay with him, she wants to be with him because shes intrigued with him, she might even love him so she wants to explore this feeling.

then the next verse hes sensing her pulling away so he tells her "dont leave" hes begging her to stay.

the chorus i think is everything she feels. how she loves him but yet she scared to get close so she walks on.

then the third verse they both have their fingers crossed that she wont go,shell stay. but she knows that her time to leave is coming he begs her to stay.

and i think in the end she decides that its too much, she walks on.

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