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The Gaslight Anthem – Wherefore Art Thou, Elvis? Lyrics 4 years ago
This is just a great song. It's about a guy and a broken relationship. But it's one of the best songs about this stuff I ever saw.

The Planet Smashers – Pee In The Elevator Lyrics 8 years ago
Reminds me of my friend's house. Only no elevator, so no peeing in them.

The Magnetic Fields – Falling In Love With The Wolfboy Lyrics 8 years ago
I kind of think this one's pretty damn obvious. It's two people, falling in love with a werewolf....

Unless you want to put a deeper meaning to it, it's you, a psycho trollop in paisley and a werewolf all falling in love. Voi la.

In short though, this is an excellent song, and a classic. The Magnetic Fields are absolute awesomeness.

Tattle Tale – Glass Vase Cello Case Lyrics 9 years ago
It's definitely about love. No denying that.

And I'm a fan of anything involving cellos.

Daft, I think you're on the mark.

Tattle Tale – A Girl's Toolbox Lyrics 9 years ago
I kind of think this one is pretty self-explanatory.

It's a girl basically saying "Ok. You can stay with me. I'll love you. But you're not the nail that holds my world together."

I've got a wrench
I've got a screw.
I've got a hammer but the nail isn't you.

Self-explanatory, yes?

The Mountain Goats – Age of Kings Lyrics 10 years ago
Ok. Maybe I'm totally wrong here, but this song makes me think of someone who has found the one person for him, and then lost that person again. And the part about feeling like God's annointed when the person didn't push him away makes me think the narrator of the song has a large case of self-loathing.

But anyhow, he lost this person and now he's regretting it. I don't think the person died, really. I think maybe what happened was he didn't show them how much he truly cared, so they didn't know they wre his soulmate (As much as that word totally makes me gag)

But now he's looking back on it like one looks on a forgotten age. He's locked out the regrets, locked it out of his mind, but they're closing in, "The wolves in the hall"

And I think he's looking back at this whole relationship and wishing he'd told the person that he cared as much as he did.. "Something that was true."

And he won't get them back, Sword stuck into waiting stone...

Anyhow, just my two cents.

Suzanne Vega – Small Blue Thing Lyrics 11 years ago
It could be about love...But like everyone else, I have my own interpretation.

I think it's more likely about surviving abuse, particularly the numb, detached feeling a lot of abuse survivors get. And the lines about scattering down in pieces could very well be about when that numbness breaks apart and you feel the pain again.

Also, the part about "My knees against my mouth, I am perfectly round" makes me also think this because you curl up.

Vampire Weekend – White Sky Lyrics 11 years ago
Not dissing your interpretation by any means, but where on earth do you see it's about cocaine, except for that mirrors line?

R.E.M. – Hope Lyrics 11 years ago
I agree with the person up there who said Matthew was probably a reference to the apostle Matthew. Mayb. *Shrug* It's an amazing song though. Now I should go dig up that Cohen song.

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