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Maroon 5 – Maps Lyrics 11 months ago
@[rich:29544] saiud Maybe she keeps coming back when she needs him, just never reciprocating

Kygo – Stargazing Lyrics 11 months ago
I know the video shows a kid longing for his father but the lyrics IMHO are more relevant to romantic love gone awry. Saying "Burns half as long when it's twice as bright" it sounds like it was a particularly passionate love and ended up in conflict. "I'm trying to save us, you don't wanna save us" - one person really wants to fix things while the other doesn't. The singer keeps saying let's not give up and say it's hopeless, we can decide for ourselves rather than blame human nature.

Very sad song! Was listening to this at New Year's Eve looking at stars and fireworks while missing someone very much (someone who's also into stargazing, ironically). It seems more hopeless day by day so not sure how much longer I'll still be here stargazing after this one; maybe some stars do disappear :(

Coeur de Pirate – Drapeau Blanc Lyrics 1 year ago
Clearly she's missing someone a lot. I wonder what the confrontations and "invalid ways" were - was it an affair? Would also explain the "luring on voyages". Beautiful song either way, many melancholy nostalgic feelings...

Link to English translations:

Low – When You Walked Lyrics 1 year ago
I've always made the biggest leaps of learning about myself from breakups. This song is very relevant to me right now. Someone rejecting you really does put you in your place but after a while, you'll be smiling since you've been on a journey of self-discovery like no other :) And yes, I'll go on without looking back. I might come back like I never left, but only if the other person's learned about themselves too ;)

Europe – Forever Traveling Lyrics 1 year ago
"under the golden gate, in the city by the bay" - San Francisco!

I do wonder if the song's really about traveling or something else

Europe – Always The Pretenders Lyrics 1 year ago
@[hronos:27434] What was said in the phone call? :o

Snow Patrol – Run Lyrics 1 year ago
@[beni_ffaf:27349] @[pandaeyes:27350] Logged in just to upvote your comment! Such a beautiful detailed breakdown of the meaning :) Can totally relate!

Bastille – Things We Lost in the Fire Lyrics 1 year ago
@[michaelw90:26117] Or it didn't even get that far but one of the friends started having feelings for the other, which caused the other friend to distance themselves. And they will never be the same again...

Happened to me twice >.<

Rise Against – Little Boxes (Malvina Reynolds cover) Lyrics 2 years ago
@[stayfluffy:22097] But are they saying we're all the same or that society puts us into boxes to make us all the same? Could they be saying we could all be unique if given the chance?

I also like how well rounded it is, all in 1:29!

Rise Against – Hero of War Lyrics 2 years ago
@[lanks:22059] That makes the most sense, to refer to the flag that was just mentioned in the previous verse. And this twist makes the ending chorus so incredibly powerful, how the flag allegiance has changed from a nation flag to a flag of peace. ;_;

Rise Against – Hero of War Lyrics 2 years ago
@[locke107:22058] Wow, it's almost as if the song was recounting your personal experience. The last line actually seems to be referring to the white flag, so the soldier in the song seems to have dropped all love for the American flag. Maybe he became an advocate for peace instead, in hopes of ending the cycle of violence. Don't know how much that happens in reality though - as you say, it's more compelling for sanity to keep clinging to the old ideals.

Bastille – Pompeii Lyrics 5 years ago
The irony that this is often played on radio when I'm at (my unfulfilling) work :/

September Malevolence – I Shut The Doors And Windows Lyrics 5 years ago
This reminds me of all the times I return to my "home" country and how foreign it suddenly seems. Lost touch with old friends. Place still looks the same but doesn't mean the same and I feel I should be moving on.

Not sure if that's what was intended :)

Levellers – Leave This Town Lyrics 6 years ago
Can quite relate to this. Your hometown tends to feel comfortable and familiar but then you want to go and see the world too. But often don't dare to.

In this song, it sounds like one person went to follow their dreams and the other one didn't :(

Globus – Europa Lyrics 6 years ago
I'm afraid you're right here. It would be a very epic song if they hadn't written the lyrics like that. BTW dispossessed doesn't necessarily mean "thrown out" but also "deprived of possessions" which could refer to wars for oil in the Middle East (but that's largely US war, not Europe's!) Nevertheless, dropping a bomb to end a fight is just...a completely wrong idea :/

Levellers – Captains' Courageous Lyrics 6 years ago
All the things in the world you could do, and yet some mornings you feel like you can't be bothered to do any of it. Procrastination song. Kind of sad when you think about it cuz there's so many wonders out there to explore :)

Pain of Salvation – The Deeper Cut Lyrics 6 years ago
Cathartic. Very much explains why the band is called Pain of Salvation. That time you've been dreading and trying to avoid, when it all gets so bad it can't get any worse. And then it's all uphill from there once you've survived :)

Been there, survived, learned, now loving life <3

Pain of Salvation – Sisters Lyrics 6 years ago
I wonder, if the wife is alive and with him, why would he crave someone similar to her so much?

"And she walks like you
And she smiles almost like you
A child of the wild just like you"

Sounds like he's looking to replace someone he lost, even if the sister is only "almost" like her.

But then the "waste of life" wouldn't make much sense, unless he feels he'd be dishonoring his wife's memory. I dunno! :)

Levellers – Wake The World Lyrics 6 years ago
Another activist pep song :) I think the "selfish babylon" is saying how people can't reach an agreement (like speaking different languages) and allow the world to go downhill without acting. Many believe the lies they hear and are too comfortable to do anything so we gotta do what we can to wake the world ;)

Levellers – Carry Me Lyrics 6 years ago
Considering the number of people mentioned, I'd guess it's a larger group than a band. It sounds to me like an activist group finding it hard to stick to their cause. It's pretty hard to live knowing all the shit that's going on in the world, so depression and suicide are common. Some try to escape (by doing drugs). A few hope to change the system from within by forming a party (Greens?)

It also says "mad land" (the world right now) and that there's a long way to go. We can only get there if we stick together and support each other. Cuz it's not easy to fight against a system and impossible to do it alone.

Levellers – Far Away Lyrics 6 years ago
Don't worry if the world you're living in ain't that great because everything changes. Your dreams may seem far away but they're really close at hand. Bad times are there to lead to good times :)

Alcest – Faiseurs de Mondes Lyrics 7 years ago
"The reality that surrounds us is what you have chosen it to be"

Not sure whether it means the real world or dreamworld but a beautiful thought nevertheless. We are the makers of our own worlds :)

Levellers – Maid Of The River Lyrics 7 years ago
What people are doing to the Earth. How they consider it their personal property (hence the lines about market and price in gold) and use the land for their selfish needs, leaving it "barren and cold", "burned to the ground".

Levellers – Four Winds Lyrics 7 years ago
Not exactly sure what this one is about. Seems like unhappiness year round (first verse) and also from year to year ("I find no comfort here // No not in this, or any other year"). Music and marching sounds like war - that the only music left is war tunes.

The part with the stranger I think shows how they don't even know what they're doing (could also refer to the general state of the world), what are they trying to achieve, but they keep doing the same they've done, not trying to change anything ("If you don't mind, I'll just keep going").

Beautiful song :)

Sonata Arctica – Paid in Full Lyrics 8 years ago
This song reminds me of my own tale where I became too dependent on one person, constantly needing attention from him, instead of being strong on my own ("yet I was always too weak"). When he finally ended it, I felt it *was* hard for me to love myself, having been that way.

Then I began to "understand me", learned to love myself and need him less, yet love him more ("I need you less and less every day Yet I've grown to love you even more").

And yes, Love can grow from the last grain :)

So I think this song is trying to say that in order to love someone, you must first learn to love yourself ;)

Shinedown – Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom) Lyrics 8 years ago
Anyone got a clue what the "diamond eyes" stand for?

Biffy Clyro – God and Satan Lyrics 9 years ago
Hehe, I once had a looooooong debate with a religious friend about whether an all-knowing all-powerful and GOOD God can exist. I insisted that such a God wouldn't create a world where some suffer and some swim in luxury with little or no effort (think spoiled kids of rich rulers). He insisted that I'm placing too much importance on worldly matters and in the big picture, my worries are insignificant. We ended the discussion without reaching common ground but this is just a matter of belief anyway :)

So yes, this song reminds me of that big question. "I'm just a twisted guy" probably refers to the whole chaos of mankind where some people are kind and some abuse others, while this whole thing is supposed to be a miracle/pinnacle. However, some people think the evil side doesn't matter if we only stay positive ("Only see your good side and believe it's a miracle")

Poets Of The Fall – You're Still Here Lyrics 9 years ago
The passing of the four seasons and "You're still here", probably refers to a long-lasting relationship and how he's happy that they've stayed together through the years.

Mercury "dancing in its skyscraper cell" is probably a metaphor for a thermometer, "rising and falling" as the seasons change. Interesting way to say it ;)

Poets Of The Fall – War Lyrics 9 years ago
I think it isn't literally about war, but the battles we fight every day. Life is hard, "With no-one wearing their real face" - lots of lies and deceit, "shedding every value our mothers taught". But love gives our lives meaning, something to fight for. "You gave me a reason to try", "And we fought to believe the impossible" - the impossible probably being that everyone in the world would love each other. Which is easier to strive for when you got someone "by your side on the frontlines" who you can trust - "So will you please show me your real face".

Poets Of The Fall – More Lyrics 9 years ago
Yup, it's about how material things can never fully satisfy anyone. People may think it brings them happiness but it's because they don't know what really matters in life: "cos I'm not sure
What I really wanted, so all I want is more"

Poets Of The Fall – Clevermind Lyrics 9 years ago
I agree that it's about a lost relationship. The person keeps thinking of what they could have done to fix it ("words that might have warmed December", "forever now unsaid"). They think they'd have "earned a chance or few" but there's nothing more they can do. Their inner voice is trying to reason "Look the leaves are dead" (this and "December" refer to winter - the coldness that remains) and "I gotta throw my hands up /
I can't go on if I can't stop" - it's better to admit it's over or they cannot go on to new beginnings.

I do wonder why the title "Clevermind". Probably referring to how the person is wiser now ("learned a thing or two") but "never mind" - because it's too late.

A pretty accurate description of my own breakup (except it was November :P). And I'm glad the "winter" is over now ;)

Poets Of The Fall – Locking Up the Sun Lyrics 9 years ago
^agreed. Be the change you wish to see in the world..and others will follow :)

"The question's burning on, where is it coming from?"
Been wondering the same thing...why have people lost empathy with each other? Why separate "us and them"? Why make someone else the scapegoat? No-one seems responsible but once we look within ourselves, we will see what really is going on...

Poets Of The Fall – Diamonds for Tears Lyrics 9 years ago
Poets of the Fall..always so cryptic and truly poetic :)

To me it seems to be about a relationship where he is unsure whether to go on. They've probably been arguing ("bicker over flies") and later when asked for forgiveness, he's afraid to take her back out of fear that things will repeat again. So he's making excuses to avoid her.

When she's sleeping and hence all is quiet, however, he feels strongly for her. Overall it's a bittersweet experience - Diamonds for Tears. He wonders if things would be different this time ("if I rested here a while more, would you hold me to your heart") and wonders if he could handle it even if they are meant to be.

He's already planning to leave, making more excuses to overcome the temptation to stay. But he doesn't know if he knows "the right way". He doesn't want to proclaim this a lost cause, wants to overlook the bad times. Finally, he realises he is binding himself to uncertainty but decides to stay ("I will hold out my hands").

The chorus is a little different each time. First he's running away, then he's reconsidering and finally happy that he did the right thing ("I know the good I've done"). He realises that relationships aren't meant to be easy and there's both happiness and tears involved.

^my attempt to decipher some of the best lyricists writing songs these days ^_^

Genesis – That's All Lyrics 9 years ago
@brown sugar: that was a really sweet tale to read! Made me so nostalgic =/

To me it means how the other person is so stubborn, always denying their mistakes, almost making me feel as if I was wrong to ask that of him ("Making me feel like I want too much"). And the "I could leave but I won't go" means I can let go but I can't stop hoping he'll somehow start to see things the way I see them.

People don't like to admit they might be wrong. And it's such a shame, that's all...

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