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Miley Cyrus – Adore You Lyrics 8 years ago
I have this song on repeat x100 every day right now.
Beautiful, it's a love story and he's like her protector, her soldier.
Reinforces traditional gender stereotypes in relationships in that way...
Also, I didn't know Miley was religious. They fit so perfect it seems it couldn't be possible other than by intelligent design.

Beyoncé – Pretty Hurts Lyrics 8 years ago
I love this song so much! It's got a great tune and lyrics.
What she is trying to say is that the goal of being physically attractive, is hurtful to everyone.
When she says 'pretty hurts' what she is actually saying is that needing us women to look attractive, that being a societal expectation is really hurtful and painful to women.
She's saying that 'the soul is what needs surgery' she means that it's not your face or body that needs enhancement, you need to fix your soul if you think that you need plastic surgery, or if someone else thinks you need it.
When she says 'perfection is the disease of a nation' she is trying to say that in America, this showbiz industry is so prevalant and photoshopping is all the rage and celebrities are under enormous pressure to look 100% flawless and that's not how it should be, it's giving us all disease of the mind, like for example girls becoming anorexic or bulimic etc. Or even milder disease, like insecurities, issues with body image, etc.

MAGIC! – Rude Lyrics 8 years ago
Raggae is usually associated with 'black culture', so when I first heard this on the radio I thought it could be about the difficulty that some caucasion people face with trying to accept interracial marriage, and that might be the particular problem that the young male speaker is facing.
For a band who labels themselves as pop rock, the raggae sound is sure an interesting choice! Awesome music and lyrics though!
Anyone who got offended, I just want to let you know that using the word 'black' is not racist, and nor is using the word 'white', or speaking of racial differences in appearance and culture.

You Me at Six – Save It for the Bedroom Lyrics 8 years ago
Does it take that much effort to type correctly and not sound like a preteen moron who uses speech like 'ahahaaha' in every single line? SMH X 1000
"you know what" What are, 12? We're not kids in primary school, okay?

MAGIC! – Rude Lyrics 8 years ago
Lol haha That's ok happens to the best of us

Dr. Dre – I Need A Doctor Lyrics 8 years ago
Beautiful comment, you've opened my eyes to the depth of this song. I wouldn't have regarded it and I'm glad that now I won't disregard 'rap' music as being a less deep art form ever again.

SafetySuit – Annie Lyrics 8 years ago
What? Where in the song does it ever say that? Nothing in the song points to that at all... Why do I get the feeling that you aren't talking about the song, because your comment is oddly specific and I've never had someone reply so personally to any comment I've made during the whole time I've been on the internet?
If you're thinking that I'm some girl you knew in real life then even if I'm not the person you think I am, all I can say on any girl's behalf is that if she loved you, and you think she ripped your heart out maybe you weren't upfront and direct enough that you were interested in her, and if a self conscious and deeply wounded girl like the one in the song detected that you were flirting with her a bit, she might think that you're only pretending to be interested because you feel sorry for her and not because you feel something for her and you want to make her feel better for a little while before you move on with your life. Maybe she doesn't want you to feel sorry for her, especially if she does love you, she doesn't want you to flirt with her just because you pity her! So if you flirt with her and she doesn't entirely reject you but you can see she has her guard up and she tells you she has been flirting with another guy or that she's kind of busy or some aversion then maybe she's just letting you know that it's fine if you don't want her, and letting you know not to flirt with her just so she can have some attention for a while because she already has it if she wants, and that you're not the only one interested. She might especially do this if you seemingly change your mind a lot and blow hot and cold signs to her, she can't read your mind.
If she made one pretty bad mistake and it's something that doesn't sound like her, well have you ever stopped to think she's really hurting and confused right now especially if she's just a teenage girl and if he loved her like he claims then why wouldn't he try to help her through that and not decide that she's become someone else entirely just because of one great mistake?
Or if she was flirting with you in a way that doesn't seem like her either, that doesn't mean that she's now someone else it just means she doesn't know how to get your attention and she gets nervous so she might say something stupid, it's not like she became someone else all of a sudden.
So if you only decided to think she became someone else because she made a mistake then she's not the one who ripped your heart out at all,
YOU'RE the one who ripped her heart out so don't even begin to say that she broke yours.
IF you are entirely certain that there was a girl who you were kind to the whole time, and you clearly let her know that you are interested in her and you gave her friendship and you weren't confusing at all by telling her things that would make a girl think you're not available, and she still went ahead and broke your heart and clearly rejected you, then maybe she was not interested in you at all and just using you for attention for a while that she never gets from anyone except you because she is ugly like she is in the song and she genuinely isn't attracted to you and really doesn't want you back, or maybe she does love you and she can't handle being loved and wanted like you love her. She can't deal with being hated on and dissed her whole life then all of a sudden you come along and tell her you love her and she's great, even if she loves you she might feel the need to push you away because she can't handle it. You wouldn't understand if you've never been bullied or discriminated yourself, but if you have been hated and discriminated against a lot, you will be damaged and having someone love you and compliment you is something you have to grow accustomed to, and even someone telling you they love you is difficult to accept.
So basically either you are saying she broke his heart because of something that was actually his fault because of the reasons I have outlined, or it was her fault because she just outright and entirely declined him in a mean way and if it's the second reason, I feel really sorry for you, I'm sorry you lost your 'one symphony'.
If it's the first reason, you never know your paths might cross one day if both of you always love each other forever, and you want it to happen.
If you weren't responding because you personally got your heart ripped out by an "Annie' then what does your response mean?!? I mean any rational person couldn't possibly obtain from the song that Annie broke HIS heart, and that's why I thought you were responding to me personally. I'd really like to know you think either way.

Drake – Take Care Lyrics 8 years ago
It's about a guy and a girl who've both been hurt in love. The guy is telling the girl that it's alright that she's made mistakes in the past, and even though other people have warned him to stay away from her, he still wants to love her and help her to heal. He tells her that he accepts and forgives her mistakes and that he doesn't want her to be ashamed anymore and that he's not exactly been an angel either. He rationalises her mistakes, telling her that he understands being dumb in love because " You're all so convinced that you're following your heart cause your mind don't control what it does sometimes". It's about learning to trust again and opening up your heart to someone after you've been hurt in love before.

Fall Out Boy – Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner Lyrics 9 years ago
That's great! Good job, enjoyed that.

Paolo Nutini – New Shoes Lyrics 9 years ago
Oops I accidentally thumbed up before I saw your second sentence - I am a fan of this song! I can see how it may be a bit too pop for some people's liking though.
Yes I agree with the point you make about losing track of time, there are several phrases in this song which insinuate drug usage; but I think for the most part that is up to personal interpretation.

Florence + the Machine – Spectrum Lyrics 9 years ago
Beautiful interpretation! I agree, at first impression this song struck me as about being about love and how it lights up all of your colours and makes you feel alive.

SafetySuit – Annie Lyrics 9 years ago
It's about a guy who is telling the girl he loves that he loves everything about her, the way she looks; who she is and everything about her and he desperately wants her to see herself the way he does, and realise that she is so worthy. He is saving her from her low self esteem from the way society and people around her have punished her for not looking "good" enough. It's so incredibly sweet how he is fixing her with his love when nobody else has; not herself, her family, friends whatever didn't understand but this guy, her lover, does. What upsets her doesn't matter to him, it means nothing to him that she doesn't fit society's standards of good looks.

Rihanna – We Found Love Lyrics 10 years ago
Love this song, just thought I'd share the brilliant goodness of the lyrics with you all.
Feel free to let me know if you think you have any lyric corrections.

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