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Ben Folds Five – Brick Lyrics 9 years ago
We all know the meaning of the song, but my story has some very scary similarities...we went to the clinic in early December...we started getting ready to leave at 6am...our families didn't know...they called my name at 7:30...he wrote in his journal/book to the child...we came clean to his family (devout Catholics)...weeks later I came clean to my mother when I just about bled out at work...and this had such an emotional toll on both of us that we fell apart. Now, to add to the story, after we fell apart I started to date someone else (who I married, but now I'm divorced from), and I got pregnant 3 months later. My daughter's due date was 1 year and 2 weeks after the abortion. I love my daughter, and I can't help but think that I was so eager to conceive her because of the intense sense of loss I felt after the abortion. It pains me to think that I actually had a child with someone who doesn't and aborted a baby with someone who would have made a good father (if he would have been ready at that time).

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