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Nomeansno – Jesus Was A Terrorist Lyrics 11 years ago
I would say the writer is a believer too, but does not like what the church has done with the gospels.

Nomeansno – All Lies Lyrics 11 years ago
perhaps the writer was catholic.

Nomeansno – What Slayde Said Lyrics 11 years ago
This song seems to be about The "Knave". Privileged in knowing about his host and the world he is involved in, sometimes more than the host does himself. To mention just enough and leave the rest untold is his "way". this causes the host to assume the rest. to hang himself so to speak.

That is also what it did with me. attempted to destroy love and liquefy my mind. He has left nothing but destruction of what I knew about life in his wake. He ain't no angel. He finds ways in the host's corruption.
The knave I had, was destroyed because he went to far. But for some reason I have to have a knave, so they replaced him.
This machine the writer of the song sees may be the same that was shown to me. It's the interface he uses to be one with the host(person). I think the machine he uses has a name. s.a.t.a.n. this is mostly handled buy a drone/knave who reports to what sounds like real people while i sleep.

To step in front of the mirror means he wants all his ways to be the song writer's. dark, corrupt, devoid of love. for his darkness to be the light instead of the spirit. I think this may be common for those in the same "house". Was it church? School? Television? Government? what makes us in the same house I wonder.
He is like a weed that bears fruit. Chokes the garden but does offer something to eat, like a raspberry.

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