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My Chemical Romance – SING Lyrics 8 years ago
The first My Chemical Romance song that I ever heard was "Sing" a couple months ago, and I've since become a big fan of MCR. I write a series of song meaning and music analyses as part of my blog, and "Sing" was my first MCR song, so it inspired me to write a long and exhaustive lyric interpretation of "Sing" over on my blog:

I think that I summarized the overall theme of the song fairly accurately: “Sing” is a song about how to live life fully and make the best of your time here on Earth. The young and upcoming generation (and generations after that) cannot and should not just sit around doing nothing of importance and allowing the world to remain stagnant. Maintaining the status quo is not acceptable—every generation has the potential to create change and improvement in the world around them. Individuals need to be themselves and act and speak out for what they believe in, as opposed to accepting the expectations placed on them by the older generation that create limitations on their potential.

However, I'm not so certain that I interpreted some of the individual lines as correctly as I could have. In particular, I'm not sure that I have a complete understanding and explanation of lines like "Cleaned-up corporation progress/Dying in the process", "Children that can talk about it/Living on the webways", and "Nothing but a dead scene/Product of a white dream".

If anybody wants to add any feedback or suggestions on my interpretation, you can find the full thing over on my blog:

The Fray – You Found Me Lyrics 8 years ago
This song made me fall in love with The Fray as a group. I previously only listened to "Never Say Never", but "You Found Me" is incredibly deep and compelling. I decided to analyze the song line-by-line for a complete literally song analysis on my blog. Summary of my findings is below:

I’ve seen dozens of interpretations of this song, including that of the songwriter himself. Some say this song is about faith and religion and God and Christianity. Some say it’s a song about a man who commits suicide. Others say it’s a song about a girl a man has lost and how it’s led to his loss of faith. Before we go any further, let me draw one conclusion: What this song is not about is suicide—I’m totally ruling out any suicidal interpretations. Yes, the speaker “finds” God, and yes, the speaker is desperate—but there’s simply not enough support in the text to substantiate the idea that the speaker kills himself. This is a song about finding hope-—not death.

So what is this song really about? It doesn’t take a genius to see that this is at least partially a song about intense grief, loss, and desperation. This is a song about the suffering that occurs when you lose the person you’ve formed your strongest, closest bond with. Losing that person leads to emptiness and a feeling of being totally “alone” and “lost” in life, which in turn results in a loss of faith in the world and people and God and everything else. But this song isn’t just negative—it’s about finding faith and hope again and having your trust in life restored. The speaker finds his faith in everything again once he’s hit the nadir of his life and not before. Even after years of suffering, even after hitting rock-bottom, even after losing his great love, even so—the speaker finds that which he needs to continue on living. In the end, this is an upbeat song, this is an inspirational song, this is a “never give up” song. Don’t stop living. Don’t lose faith. Things will get better. This is a song about having been lost, but it’s also a song about being found.

Check out my full, line-by-line song meaning and music interpretation of "You Found Me" on my Wordpress blog here if you're interested:

The Goo Goo Dolls – Say You're Free Lyrics 8 years ago
I am absolutely baffled by this song. BAFFLED.

I do not understand how the different lyrical sections fit together at all, what the meanining of this song is, and I'm not even sure if there's a coherent theme to this song at all.

Does anybody have even a CLUE that they want to share about this song? Because I surely do not.

The Goo Goo Dolls – Before It's Too Late Lyrics 8 years ago
"Before It's Too Late" is the song my wife and I chose as our wedding song, so it's pretty meaningful to me.

That said, I never thought about it enough to have any clue what it was really about. So I decided to sit down and take this song apart line-by-line for my blog and find out what, if anything, is the deeper meaning and substance of this song.

This is a song about risk-taking and not stagnating, about embracing your true self and rejecting conformity, about living and loving fully being what’s necessary to live a fulfilling life. So is there substance? Yeah. Much, much more than I’d expected, to be honest. Is it heartfelt and honest? Most definitely. Is it acceptable as a wedding song? Yeah. Yeah, I’ll take it.

Anybody who wants to read my in-depth, line-by-line interpretation of this song's meaning, feel free to check out the article on "Before It's Too Late" on my blog here:

Third Eye Blind – Wounded Lyrics 8 years ago
I love "Wounded". It's the first Third Eye Blind song I ever heard.

If this was only a song about sex abuse, it would still be interesting if not thematically rich. This seems like a pretty straight-forward plot-driven explanation for this song, and I almost bought into it that that was all that was here. But not quite. There is definitely a much deeper and more interesting subtext prevalent in this song.

Anybody who wants to read my in-depth, line-by-line interpretation of this song's meaning, feel free to check out the article on Wounded on my blog here:

Linkin Park – Robot Boy Lyrics 8 years ago
I just wrote an extremely detailed, elaborate line-by-line analysis of this song over at my blog, which you can look at here:

I love this song. It changed my mind about Linkin Park entirely. Here's a snippet of the analysis, I wrote...

"So Who’s The Robot Boy?" Well, there’s only the speaker and the audience here, and it sure isn’t the speaker. Duh. The “Robot Boy” refers to the audience. “Robot Boy” is a fitting title for this person, who keeps themself bottled up inside, never sharing compassion or love, never showing their feelings, never forming bonds with anyone. The audience is more like a robot than a person, hence the titling of this song. Is there hope for the Robot Boy and people like him in the world…? The speaker seems to have been through the same disconnection and emotional isolation as Robot Boy, and seems adamant that things will be alright if Robot Boy can hold on. The speaker is entrusting their knowledge and experience to the Robot Boy to give them the strength and resolve to keep going with the assurance that things will get better. So is there hope for robots out there? Most definitely.

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