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Hooverphonic – Black Marble Tiles Lyrics 9 years ago
Like Waves, this song is either about LSD or marijuana. Various references are made to the thought patterns of psychedelic experience. E.g. "Things get lost": several things come to mind at once and some get forgotten as others are pursued.

Within Temptation – Aquarius Lyrics 10 years ago
Aquarius is often used as a symbol of the New Age. I'm afraid this song is about a total abandon to the theocracy to be of the New Age.

Coldplay – Violet Hill Lyrics 10 years ago
One half is a love story, the other is about the crisis.

"Was a long and dark December"

Crisis began December 2007.

"From the windows they were watching
While we froze down below"


"When the future's architectured
By a carnival of idiots on show"

Carnaval of idiots = corporatocrats.

"When the banks became cathedrals"

Banks as ultimate economic authority.

"And the fog
Became God"

Fog = circumlocution used in economy.

"I don't want to be a soldier
With the captain of some sinking ship"

Soldier = wage slave.
Sinking ship = capitalist infinite growth paradigm.

Snow Patrol – Warmer Climate Lyrics 10 years ago
This is a very existentialist song. It describes the realization when one is in love that nothing really matters except for what we feel here and now. The first verse is about letting go of everything else, the second verse about the will to stay in the moment, the chorus about the transience of life, and the last about its randomness.

Metallica – Ronnie Lyrics 10 years ago
I don't think I ever heard a song that's so flippant and serious at the same time. On the one hand, the lyrics show a great deal of understanding for how deeply disturbed the perpetrator felt, and on the other hand, when all is said and done, it just laughs it all off. It reminds me of No Leaf Clover, which has a similar intonation. The underlying message to me is that the whole of life is just a big joke anyway, and even its tragedies have a comical side to them.

Spice Girls – Viva Forever Lyrics 10 years ago
I was surprised when I found out this song was by a band as commercial as the Spice Girls. Apparently at least one critic said they were as surprised. Perhaps the Angel of Music does visit most artists once in their life, as Gaston Leroux wrote. This song is far profounder than most listeners or perhaps even the Spice Girls themselves might think. The relationship is more a case in point of something greater: the lyrics of this song are deeply existentialist, even though I'm sure they wouldn't be able to tell you just what existentialism is. But then, existentialism isn't something complex. We're all born existentialists: it's our baseline, beneath all the distractions we built on it later. Maybe being in love can sometimes bring us back to that baseline, that childlikeness, because it makes us feel we no longer need to search for anything more, and that it's enough to just be, no more and no less. Yet the fearlessness with which the song faces that all things pass, rather than clinging to it as almost every other love song does, makes it the most heroic love song I have ever heard. "Viva Forever" echoes a phrase straight from Nietzsche's Also Sprach Zarathustra, "I love thee, Eternity," and "Live forever for the moment", a quote from Wittgenstein: "If you think of eternity […] as timeless, then he who lives in the present has eternal life." In the line "Slipping through your fingers, like the sands of time," the song even embraces that very transience as part of life and part of what makes it beautiful.

Massive Attack – Butterfly Caught Lyrics 10 years ago
The official video is about someone who falls out of line being ostracized, so I think it's about a search for individuality in the face of a conformist society. I also agree with Nuwan.

Eisbrecher – Leider Lyrics 10 years ago
I liked this song until I found out that "Ich tu mir leid" meant "I feel sorry for myself," when, on the contrary, it's about someone's mercilessness for themselves. As if it wasn't bad enough that they call clinical depression self-pity, now they see even self-hatred as self-pity. No one's farther from self-pity than people who hurt themselves for the sake of hurting themselves. Suggesting to someone who hates themselves that they're really too soft for themselves will only encourage them to even further self-destruction, because it's one more flaw in themselves to feel guilty about, and one more flaw to punish themselves for. Moreover, it suggests to them that they're not really doing enough their best to hurt themselves. Much of the guilt felt by self-destructive people is for the sake of other people, and much of their self-destruction is an attempt to get even for their imagined wrongs. When the self-destruction is meant to be apparent to others, that's often in a plea for their forgiveness – delusions of persecution are common in depression, as well as in schizophrenia, both illnesses with high self-injury percentages.

Explosions in the Sky – Have You Passed Through This Night? Lyrics 10 years ago
Reminds me of what mystics call the "Dark Night of the Soul", during which one's growing compassion extends one's sufferings from one's own to those of the entire world, supplanting questions like "Why me?" with "Why is there suffering at all?"

UnLoco – Becoming I Lyrics 10 years ago
For me it's about personal growth. "You" could be a personification of some negative quality such as a bad habit to be overcome, or "the opponent within." This personification seems to be used in "Bruises" as well.

Epica – Replica Lyrics 10 years ago
It uses being born of rape as a metaphor for being born into a society of hate, a society in which EVERYTHING is a form of rape.

Linkin Park – The Little Things Give You Away Lyrics 10 years ago
I didn't fully get this song until recently, when it suddenly got a whole new meaning for me. Obviously it's about a relationship of some sort, but many of the lines didn't seem to fit in it. Now I realize those lines are about society and how it influences how we relate to one another. It's about relationships between people in general, with this one particular relationship just being a reflection of it. The people in the relationship didn't really love each other or want to love each other, but just wanted to be loved by the other. They were competing for each other's respect while giving nothing real in return. And by extension, our whole society works like that, especially in America, to the point that we completely leave each other to our fate. Obviously, it's influenced by Hurricane Katrina as an example of that indifference we have for one another. The whole American Dream is about winning others' respect, because respect is the only kind of love we ever knew how to get, and as much as most of us will ever get. We call that respect love, but beyond the facade we do our best to put up of meaning the best to the other, it's the little things that betray our real intentions of wanting to be seen as better by the other. In a word, it's about competitiveness and the lack of love that comes with it.

Rammstein – Spring (English) Lyrics 10 years ago
"Crowd Urged Suicidal Teen To Jump":

This happened after the song was written, but shows how reality is often stranger than fiction, and even Rammstein falls short of actual satire. This song is an accurate depiction of how humans really are.

This song is mostly about society's attitude towards suffering in general and suicidality in particular. "Ich wollte nur (…) in den Abendhimel sehen" ("I only wanted to (…) look in the evening sky)" is a metaphor for "I only wanted to look death in the face". Most people thinking of suicide don't do it, but the thought of doing it is comforting because it reminds them that it could all be over. But people don't like others to show their suffering, even if it's in the form of suicide (even that's a "cry for attention") because they pity them; but they project their pity on others, so they call it "self-pity". Pity isn't the same as compassion. Pity makes you withdraw from the other person so much that, if the suffering is strong enough, you no longer see them as a person at all. Once that's done, once all pity's taken away, the instinct of aggression takes over and you want nothing more than to increase the other's suffering. The other's vulnerability gives them power. The other's suffering gives them satisfaction.

The suffering of clinical depression is the worst kind of mental suffering one can go through except for that of schizophrenia, and is entirely beyond the sufferer's control. The suffering is so strong that one person said it was worse than that of watching his wife die of cancer, and another said he would amputate his arm if that could stop it. Yet people don't understand it, and what's more, they don't want to understand it.

Lacuna Coil – I Won't Tell You Lyrics 10 years ago
Reminds me of a passage from East of Eden. Adam is in love with a girl he doesn't know at all – and who later turns out to be a psychopath. Samuel told him,

“It’s my duty to take this thing of yours and kick it in the face, then raise it up and spread slime on it thick enough to blot out its dangerous light... I should hold it up to you muck-covered and show you its dirt and danger. I should warn you to look closer until you can see how ugly it really is. I should ask you to think of inconstancy and give you examples. I should give you Othello’s handkerchief. Oh, I know I should. And I should straighten you out of your tangled thoughts, show you that the impulse is gray as lead and rotten as a dead cow in wet weather. If I did my duty well, I could give you back your bad old life and feel good about it, and welcome you back to the musty membership in the lodge... It is the duty of a friend. I had a friend who did the duty once for me. But I’m a false friend... It’s a lovely thing, preserve it, and glory in it. And I’ll dig your wells..."

Marilyn Manson – Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-Geddon Lyrics 10 years ago
“Death to the ladies first,
then the gentlemen,”

Women are particularly victimized both in the media (humiliation) and by the media (influence).

“all sorts of tax-free face-lifts, abortion,”

Example of media influence on women.

“satanic girls gone wild!
Truly fucking suicidal!”

Example of media humiliation of women. “Girls gone wild” videos are often published without consent.

“Nervous breakdance”

We dance like puppets on the strings of the media until we are driven to nervous breakdown, upon which the media will turn that into just another passage of the dance with ads of prescription medication.

“First you try to fuck it,
Then you try to eat it,”

Sex and food are the two main interests of the the average human. Metaphorically, most people are only interested in either controlling (fucking) or using (eating) people and things. Sex, food, power and control are the main messages in media. (“Fuck, eat, kill, now do it again!”)

“If it hasn't learned your name,
You'd better kill it before they see it.”

If people don’t see through you (politicians, reporters, businessmen) yet, you’d better brainwash them before they do.

“Wish I was so dead,
Now the TV says it’s a sharp and cold depression,”

As we start getting tired of the rat race, the media blames our problems on others or things around us: we’re really just afraid because there’s terrorists, we’re really just poor because there’s a crisis, we’re really just sad because we’re depressed and need pills.

“pointless intervention, illegal separation,”

Reference to the terrorist hysteria: Guantanamo, TSA, etc.

“On the news,
or is it the noose?”

Reference to the violence and fear propaganda in the news.

“they say results may vary,
side effects all vary!”

“If our products (esp. drugs) don’t work for you, it’s just you. If there’s side effects, it’s also just you.”

“And fuck making hits,
I'm taking credit for the death toll.”

People have blamed Marilyn Manson and other artists for the corruption of people and society (e.g. school shootings, and of course “they’re possessed by the devil and are out to take your children.”) After summing up some of the chaos in the US, he sarcastically takes credit for everything that goes wrong.

Metallica – Where The Wild Things Are Lyrics 10 years ago
This song can apply to anyone, but it's also very personal: Hetfield's father left home when he was 13, and his mother passed away a few years later.

Metallica – Purify Lyrics 10 years ago
Alright, let's clear up what this song means once and for all: it's about the purifying of the band's members, especially Hetfield, from their destructiveness. This is Metallica's first album since Hetfield's alcohol rehab in 2001. It's also the first since Hetfield married in August 1997, and in an interview ( ) he said his wife really helped him with his anger issues.

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