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Hozier – Cherry Wine Lyrics 5 years ago
He's in a relationship with a girl who is with someone else. She, perhaps, loves him but won't leave the other. And he sticks with it because the parts of her that he does get are good enough to keep him around.

Damien Jurado – Sheets Lyrics 6 years ago
I actually think this song is about being with someone who is still broken up over a lost love. He is sleeping in the same sheets because she still hasn't changed them, because she still isn't over that relationship. He broke her up, and she left him, but he keeps coming around and she just can't let him go entirely.

Sufjan Stevens – I Walked Lyrics 9 years ago
Loveless bind?

Neil Young – Harvest Moon Lyrics 9 years ago
I agree with the above comment by lazyesq. "When we were lovers, I loved you with all my heart" clarifies that the relationship is in the past.

This song is not about a marriage or couple, but rather an all-consuming (perhaps unrequited) love that still exists. I believe the harvest moon parallels a calendar year to the seasons of life...suggesting that his life is soon ending. He is reflecting upon this intense love that he still feels in his older years for a person he wishes to be with again, even if briefly for a single evening/dance.

Another line: "Just like children sleepin', We could dream this night away" is also being interpreted too literally. I feel that this just also correlates to the fact that years have passed between their being together, and he wants their reuniting to be wondrous, ethereal - such like childlike dreams.

I understand this song as a deep love that will always exist, though the two involved were separated and probably always will be. I do not think the separation is particularly desired by either party.

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