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Slipknot – Eeyore Lyrics 6 years ago
how about no?

Bullet for My Valentine – Temper Temper Lyrics 7 years ago
simple song really, about losing control and just letting all hell break lose and how good it feels to just relinquish control.

I like this song as well as Riot. BFMV's got a good, different flow to them.

Five Finger Death Punch – 100 Ways To Hate Lyrics 7 years ago
While I don't know about what Motograter said or did, I also think it's about those asswipes on YouTube who say that the band sucks or compare it to another band/group (JB usually)
"Hate your goddamn, motherfucking, shitty ass band"

And they usually do it on Five Finger's videos
"Hate the way you've got my back while you're holding out your hand
Hate the way you pussy's talk shit, hiding on the web"

The next line is pretty much self-explanatory
"Just the fact you think you know me makes me fucked up in the head"

Three Days Grace – Pain Lyrics 8 years ago
Guys, this is retarded. The song is NOT about self-mutilation or pain of life. Adam Gontier was addicted to OxyContin. Not only this song but the entire album is about his rehab.

It's All Over - Him probably overdosing and realizing "Oh, shit...This shit's gonna kill me quickly." "And now your dead inside....When your on the edge and falling off

Pain - This is talking about his Rehab, told from one of the doctors or assistants. "You're sick of feeling numb/You're not the only one/I'll take you by the hand/And I'll show you a world that you can understand" He doesn't like feeling numb to the world and the narrator is NOT Gontier but one of the Rehab assistants talking to Adam (You)
"This life is filled with hurt/When happiness doesn't work/Trust me and take my hand/When the lights go out you will understand" again, this is the assistant talking to Adam
"I know, I know that you're wounded/You know, you know that I'm here to save you/You know, you know I'm always here for you/I know, I know that you'll thank me later" Even though Adam's struggling fighting off the addiction, the assistant's helping and consolodating him for a better future.

Animal I Have Become - This is kinda a lead into Never Too Late. Adam's thinking that his addiction has made him an animal

Never Too Late - This is about how he was feeling almost suicidal and the rehab assistants helping with his depression

On My Own - Talking about a lover that Adam was with before he got into Rehab and how she felt about his addiction and she eventually kicked him out because of it and he's got nowhere to call "Home"

Riot - simply a metaphore for protesting against the negative things in life, such as drug addiction

Get Out Alive - fading away is pretty much the personality fading away when high and instead of killing the pain of it with more drugs, to run from the drugs and get out of the addiction ALIVE

Let It Die - Life before the drug

Over and Over - How the drug drags you down and the supposed "Lover" in the story is the drug "I fall for you"

Time of Dying - OxyCotin addiction and pushing it away

Gone Forever - post addiction and post rehab "I feel so much better now that your gone forever"

One X - those who rose above and beat addiction and pretty much an anthem and reason for other people who are going to rehab and those who successfully completed rehab.

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