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Sloppy Meateaters – Love** Lyrics 11 years ago
the original is by screeching weasel

Every Time I Die – Pornogratherapy Lyrics 11 years ago
good call, butter. though, the horror show could be reference to that, but also just a reference to the films being a horror show.

or hey, lets go crazy, maybe it meant that the horrorshow that was supposed to cure him contained stuff that he used to think was horrorshow? either way, good call.

Green Day – My Generation (The Who cover) Lyrics 12 years ago
one, the who's version is better, because it's the original, and he did infact stutter and make the vocals that way for a reason.

two, he doesn't say "break it, fuck that shit" it is "heineken? fuck that shit!"

three, this phrase is a reference to a 1986 movie, "Blue Velvet", though it's not a direct sample

Lagwagon – Kids Don't Like to Share Lyrics 14 years ago
i'm not one to post on songmeanings like a message board, but learn what a fucking pagAn is before you go throwing accusations toward another "lesser" religion. this mentions nothing of polytheism, or paganism, and is one of my favorite lagwagon songs as well.

Finger Eleven – One Thing Lyrics 14 years ago
i like how, on their site, he says it was just drunken ramblings late at night. i'll take it as that, i guess.

Head Automatica – At the Speed of a Yellow Bullet Lyrics 14 years ago
daryll's lyrics are always great, and though i'm not a huge fan of HA, i checked them out because i love glassjaw, and this song is actually really good, though i only have the demo.

which, by the way, tony clifton is right about the lyrics on. the new version must have the chorus switched.

Atreyu – You Eclipsed By Me Lyrics 14 years ago
ya know....why can't people just get the cd and post lyrics from it, instead of figuring out what they think it says? makes more sense to me. good job, skinner.

Glassjaw – Star Under My Bed Lyrics 14 years ago
actually, that whole line:
"Summer's trudging closer, and a flurry of white as well. It's the heart of nuclear winter and you can bet I'm scared as hell."
is used in both songs. curious connection, ey?

Every Time I Die – Punch-Drunk Punk Rock Romance Lyrics 14 years ago
jazzy singing? i wouldn't really call his singing jazzy, more like whiney and i'll performed. don't get me wrong, i love ETID, and the parts where he sings are awesome, but in my opinion you have to sing correctly for a singing part to be considered "jazzy", just me though.

Orange 9mm – Innocence Lyrics 15 years ago
"cause and effect" after ever chorus

Strait Up – Until Next Time Lyrics 15 years ago
there were a lot of people dying in jason's life around the time that lynn died, and he was so used to death that his death didn't hit him as much as it would have. this song is about how much he loved lynn in life, and how he met him, and how he'll miss him, but knows he's better in heaven.

Refused – New Noise Lyrics 15 years ago
punks tend to annoy me, but this band...
there's nothing to say that hasn't been said.

it's just a shame that "the refused are fuc king dead"

Every Time I Die – Jimmy Tango's Method Lyrics 15 years ago
i'll have to agree with keith as's just a fun song, like the rest of them.

ThrowDown – Raise Your Fist Lyrics 16 years ago
"goddamnit! what in god's name is going on in here? what was that ruckus?"
"uhh..what ruckus?"
"i was just in my office and i heard a ruckus!"
"could you describe the ruckus, sir?"

what is that from?

Limp Bizkit – Stuck Lyrics 16 years ago
"one of the best lyrics ever written", too bad it was written by suicidal tendencies, minus the "far from suicidal part". this speaks of institutionalized by suicidal tendencies. check it out, it's a good song, depending on what version you get.

NOFX – Olive Me Lyrics 16 years ago
no sincerelyme, nofx spells it "olive me", hense the title..

Machine Head – Message in a Bottle (The Police cover) Lyrics 16 years ago
machine head's version doesn't have the third verse/chorus. just uhh...thought i should point that out.

Craig's Brother – Who Am I? Lyrics 16 years ago
i don't think they really covered it, i think it's just a wrong name on those download programs. any version you download will probably sound almost exactly like this version, minus quality differences. my 2 pesos: i think this song is simply about him not feeling excepted, and looking to god for an answer, or a reason as to why he was created. he's trying to find a reason to live, or perhaps his use in life.

Fear Factory – Zero Signal Lyrics 16 years ago
Scorpion Vs. Johnny Cage!

Stabbing Westward – Drowning Lyrics 16 years ago
This song is so... yea. I love it so much, even though it depresses me a little bit after listening, no matter what mood I was in before hand.

AFI – Clove Smoke Catharsis Lyrics 16 years ago
I'm not going to take a stab at interpereting Davey's lyris, I'd just like to know if anyone knows if Dexter from The Offspring does back up on this song? Just curious, listen to the end...

KoЯn – Clown Lyrics 17 years ago
Head: It's within my body
John: Alright, go
Munky: Ahhhh!
Dave: Four I just said you faget piece of shit on the ground
Munky: Four?
John: Four?
Dave: Oh...Hey, what are you talking about Ross?
Munky: Hey, songs starts like .... Eeee....Eeee....Eee
Dave: Hey, are you saying it so there's no clicks?
Fieldy or Ross: Hey, we're recording now start.
John: Just fucking do it dammit!
Dave: Look at twist, I wish we could put twist on a fuckin tape
John: You wanna hear it?
Head: Fuck you! FUCK YOU!
John: Heh heh
Everyone in studio: START!!!
John: piece of shit

Sorry, I had to add the thoughts on the very begining.

Crossbreed – Regretful Times Lyrics 17 years ago
IMO, this song is about inner torment and the fact that he's trying to move on from what it is that's burning him up inside, but it's useless, and he's left to his torment.

Crossbreed – Underlined Lyrics 17 years ago
I think this song is about paranoia and yes, being targetd/targeting someone. And to Rietz and toolapc, both of you shut up. You're supposed to talk about the song on here, not argue about who is less gay, such on and so forth.

Ten Foot Pole – A.d.d. Lyrics 17 years ago
IMO, the song isn;t just about ADD, it's about how parents, doctors, and the rest of the world, thanks to our gov't, are drugging kids up if they get a little out of hand, trying to make the perfect race of people. Now that I write that out, it sound's like our gov't is arian. Oh well.

Mushroomhead – Solitaire Unraveling Lyrics 17 years ago
My takes on this song are as follows: Solitary confinement; being sent to and locked away in an insane asylum; suicide. Anyone agree with any of these three ideas??

Soulfly – Quilombo (feat. Benji Webbe & DJ Lethal) Lyrics 17 years ago
"Quilombo: Brasilian refugee camps. Three hundred years ago, 30,000 Quilombo refugees faught against slavery. Their leader was Zumbi, a true Brasilian hero."

NOFX – My Vagina Lyrics 17 years ago
Correction, the line is "Operation 'sex'cessful, but now I gotta pee through a miniature hole ". Spelling is a pet peeve of mine. This song is a first-person tale of getting a sex-change.

Finger Eleven – Walking in My Shoes (Depeche Mode cover) Lyrics 17 years ago
I love this song, both this version and the original by Depeche Mode. I think it is about life in general, the trials and tribulations of his life, and/or him telling someone to try living his life and see what it's like. I could be completely off, but that's my take on it.

Dashboard Confessional – Again I Go Unnoticed Lyrics 17 years ago
This was the first of Chris's songs that I heard, and after that listen I was hooked. The version I speak of is the original from "The Swiss Army Romance", the better of his 2 Lps, in my mind. I generally don't look for meaning in songs, but believe that this song is about a girl either playing with his head or someone that he slowly lost. "Close lipped/ another good night kiss/ was robbed of all it's passion". It sounds like someone who lost interest in him. Maybe that's just me, I haven't read the above posts.

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