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Future of Forestry – If You Find Her Lyrics 8 years ago
I definitely get it that he wrote it about his wife, but here's what I think...

I think that the song is written like God is talking to Eric ABOUT his wife. Like...pointing out all the little things about her that He loves, so that Eric can see them and love them too. The chorus is basically God telling Eric to be a good husband by showing his wife how much God loves her, all the time. That's what I see, anyway.

The Sugi Tap – Pick Up the Pieces Lyrics 8 years ago
You kind of got my thoughts on it there...basically, I think that Max is singing about someone he knows who isn't a great person, but Max speaks in sympathy, not anger. He sees the events that led to the person becoming who they are, and he feels for the guy's pain, but offers a plea to pull it together and realize who he is and what he does to other people.

Superchunk – My Gap Feels Weird Lyrics 8 years ago
Best song on the new album. I figure the "gap" refers to the generation gap...seems like he's talking about all the kids these days wearing their eyeliner and dying their hair black and acting like they're all alone, and he just doesn't get it. Me and Mac, we miss the 90s.

Cassino – Kingprince Lyrics 8 years ago
Man, "The tollbooth of the birds of prey" gives such a creepy/depressing image.

Justin Townes Earle – Mama's Eyes Lyrics 8 years ago
Such a great song. I see a man who feels trapped, because he is becoming more like his father than he ever wanted to be. I don't know much about Steve Earle, but maybe he wasn't the best man/father in the world, and his son wants to be better than that, but can't seem to fight his genetics. But then when he catches his reflection, he finds hope and comfort in the fact that his father is not the only person in him; that he'll never be just like his dad because he's also like his mama.

Circa Survive – Dyed in the Wool Lyrics 8 years ago
I'm right there with you. I love how the verses are so lighthearted, almost joyous...but then they seamlessly move into a much more somber chorus, like hopelessness breaking through a happy facade. I've never been a huge Circa fan, but this song is astounding in its beauty.

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