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Dido – Hunter Lyrics 8 years ago
I agree 100% with toastguy. I had heard this song after reading "Bull from the Sea" a historical fiction novel about Theseus' life (the writer, Mary Renault, incorporates the mythology in a realistic way... it's a great book, highly recommended but you should read "The King Must Die" first!)

Anyways, Hippolyta is an amazonian queen that is pretty much taken from her land/community and forced to marry Theseus (though in Renault's version she ends up falling in love with him). I heard this song and thought of her instantly, she's so wild and free and in the original myth she never wanted to go with him in the first place. She's a huntress, a warrior, and she was never supposed to be a queen of a more 'civilized' nation, like Athens, she's supposed to be hunting and being awesome!

Anyways I think I totally would've not made this connection at all except I pretty much fell in love with Hippolyta's character in the story, so I had been thinking about it often and then this song and then yeah...

I was so shocked when I saw someone else made the same exact connection! I'm so pumped right now haha you have no idea.

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