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The Wallflowers – 6th Avenue Heartache Lyrics 7 years ago
This and "Josephine" are my favourite songs from the The Wallflowers.

Avenged Sevenfold – Seize The Day Lyrics 7 years ago
I love this song! I can relate...

Akon – Freedom Lyrics 7 years ago
Great song.

Lady GaGa – Judas Lyrics 7 years ago
I agree.. It's about loving someone who is just so bad.. So it's like shes with 'Jesus' but she can't leave 'Judas'

Also, on many lyrics' sites it says 'Even prophets forgave his ______ ways'

I think it's 'heathen ways'..

Adele – Make You Feel My Love Lyrics 7 years ago
i love this song!! i covered it for my guy.. teeheee. amazing lyrics adele! xox

Lenka – Blinded By Love Lyrics 7 years ago
I love this song! But what exactly does she mean by 'blinded by love'? Is she so in love with the guy that she's hurting him? I guess thats it huh.. I can relate.. You just love the person so much that you end up, i dont know, saying or doing things that hurt them?

Bruno Mars – Talking to the Moon Lyrics 8 years ago
I totally agree with ^cariwc. The whole long distance concept fits in well.. I love this song. :)

Maroon 5 – Never Gonna Leave This Bed Lyrics 8 years ago
his voice is awesome here..

Eliza Doolittle – Pack Up Lyrics 8 years ago
i love this song :) it's so cheerful!

Enrique Iglesias – Heartbeat Lyrics 8 years ago
it's about falling for someone who is already with someone XD i guess.. no i think so! :)

Bruce Springsteen – Dancing In The Dark Lyrics 8 years ago
i think its bout sex :/ well, its just my opinion.. and maybe his 'gun' refers to something haha.. i dont know. what else could this song be about? the first paragraph is prolly talking bout his life.. what he does everyday and how boring its become.. then there's 'hey there bby, i could use just a little help' that prolly refers to like.. you know, a little excitement in his life..

'you cant start a fire, cant start a fire without a spark' maybe it refers to how you cant start a romance without a spark...

and to me, dancing in the dark - it sounds like an artistic and more conservative way of referring to having sex.. i dont know guys, i just thought of it like that. and the song fits it so well..

i mean come on;
"hey baby I'm just about starving tonight
I'm dying for some action"

i mean.. haha i could be wrong but i have a feeling this is related to something sexual... oh well.. free lyrical interpretation for the win!! :)

Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are Lyrics 8 years ago
The meaning behind this song is so obvious.. And sweet. I love the way Mars sings. I agree with singmeyourlovesong.. I wish my boyfriend sang this to me.

John Mayer – Dreaming With A Broken Heart Lyrics 8 years ago
I really love this song and I love the comments and 'interpretations' of those above ^ .. Very nice :)

Christina Perri – Jar of Hearts Lyrics 8 years ago
Her voice is awesome. It really sinks deep.. The song is pretty self explanatory. Love the line "You're gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul" Like omg, awesome.

Drake – I'm Ready For You Lyrics 8 years ago
I don't get the song! Is he talking about a girl but he's also addressing her boyfriend?? Someone please explain :(

Hinder – Without You Lyrics 8 years ago
story of my life!!!! well.. nearly. still trying to move on. but hey, this song rocks.. it's funny how when i first read the title of this song, i predicted it to be something about not being able to live without someone... oh how i was wrong :D

Trey Songz – Can't Be Friends Lyrics 8 years ago
I love this song.. And it's pretty easy to interpret. It's about a guy who can't get over this girl (his ex).. And that he can't be friends with after everything that happened between them. So sad :( I can so relate to this!!!

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